Fedora Core 5 Update: indent-2.2.9-14.fc5

Petr Machata pmachata at redhat.com
Mon Jul 17 20:08:14 UTC 2006

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 5
Name        : indent
Version     : 2.2.9
Release     : 14.fc5
Summary     : A GNU program for formatting C code.
Description :
Indent is a GNU program for beautifying C code, so that it is easier to
read.  Indent can also convert from one C writing style to a different
one.  Indent understands correct C syntax and tries to handle incorrect
C syntax.

Install the indent package if you are developing applications in C and
you want a program to format your code.


* Mon Jul 17 2006 Karsten Hopp <karsten at redhat.de> 2.2.9-14
- add buildrequires makeinfo
* Sun Jul 16 2006 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 2.2.9-13
- Add some missing options to manpage/infopage (#199037)

This update can be downloaded from:

6ac84c897a7f6daa488f0b02b367210e49b7cf30  SRPMS/indent-2.2.9-14.fc5.src.rpm
6ac84c897a7f6daa488f0b02b367210e49b7cf30  noarch/indent-2.2.9-14.fc5.src.rpm
71670852178fcaf65fb33e1047ef74380ad18fea  ppc/indent-2.2.9-14.fc5.ppc.rpm
a7e2968cd52a97d7c102ae6e68f26a2c094536ec  ppc/debug/indent-debuginfo-2.2.9-14.fc5.ppc.rpm
1af6745568799acfff78510f2a373a9917c8fa7e  x86_64/debug/indent-debuginfo-2.2.9-14.fc5.x86_64.rpm
82e0d1a85358d1cbf7efb2f556b4749a357eacfb  x86_64/indent-2.2.9-14.fc5.x86_64.rpm
bcf76411d59a859c2267035511aa8104036446a8  i386/indent-2.2.9-14.fc5.i386.rpm
8cf837aff8fcd4b4360b5d98de63fbdca74e6c30  i386/debug/indent-debuginfo-2.2.9-14.fc5.i386.rpm

This update can be installed with the 'yum' update program.  Use 'yum update
package-name' at the command line.  For more information, refer to 'Managing
Software with yum,' available at http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/yum/.

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