Fedora 8 Update: quake3-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8

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Fri Jan 11 22:15:39 UTC 2008

Fedora Update Notification
2008-01-11 21:23:53

Name        : quake3
Product     : Fedora 8
Version     : 1.34
Release     : 0.6.rc4.fc8
URL         : http://ioquake3.org/
Summary     : Quake 3 Arena engine (ioquake3 version)
Description :
This package contains the enhanced opensource ioquake3 version of the Quake 3
Arena engine. This engine can be used to play a number of games based on this
engine, below is an (incomplete list):

* OpenArena Free, Open Source Quake3 like game, recommended!
  (packagename: openarena)

* Urban Terror, gratis, but not Open Source FPS best be described as a
  Hollywood tactical shooter, a downloader and installer including an
  application menu entry is available in the urbanterror package.

* World of Padman, gratis, but not Open Source Comic FPS, a downloader and
  installer including an application menu entry is available in the
  worldofpadman package.

* Quake3 Arena, the original! A downloader and installer for the gratis, but
  not Open Source demo, including an application menu entry is available in
  the quake3-demo package.

  If you own a copy of quake 3, you will need to copy pak0.pk3 from the
  original CD-ROM and your q3key to /usr/share/quake3/baseq3 or ~/.q3a/baseq3.
  Also copy the pak?.pk3 files from the original 1.32 Quake 3 Arena point
  release there if you have them available or run quake3-update to download
  them for you.

Update Information:

Split out quake3-demo launcher / downloader in to a seperate quake3-demo package so that other packages can require quake3 for the engine without automatically dragging in the quake3-demo launcher.

Add Urban Terror (urbanterror) and World of Padman (worldofpadman) launcher / downloader sub-packages.


* Sun Dec 23 2007 Hans de Goede <j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl> 1.34-0.6.rc4
- Update urbanterror autodlrc file to refer to version 4.1 (was 4.0)
* Sun Dec 23 2007 Hans de Goede <j.w.r.degoede at hhs.nl> 1.34-0.5.rc4
- Split of the demo launcher into a quake3-demo package, so that when for
  example openarena requires quake3 for the engine people don't automatically
  get the demo launcher installed
- Add installer / launcher for Urban Terror in an urbanterror subpackage
  (bz 385771)
- Add installer / launcher for World of Padman in a worldofpadman subpackage
* Wed Dec 12 2007 Alexey Kuznetsov <kuznetsov.alexey at gmail.com> 1.34-0.4.rc4
- Add quake3-update srcipt.
Updated packages:

2723ebcc56e9859c87f6a96cacf677dfc69c07e3 quake3-debuginfo-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.ppc64.rpm
c081c557bd4ac9c2bf2bb7cd1e7ba564bcfa6ed8 worldofpadman-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.ppc64.rpm
0fc92a80ed63c3558c3679d1886aa309982397fc urbanterror-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.ppc64.rpm
b463fa80c5b7d3437d90db8eab341eae8199412f quake3-demo-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.ppc64.rpm
0e28b2087c39af1c1ed2440181d4db67526ca329 quake3-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.ppc64.rpm
ef6dffb2904013bf7f0b4b89c13ba2209b328ada quake3-debuginfo-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.i386.rpm
6722625fb26aa07cf3c6d78ef36364eba9a10aee worldofpadman-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.i386.rpm
5e21b3e305bf4df3233c92e5774e167773ae6d9e urbanterror-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.i386.rpm
6207d73d231801a8b02d35e01bfe7b23c0045e6d quake3-demo-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.i386.rpm
030c98d65e3a266d5c92ece2f7de82c3d8e94879 quake3-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.i386.rpm
306b6cfb7a5a7925a611889122b17b27160659cf quake3-demo-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.x86_64.rpm
b5d02b6f99bea53811c1d4c412409389598224a4 urbanterror-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.x86_64.rpm
7f7cd84a4d3e1217325e92a996f41fa8a515405c quake3-debuginfo-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.x86_64.rpm
8ed4c98bc6f030f2daae838065df052c6f61046c worldofpadman-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.x86_64.rpm
07b577070d0c461eede0575f59dea4de65e69cf3 quake3-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.x86_64.rpm
582eacb9642c08580841a79eefbc39a6d367089b quake3-debuginfo-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.ppc.rpm
a3bd3c79be68551b717ec409431594d4113f4b90 worldofpadman-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.ppc.rpm
258c345a8be13dac66235d091a43c7afbe14d54e urbanterror-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.ppc.rpm
dca2838dbbe545d6f4a350de03ae4c4316a791f3 quake3-demo-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.ppc.rpm
f21d3f8684b3b1921ef9deafff759e7c6a54a31e quake3-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.ppc.rpm
7d335691e6782953e68bad3795563645d1a062b9 quake3-1.34-0.6.rc4.fc8.src.rpm

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update quake3' 
at the command line.  For more information, refer to "Managing Software
with yum", available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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