XO-1.75 progress

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Wed Nov 10 21:01:28 UTC 2010

Hi all,

OLPC Engineering had a trip to Taipei for the XO-1.75 motherboard
bringup last week.  The 1.75 machine lives in the same industrial
design (display, case, batteries) as the XO-1/XO-1.5, but uses an
ARM system-on-chip from Marvell -- the Armada 610/MMP2.

There's still a great deal of driver and basic bringup work ongoing,
but we're at a point where we can share details and photos:



The grand plan is to first move to the new ARM motherboard in the
old industrial design (XO-1.75), then move to that same motherboard
in a new tablet industrial design (XO-3).  Of course, there tend to
be a lot of changes to OLPC's grand plans before devices ship!

Software-wise, we're running XO-EC and Open Firmware at the low level,
and Fedora 12 with Sugar and GNOME for the OS.  We plan on moving up
to Fedora 13 or 14 as they become available for ARM.  (An easy way
to help us out would be to help the Fedora ARM team with their mass
rebuilds for newer Fedora releases.)

As usual, we'll be running a Developers Program with these machines
once we've got past the necessary initial hardware fixes and made a
larger volume of boards.  That's going to take several months, but
we wanted you to know that it will be coming.


- Chris, on behalf of the OLPC Engineering team.
Chris Ball   <cjb at laptop.org>
One Laptop Per Child

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