[SECURITY] Fedora Core 5 Update: gdb-

Jan Kratochvil jkratoch at redhat.com
Fri Sep 15 01:47:33 UTC 2006

Fedora Update Notification

Product     : Fedora Core 5
Name        : gdb
Version     :
Release     : 1.134.fc5
Summary     : A GNU source-level debugger for C, C++, Java and other languages.
Description :
GDB, the GNU debugger, allows you to debug programs written in C, C++,
Java, and other languages, by executing them in a controlled fashion
and printing their data.

Update Information:

This is a security update for CVE-2006-4146.
In addition other bugfixes are listed below.

* Mon Sep  4 2006 Alexandre Oliva <aoliva at redhat.com> -
- Fix bug in patch for CVE-2006-4146. (BZ 203881)
* Wed Aug 23 2006 Alexandre Oliva <aoliva at redhat.com> -
- BuildReq flex, bison, sharutils, prelink and, on multilib systems,
32-bit glibc-devel.
- Add slash between dir and file names in edit command (BZ 192261,
BZ 199156).
- Avoid overflows and underflows in dwarf expression computation stack.
* Thu Jun 15 2006 Alexandre Oliva <aoliva at redhat.com> -
- Additional patch for BZ 175083, to cope with waitpid setting status
even when returning zero.
* Wed May 31 2006 Alexandre Oliva <aoliva at redhat.com> -
- Require gettext at build time.  (BZ193366)
* Sat May 27 2006 Alexandre Oliva <aoliva at redhat.com> -
- Rewrite patch for BZ 175270, BZ 175083 so as to catch the exception
- Remove too-fragile testcases from patches for CFA value and "S"
* Wed May 17 2006 Alexandre Oliva <aoliva at redhat.com> -
- Add not-automatically-generated file to fopen64 patch (BZ 191948).
* Fri Apr 14 2006 Alexandre Oliva <aoliva at redhat.com> -
- Avoid race conditions caused by exceptions messing with signal masks.
(BZ 175270, BZ 175083, maybe BZ 172938).
- Hardcode /bin and /usr/bin paths into gstack (BZ 179829, BZ 190548).
- Build in a subdir of the source tree instead of in a sibling directory.
- Switch to versioning scheme that uses the same base revision number
for all OSes, and uses a suffix to tell the builds apart and ensure
* Thu Apr 13 2006 Stepan Kasal <skasal at redhat.com>    -
- Bump up release number.
* Thu Apr 13 2006 Stepan Kasal <skasal at redhat.com>    -
- Use fopen64 where available.  Fixes BZ 178796, BZ 190547.
- Use bigger numbers than int.  Fixes BZ 171783, BZ 179096.

This update can be downloaded from:

1eeda5c5174ad188c73d5f5ce017eb1a12520fd7  SRPMS/gdb-
1eeda5c5174ad188c73d5f5ce017eb1a12520fd7  noarch/gdb-
5d99d2860d0cefd574a01b22f2ead9a3c4fc8416  ppc/gdb-
d094f93b7ee30f634b0ea98a76d4e9fae88abaaf  ppc/debug/gdb-debuginfo-
a354c88136cfe456ea25f4ba42bba86834d509a2  x86_64/debug/gdb-debuginfo-
41ca56ed4037370e632ac578784bbcf1bc196b94  x86_64/gdb-
865e4b01209a8da182c95fd44b26f9516401e99e  i386/debug/gdb-debuginfo-
8da9ffe0b29f2a6ef68fea792d661fa85cf50e72  i386/gdb-

This update can be installed with the 'yum' update program.  Use 'yum update
package-name' at the command line.  For more information, refer to 'Managing
Software with yum,' available at http://fedora.redhat.com/docs/yum/.

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