Fedora Core 5 Update: dump-0.4b41-2.fc5

Jindrich Novy jnovy at redhat.com
Fri Sep 15 01:45:54 UTC 2006

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 5
Name        : dump
Version     : 0.4b41
Release     : 2.fc5
Summary     : Programs for backing up and restoring ext2/ext3 filesystems
Description :
The dump package contains both dump and restore. Dump examines files
in a filesystem, determines which ones need to be backed up, and
copies those files to a specified disk, tape, or other storage medium.
The restore command performs the inverse function of dump; it can
restore a full backup of a filesystem. Subsequent incremental backups
can then be layered on top of the full backup. Single files and
directory subtrees may also be restored from full or partial backups.

Install dump if you need a system for both backing up filesystems and
restoring filesystems after backups.


* Mon Aug  7 2006 Jindrich Novy <jnovy at redhat.com> 0.4b41-2
- fix miscompares detected by restore -C caused by SELinux (#189845)
- link properly against device-mapper and selinux libraries
- add autoconf BuildRequires, fix BuildRoot
- use %{?dist}

This update can be downloaded from:

e7d93b6fcd872ae8d8be1996aaeac4532b3b3225  SRPMS/dump-0.4b41-2.fc5.src.rpm
e7d93b6fcd872ae8d8be1996aaeac4532b3b3225  noarch/dump-0.4b41-2.fc5.src.rpm
3678fd0f9b8522c78bf46cbd61436450a0927fbb  ppc/rmt-0.4b41-2.fc5.ppc.rpm
110a83fc49592dc0aa64c679e752f3f9d4057884  ppc/debug/dump-debuginfo-0.4b41-2.fc5.ppc.rpm
f875c6c4b42abed6356f6a3f981f67b035d4ca62  ppc/dump-0.4b41-2.fc5.ppc.rpm
ee82669fca59773bf680d05e7ece1332775f9350  x86_64/debug/dump-debuginfo-0.4b41-2.fc5.x86_64.rpm
e12ed05606569bed6648042fc047858782200b27  x86_64/dump-0.4b41-2.fc5.x86_64.rpm
932e3b124af15fc8671444dc9df346406e97020d  x86_64/rmt-0.4b41-2.fc5.x86_64.rpm
b9605c17fdac96b7f8814d7598388df5fb19c858  i386/rmt-0.4b41-2.fc5.i386.rpm
4f25a398629d4439da258d1e09f79c3b6d375e16  i386/dump-0.4b41-2.fc5.i386.rpm
93bad95a38bf3b6f3c8bd18ad132b39baa266090  i386/debug/dump-debuginfo-0.4b41-2.fc5.i386.rpm

This update can be installed with the 'yum' update program.  Use 'yum update
package-name' at the command line.  For more information, refer to 'Managing
Software with yum,' available at http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/yum/.

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