pretty boot plymouth security

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Tue Mar 10 11:27:48 UTC 2009

>  > I don't believe its easy to replace as I think it does some things
>  > other than just show pretty pictures but it does have a plugin so it
>  > would be possible to have plymouth display the OLPC bootanim.
> i'm sure plymouth can do that.  it's frustrating that
> bobby's/mitch's recent speedup to bootanim may end up being of no
> help to anyone.

Yes, its always a pain when that happens, but the knowledge it always useful.

I had a bit of a look at the plymouth stuff to see what docs were
about for moving the olpc boot animation over to plymouth. Looking at
the plymouth-plugin-solar package in F-10 which is the current Fedora
pretty boot it looks to be a shared library and some graphics. I
presume the library essentially tells plymouth what picture it needs
to display where and when. Obviously the advantage of getting this
upstream is that its one less package that needs to be maintained
going forward.

Some links I found that might be of use for those that are interested are:

The original F-10 proposal

The overview readme in GIT


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