Project Fedora Out-Reach: Kickoff. (Proposed)

Cesar Pinto cesar.a.pinto at
Wed Mar 4 22:16:40 UTC 2015

*>>it's still kind of quiet around here as this list isn't really off the
ground yet. Let's change that! (Matthew Miller)*



Let´s start.

Why Fedora should be excited about outreach?

1.- It helps UNIFY our efforts. Community wide.
2.- It helps AMPLIFY our voice. Towards our users, partners and more.
3.- It helps FOCUS our work. So we can provide insights which can create
better outcomes.

Some of us in the community are excited about this initiative, and I
believe firmly we can make a positive measurable change.

I go a bit further. This initiative seems rather strategic to the project.

The good news: We don´t need *everyone* at the beginning. We need the right
people. A committed/talented few to show their leadership and get things

What´s in it for you? An opportunity to step up and focus on the "big
picture" and help influence the project in a meaningful way.

But enough talking, here is my suggestion for a kickoff.

Feel free to suggest an alternative time / date / method of communication /

One thing though. Don´t ignore this message.

Get involved. Take action. This community needs you.



Cesar Pinto

About me? Marketing and communications enthusiast. Working on IT sales for
last 10 years, big open source fan. Loves cooking ribs :-)
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