Summary of previous discussions around FOSCo

Pete Travis me at
Mon Mar 23 18:10:00 UTC 2015

On 03/23/2015 11:26 AM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 22, 2015 at 01:18:46PM -0600, Pete Travis wrote:
>> I share these concerns.  Initially, I was interpreting the intent of
>> the Outreach Steering Committee to be collaboration on all user
>> facing efforts, with representation from any interested groups, SIGs,
>> or individuals. This seems like a great idea; I'm concerned that many
>> community members work diligently in their own space but may not
>> track efforts in other areas, or give special attention to
>> communicating their own efforts with the larger community. Efforts
>> directed towards improving internal cooperation would make
>> outward-facing efforts more effective and develop a stronger sense of
>> community.
> I think that sums up my idea for it fairly nicely, really. What might
> we do to bring what's being talked about in line with that? (Is it just
> that the immediate concerns of ambassadors are most tangible and
> therefore overwhelm higher-level collaboration?)

My concern at this point is that we have a proposed solution, and now
we're at the point of looking for problems to justify implementing that

I propose we take another perspective, start with the problems that need
to be solved, and look for the most appropriate solution (which may or
may not be a leadership body.)

For example, the specific concern from the meeting today was
Ambassadors' difficulty in getting deliverables from Marketing.  More
broadly, we can state that it is difficult to know what a given team has
to offer other teams, and how one would go about requesting them.  To
address this, someone could go around creating trac tickets and mailing
list threads to request this from stakeholding teams.  A marketing trac
ticket could say "Marketing, please create a wiki page that explains
what kind of flyers and brochures and such you are willing to produce,
what timeframe and information you would need to fulfill the request,
and ensure you have an internal process for servicing these requests".

If that process needs to be formalized and tracked, it could be done
under the aegis of the Council by an appointed objective lead, an
approach already covered under the Council charter.

If there are other problems to solve, besides getting deliverables from
Marketing, let's start listing them out.

-- Pete

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