Fedora 9 Update: libhugetlbfs-2.2-1.fc9

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Thu Feb 19 01:55:24 UTC 2009

Fedora Update Notification
2009-02-12 23:39:50

Name        : libhugetlbfs
Product     : Fedora 9
Version     : 2.2
Release     : 1.fc9
URL         : http://libhugetlbfs.ozlabs.org/
Summary     : A library which provides easy access to huge pages of memory
Description :
libhugetlbfs is a library which provides easy access to huge pages of memory.
It is a wrapper for the hugetlbfs file system. Applications can use huge pages
to fulfill malloc() requests without being recompiled by using LD_PRELOAD.
Alternatively, applications can be linked against libhugetlbfs without source
modifications to load BSS or BSS, data, and text segments into large pages.

Update Information:

New Features  * Refactored environment variable parsing to read once and store
values  * Add --list-mounts and --list-all-mounts options to hugeadm  * Rework
test suite to run for all avaialbe page sizes  * Add --create-mounts for root
only, --create-user-mounts,    --create-group-mounts, and --create-global-mounts
options to hugeadm  * Add --share-text option to hugectl    Test Suite Fixes  *
Added wrapper to shm-fork and shm-getraw tests that makes runs on    hpage sizes
different from default expected failures  * Reworked shmoverride tests to handle
new env parsing

* Wed Feb 11 2009 Eric Munson <ebmunson at us.ibm.com> 2.2-1
- Updateing for the libhugetlbfs-2.2 release
* Fri Dec 19 2008 Eric Munson <ebmunson at us.ibm.com> 2.1.2-1
- Updating for libhugetlbfs-2.1.2 release
* Fri Dec 19 2008 Eric Munson <ebmunson at us.ibm.com> 2.1.1-1
- Updating for libhugetlbfs-2.1.1 release
* Thu Dec 18 2008 Josh Boyer <jwboyer at gmail.com> 2.1-2
- Fix broken dependency caused by just dropping -test
* Thu Oct 16 2008 Eric Munson <ebmunson at us.ibm.com> 2.1-1
- Updating for libhuge-2.1 release
- Adding -devel and -utils subpackages for various utilities
  and devel files.
* Wed May 14 2008 Eric Munson <ebmunson at us.ibm.com> 1.3-1
- Updating for libhuge-1.3 release
* Tue Mar 25 2008 Eric Munson <ebmunson at us.ibm.com> 1.2-1
- Removing test rpm target, and excluding test files

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update libhugetlbfs' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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