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Hi Alex !

Comments below --

On 02/21/2010 10:33 PM, Alex Gorski wrote:
> Pascal,
> Thanks for the reply and thanks for the quick and dirty overview of the
> 'lay of the land' at FWN!
> The Fedora Insight project sound like an interesting project to
> contribute to - but the project sounds like it is fairly nascent at the
> moment.  Is that accurate - or do you think there is work to be done
> there in the near term?

The work in the near term to do is a fair amount of design work for the 
UI for Fedora Insight, which requires a variety of CSS and HTML skills 
along with some specific technical knowledge of Zikula.  We haven't been 
able to get as much support as we'd like on theming and design for 
Fedora Insight, so if you have those skills, I could put you in touch 
with the logistics folks who know Zikula

> Otherwise, are there other topics where a beat hasn't been covered or an
> article written that you and other members consider particularly
> important but haven't had the time to flesh out?

The Development and Infrastructure beats are the most important of those 
that are dormant.  These are the most technical beats so really need 
someone from those teams to shepherd them, unfortunately.  Part of this 
need has been met by Rashadul covering Development announcements in his 
beat and Alan's wonderful work with covering the QA Team's activities.

The Fedora Sugar/XO/OLPC beat is one that I started last year but could 
not sustain, and would be met served by someone in that Special Interest 

Documentation would be very nice to revive as well.

   - pascal

> Cheers,
> Alex
> On Sun, Feb 21, 2010 at 7:23 PM, Pascal Calarco <pcalarco at
> <mailto:pcalarco at>> wrote:
>     Hi Alex --
>     Welcome, and thanks for providing an introduction!  I am the current FWN
>     editor, and am always glad to see new team members!  What areas are you
>     interested in contributing to FWN?  There is certainly room for new
>     weekly columns or beats, if you have the time to write a weekly or less
>     frequent piece on a particular area of the Fedora Project.  You can see
>     the current active and inactive beats at:
>     The beats marked NOT HAPPENING are currently dormant and are open for
>     new writers to pick them up.  Additionally, you can propose a new beat
>     to cover a different topic too!
>     The workflow for putting an issue of FWN together is described here:
>     Basically, most beats are written each week, completed by Monday
>     morning, and then the next FWN issue is edited by myself and sent out to
>     the announce at
>     <mailto:announce at> list and available on the
>     Fedora
>     wiki as well.
>     We are also slowly engaging in a project to move FWN to a broader
>     Content Management System, called Fedora Insight
>     (  We're currently
>     working through design and customization of the platform, which uses a
>     CMS called Zikula (, and once we go live with the
>     system, hopefully next month if the design bits can get worked on, there
>     will be new opportunities as Fedora Insight is meant to also leverage
>     multimedia contributions, not just written beats.
>     Okay, I'll stop there and let you explore and think about this a bit.
>     Let me know if you have any questions!
>         - pascal
>     ---
>     Pascal Calarco
>     FWN Editor
>     Fedora Ambassador, Indiana, USA
>     On 02/20/2010 11:06 PM, Alex Gorski wrote:
>      > Hello All,
>      >
>      > My name is Alex - and I want to express my very keen interest in
>      > spending time collaborating with and contributing to the Fedora
>     Weekly
>      > News.  I am 26 and live in New York City where I work in Finance, but
>      > grew up on the 'left coast' in California.  I went to college in the
>      > midwest where I majored in Economics and Political Science and
>     minored
>      > in Art History.  I fancy myself somewhat worldly for my age, as I
>     have
>      > traveled extensively through Asia, Europe and South America. Most
>      > recently, I spent just under two years working at an investment bank
>      > contributing to the build-out of the firm's newly opened Emerging
>      > Markets hub office in Mumbai, India.
>      >
>      > In terms of my interest in technology and computing, it has been
>     a hobby
>      > and a passion of mine since I was in my teens.  So while I'm not a
>      > professional in the I.T. arena, I am at worst a very experienced
>     hobbyist.
>      >
>      > I feel I could add a lot to what seems like an already very
>     thoughtful
>      > and articulate team of individuals.  I really find the concept of a
>      > meaningful and serious endeavor such as the Weekly News very
>     unique and
>      > would be something I would absolutely embrace being a part of.
>      >
>      > Anyhow, thanks for your time and hope to speak to someone soon!
>       In the
>      > meantime, I look forward to being on the mailing list going
>     forward...
>      >
>      > All the best,
>      > Alex
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