[Sugar-devel] Sugar 0.88 packages

Bernie Innocenti bernie at codewiz.org
Fri May 14 22:02:20 UTC 2010

El Fri, 14-05-2010 a las 08:59 +0200, Tomeu Vizoso escribió:
> I'm just asking for someone to propose a set of concrete and coherent
> changes to the current process, is it really asking too much?
> I'm sorry but I cannot go through the old threads, ask individuals for
> clarifications, then draft that new process myself.

Do you want the proposal posted to the wiki?

We could basically take Sasha's original plan and copy it to the wiki. I
think it was quite well thought:


I propose the following amendments:

1) Scrap the paragraph saying that any sugar developer can approve
changes, because it turned out to be a controversial point. The "who"
and the "where" of reviews are orthogonal topics that can be discussed

2) Also scrap the part where Sascha proposes ways to track patches in
the list, since we can now use Patchwork for this.

3) Add all the clarifications in my follow-up to Sascha's proposal:


4) The existing conventions still apply for referencing tickets in the
commit logs

5) When a corresponding ticket exists, the committer should add a link
to the patch discussion in Patchwork before committing the patch.

Does this sound good enough for an initial iteration? If so, I could
take care of transcribing it into the wiki. Then, we can further refine
the process as we go.

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