Fedora 12 Update: frescobaldi-0.7.16-1.fc12

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Mon Dec 7 07:31:11 UTC 2009

Fedora Update Notification
2009-11-20 04:24:07

Name        : frescobaldi
Product     : Fedora 12
Version     : 0.7.16
Release     : 1.fc12
URL         : http://www.frescobaldi.org/
Summary     : Edit LilyPond sheet music with ease!
Description :
Frescobaldi is a LilyPond sheet music editor for KDE4. It aims to be powerful,
yet lightweight and easy to use. It features:

    * Enter LilyPond scores, build and preview them with a mouseclick
    * Point-and-click support: click on notes or error messages to jump to the
      correct position
    * A powerful Score Wizard to quickly setup a musical score
    * Editing tools to:
          o manipulate the rhythm
          o hyphenate lyrics
          o quickly enter or add articulations and other symbols to existing
          o run the document through convert-ly to update it to a newer
            LilyPond version
    * Context sensitive autocomplete, helping you to quickly enter LilyPond
    * Expansion manager to enter larger snippets of LilyPond input using short
    * A powerful Rumor plugin, using the Rumor program to quickly enter music
      by playing it on a MIDI keyboard or even your computer keyboard
    * Built-in comprehensive User Guide

Update Information:

Changes in 0.7.16 -- November 15th, 2009    * New command to transpose music  *
New commands for conversion between relative and absolute pitches  * New:
Alt+Shift+Up/Down selects text till next or previous blank line, and
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up/Down moves the selected block to the next or previous blank
line. This gives a very quick way to reorder fragments of LilyPond input.  * A
new tool to create empty staff paper  * Improved support for quarter tones in
all pitch-related functions  * Translations:    - French updated by Ryan
Kavanagh    - Spanish updated by Francisco Vila    Changes in 0.7.15 -- October
13th, 2009    * New LilyPond documentation browser providing context-sensitive
help  * New shortcuts:    - Repeat selected music, Ctrl+Shift+R: wraps the
selection in a      \repeat volta 2 { music... } construct    - Insert pair of
braces, Ctrl+{: wraps the selection in braces, or inserts      { newline newline
} and places the cursor on the middle indented line.  * New bar lines submenu to
insert different types of bar lines  * Expansion Manager:    - Two cursormarks
(|) can be used to select a range of text after expanding    - New contextmenu
command to add selected text to expansions  * Autocompletion:    - named colors
are shown in the right color    - some often used block commands like \header
now also insert the braces,      and place the cursor between them.    - names
of variables (like composer in the header) automagically append ' = '       if
the remainder of the line does not start with the '=' character.  * New commands
in the Log context menu to copy or save its contents.  * LilyPond symbol icons
are displayed white if the users color palette settings    have light text on a
dark background. The icons are automatically recolored    if the user changes
the color preferences while Frescobaldi is running.  * The Save As... dialog now
really opens in the default directory if the    document has no filename yet.  *
Tools can be shown/hidden with configurable keyboard shortcuts  * Score Wizard:
parts can be reordered by dragging with the mouse  * Documentation updates  *
Translations:    - Turkish updated by S. Acim    - Russian updated by Artem
Zolochevskiy    - Polish updated by Piotr Komorowski    - Dutch updated by
Wilbert Berendsen

* Wed Nov 18 2009 Orcan Ogetbil <oget [DOT] fedora [AT] gmail [DOT] com> - 0.7.16-1
- New upstream version

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update frescobaldi' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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