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Pascal Calarco pcalarco at
Thu Mar 18 18:29:55 UTC 2010

Hi Anuj --

Thanks for your interest!  There are a number of technical beats that 
could really use some regular coverage, like Development[1], 
Infrastructure[2] and the Sugar SIG/OLPC[3] beat.  What this involves is 
monitoring discussion on a particular list, and summarizing this 
activity each week in FWN as a 'beat.'  You could also come up with 
another idea for something to cover on a regular or irregular basis. 
There are a list of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), only one of which we 
have some coverage for in FWN (that being KDE)[4]

The other area, if you are interested, would be to help out with ongoing 
technical needs for Fedora Insight[5], which we are working on as well. 
  The technical needs here would be some experience with CSS and 
templating with the Zikula CMS we are using there.  We have one person 
who has been doing a great job, Hiemanshu Sharma <hiemanshu at>, 
but ideally we would like to have more than one person working on this.

The upcoming work with Fedora Insight involves design templating for 
video and audio submissions, which might be of interest to you.  The 
audio and video would typically be hosted on the Internet Archive, 
YouTube, or other external hosting site, as opposed to hosted within the 
Fedora Project infrastructure.

So, please share your thoughts after checking these out and thinking 
about this.  Thank you!

   - pascal

Pascal Calarco
FWN Editor
Fedora Ambassador, Indiana, USA


On 03/18/2010 12:59 PM, Anuj More wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to search for good projects to work on and was linked to
> your Fedora UserPage by Susmit.
> Can you help me on the ways I can contribute to the FWN (by writing a
> beat?) or the News Group?
> Regards.
> --
> Anuj
> visit:
> Promoting: (humor)

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