Fedora 8 Update: libsepol-2.0.15-1.fc8

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Tue Dec 11 00:51:23 UTC 2007

Fedora Update Notification
2007-12-10 20:46:39

Name        : libsepol
Product     : Fedora 8
Version     : 2.0.15
Release     : 1.fc8
URL         : http://www.selinuxproject.org
Summary     : SELinux binary policy manipulation library
Description :
Security-enhanced Linux is a feature of the Linux® kernel and a number
of utilities with enhanced security functionality designed to add
mandatory access controls to Linux.  The Security-enhanced Linux
kernel contains new architectural components originally developed to
improve the security of the Flask operating system. These
architectural components provide general support for the enforcement
of many kinds of mandatory access control policies, including those
based on the concepts of Type Enforcement®, Role-based Access
Control, and Multi-level Security.

libsepol provides an API for the manipulation of SELinux binary policies.
It is used by checkpolicy (the policy compiler) and similar tools, as well
as by programs like load_policy that need to perform specific transformations
on binary policies such as customizing policy boolean settings.


* Fri Nov 30 2007 Dan Walsh <dwalsh at redhat.com> 2.0.15-1
- Upgrade to latest from NSA
	* clarify and reduce neverallow error reporting from Stephen Smalley.
* Tue Nov  6 2007 Dan Walsh <dwalsh at redhat.com> 2.0.14-1
- Upgrade to latest from NSA
	* Reject self aliasing at link time from Stephen Smalley.
	* Allow handle_unknown in base to be overridden by semanage.conf from Stephen Smalley.
	* Fixed bug in require checking from Stephen Smalley.
	* Added user hierarchy checking from Todd Miller.
Updated packages:

15fa050ba229fd92c891ce2518efa2f65993d834 libsepol-debuginfo-2.0.15-1.fc8.ppc64.rpm
77e4734124f35fb7864bfa9c89131029ef0850bf libsepol-2.0.15-1.fc8.ppc64.rpm
f3cbee13fdfcd342a188fefb95087f47f4ed574c libsepol-devel-2.0.15-1.fc8.ppc64.rpm
f25ca255ebdf16b7aed6c92bb28479853b9e5c25 libsepol-debuginfo-2.0.15-1.fc8.i386.rpm
c62da9e4593798dac91ac01041ab4e2a9476cd88 libsepol-devel-2.0.15-1.fc8.i386.rpm
4d83d6b97785afd2c3722bb8869700d568d6d246 libsepol-2.0.15-1.fc8.i386.rpm
dde90c616c1e5539ea3a74b3a58ffb10a368fe71 libsepol-devel-2.0.15-1.fc8.x86_64.rpm
2a87df0a3037a53c971d6e4c4883510870816a00 libsepol-2.0.15-1.fc8.x86_64.rpm
60e20d49b5b5007cd9e2b65093361fed70a33757 libsepol-debuginfo-2.0.15-1.fc8.x86_64.rpm
60db8180050da13c1b4f0093c0567fe12fdccdce libsepol-2.0.15-1.fc8.ppc.rpm
7d023329e4c55e8b2d3c50540fbd49bbe0c81813 libsepol-devel-2.0.15-1.fc8.ppc.rpm
486e411e4176db0dd0ce28070f96377c045905ec libsepol-debuginfo-2.0.15-1.fc8.ppc.rpm
0b050e769b8154c36254ce7339913e6e1c62925b libsepol-2.0.15-1.fc8.src.rpm

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update libsepol' 
at the command line.  For more information, refer to "Managing Software
with yum", available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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