FAMSCo moves forward. Recent progress report.

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Clearly I messed up the email subject... pls ignore this thread :-)

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> Hello All.
> In light of recent discussions from what this group is meant to be or
> address. I am happy to report that we held a meeting recently (with
> declause as chair) and we had a good dialogue.
> Full logs available here:
> http://meetbot.fedoraproject.org/fedora-meeting/2015-03-24/fedora-meeting.2015-03-24-21.07.log.html
> As the discussions continue on this list on topics related to FAMSCo´s
> remit, membership and scope of activities, we have agreement that the first
> initiative we should tackle is one of measurement and goal setting.
> As such, FOSCo´s Executive Dashboard initiative has been initiated on the
> marketing list. (But with a remit to be cross-functional in nature)
> With enthusiastic support from FranciscoD and Mailga we are off to a good
> start to begin designing and implementing, more details to follow.
> The task at hand is to define the metrics. The team has made some
> assumptions below, but we could really use your input here.
> What are the top level metrics we should be measuring to track success?
> Get involved: http://etherpad.osuosl.org/FOSCO_EXECUTIVE_DASHBOARD
> Finally, here is a summary of the areas where it seems to be consensus on
> the following wiki page
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FOSCo
> Feel free to edit the page with your suggestions or ideas as you see fit.
> From the discussions so far, I think it is fair to say that FOSCo is in a
> state of flux so it will be what those involved make of it, so a great time
> to get active and help us build.
> Look forward to your comments.
> Cheers
> Cesar
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