Self Introduction

Neville A. Cross nacross at
Tue Feb 9 03:29:42 UTC 2010


I am a Fedora Ambassador from Nicaragua. I actively work with
Freemedia as one of the program coordinators, and I just joined
Marketing Team.
Pascal Calarco asked if some one was interested in doing the Marketing
beat and I raised my hand. I still have a lot to read to get up to
speed regarding the FWN, but I am exited about this opportunity. I am
attending regularly to marketing meetings and I will be reporting live
from Marketing FAD. I devoted read all the messages from the marketing
list, so I don't seem that will be extra work to gather the
information, the challenge will be do the highlights.

I already have applied to the news team in the FAS as intructed by Pascal.

Best Regards to all.

Linux User # 473217

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