Fedora 9 Update: kst-1.7.0-4.fc9

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Thu Apr 2 17:15:16 UTC 2009

Fedora Update Notification
2009-03-16 18:35:05

Name        : kst
Product     : Fedora 9
Version     : 1.7.0
Release     : 4.fc9
URL         : http://kst.kde.org/
Summary     : A data viewing program for KDE
Description :
Kst is a real-time data viewing and plotting tool with basic data analysis
functionality. Kst contains many powerful built-in features and is
expandable with plugins and extensions. Kst is a KDE application.

Main features of kst include:
  * Robust plotting of live "streaming" data.
  * Powerful keyboard and mouse plot manipulation.
  * Powerful plugins and extensions support.
  * Large selection of built-in plotting and data manipulation functions,
    such as histograms, equations, and power spectra.
  * Color mapping and contour mapping capabilities for three-dimensional data.
  * Monitoring of events and notifications support.
  * Filtering and curve fitting capabilities.
  * Convenient command-line interface.
  * Powerful graphical user interface.
  * Support for several popular data formats.
  * Multiple tabs or windows.

Update Information:

Several bugfixes and enhancements in cfitsio: better large file (> 2Gb) support,
extended filename syntax. Full list here:
http://heasarc.gsfc.nasa.gov/FTP/software/fitsio/c/changes.txt    This update
also contains new builds of libraries depending on cfitsio library, built
against the new version (cfitsio enforces strict version checking).

* Thu Mar 12 2009 Matthew Truch <matt at truch.net> - 1.7.0-4
- Pick up correct version of cfitsio that kst-fits was built against.
* Wed Feb 25 2009 Matthew Truch <matt at truch.net> - 1.7.0-3
- Bump build to pickup new cfitsio release.
* Mon Oct 20 2008 Matthew Truch <matt at truch.net> - 1.7.0-2
- Fix auto-save-period: KDE BUG:172538
* Fri Oct 10 2008 Matthew Truch <matt at truch.net> - 1.7.0-1
- Upstream 1.7.0
* Sat May 10 2008 Matthew Truch <matt at truch.net> - 1.6.0-2
- Pick up patch from upstream fixing -F command line option
  Upstream KDE svn revision 805176
  Fixes upstream reported KDE BUG:161766
* Thu Apr 24 2008 Matthew Truch <matt at truch.net> - 1.6.0-1
- New version of kst.
- Bring back gsl-devel BR as qt is now compatable with gsl.

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update kst' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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