njs2rpm - NodeJS to RPM made simple, RedHat compatible

Sérgio Freire sergio-s-freire at ptinovacao.pt
Thu Nov 7 15:14:37 UTC 2013

Hi all,
Just to let you know of "njs2rpm", a NodeJS to RPM converter that tries to follow the RH/Fedora packaging guidelines  and more! 
See the project page for more relevant info.


All made in Bash, without weird dependencies and (.spec) template based.

- supports RHEL6 and RHEL5/Centos5 (yes, RHEL5!) - runs and build RPM packages on these systems
- simple creation of RPM obtaining sources directly from NPM Registry, of any package and version available!
- does not require Perl, Python, Ruby and a bulk of dependencies in order to run! It's made in shell script: "BASH" to the rescue!
- supports NodeJS packaging guidelines used in Fedora/EPEL (and upcoming RedHat versions) for building clean ("single") packages
- supports the creation of "bundle" packages with all dependencies pre-bundled, overcoming the "limitation" of some modules with dependency problems!
- supports RPM (or .spec) creation based on template files in order to customized the generated RPM

  njs2rpm uglify-js 2.4.1 1 single rpm
  njs2rpm uglify-js 2.4.1 1 bundle rpm 
  njs2rpm express 3.4.4 1 bundle spec mytemplate.n2r

PS: a .spec is provided along with a Makefile and a "mock" script, whatever you prefer.

Sergio Freire

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