Enforcing the code of conduct

Amit Shah amitshah at gmx.net
Wed Jul 15 13:16:31 UTC 2015

Hello all,

While organising the recent FUDCon in Pune we included a code of conduct, similar to the previous Flocks and other conferences worldwide.

I was wondering if we have any mechanisms in place where we can blacklist someone if indeed there was a violation.

I'm thinking of a Fedora project specific blacklist as well as a shared blacklist for major conferences worldwide.

The CoC would be pretty useless if there's no way to ban (from future gatherings) someone indulging in activities unwelcome to the project.

Also, we should include what steps we would take as a project depending on the nature of the violation in the CoC text itself.

If we already have such a mechanism in place, please point me to it. If not, would there be interest in setting up a service at least for Fedora events?


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