Ambassadors Beat on a break this week

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Tue Dec 21 15:49:55 UTC 2010

Yes, agreed!  No FWN this week. The next issue will be for the week ending 12/29.  Thanks!

  - pascal

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On 12/21/2010 05:25 PM, Pascal Calarco wrote:
> I would like to take a break at least this next issue (which would come out tomorrow), as I am on vacation and don't have ready network access, and I suspect others may be preparing for leave as well.
> I can do and will plan to do an issue one week from tomorrow -- 12/29 -- so those beat writers who can do a beat this week but not next could do their beat this week, mark it for 12/29 and I will include it in that issue.  Thx!

Then let's have everybody a break this week (maybe the heated debate at 
the Design Team will coll down until then and I will be able to make a 
complete report :D )

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