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Sun Mar 8 19:34:52 UTC 2009

Fedora Update Notification
2009-03-08 06:09:08

Name        : NetworkManager
Product     : Fedora 10
Version     :
Release     : 1.fc10
URL         : http://www.gnome.org/projects/NetworkManager/
Summary     : Network connection manager and user applications
Description :
NetworkManager attempts to keep an active network connection available at all
times.  It is intended only for the desktop use-case, and is not intended for
usage on servers.   The point of NetworkManager is to make networking
configuration and setup as painless and automatic as possible.  If using DHCP,
NetworkManager is _intended_ to replace default routes, obtain IP addresses
from a DHCP server, and change nameservers whenever it sees fit.


* Wed Mar  4 2009 Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat.com> - 1:
- nm: make default wired "Auto ethX" connection modifiable if an enabled system settings
    plugin supports modifying connections (rh #485555)
- nm: manpage fixes (rh #447233)
- nm: CVE-2009-0365 - GetSecrets disclosure
- applet: CVE-2009-0578 - local users can modify the connection settings
- applet: fix inability to choose WPA Ad-Hoc networks from the menu
- ifcfg-rh: add read-only support for WPA-PSK connections
- ifcfg-rh: revert fix for #441453 (honor localhost) until gdm gets fixed
* Wed Feb 25 2009 Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat.com> - 1:
- Fix getting secrets for system connections (rh #486696)
- More compatible modem autodetection
- Better handle minimal ifcfg files
* Mon Feb 23 2009 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng at lists.fedoraproject.org> - 1:
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_11_Mass_Rebuild
* Fri Feb 20 2009 Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat.com> - 1:
- Use IFF_LOWER_UP for carrier detect instead of IFF_RUNNING
- Add small delay before probing cdc-acm driven mobile broadband devices
* Thu Feb 19 2009 Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat.com> - 1:
- Fix PEAP version selection in the applet (rh #468844)
- Match hostname behavior to 'network' service when hostname is localhost (rh #441453)
* Thu Feb 19 2009 Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat.com> - 1:
- Fix 'noreplace' for nm-system-settings.conf
* Wed Feb 18 2009 Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat.com> - 1:
- Update to 0.7.1rc1
- nm: support for Huawei E160G mobile broadband devices (rh #466177)
- nm: fix misleading routing error message (rh #477916)
- nm: fix issues with 32-character SSIDs (rh #485312)
- nm: allow root to activate user connections
- nm: automatic modem detection with udev-extras
- nm: massive manpage rewrite
- applet: fix crash when showing the CA certificate ignore dialog a second time
- applet: clear keyring items when deleting a connection
- applet: fix max signal strength calculation in menu (rh #475123)
- applet: fix VPN export (rh #480496)
* Sat Feb  7 2009 Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat.com> - 1:0.7.0-2.git20090207
- applet: fix blank VPN connection message bubbles
- applet: better handling of VPN routing on update
- applet: silence pointless warning (rh #484136)
- applet: desensitize devices in the menu until they are ready (rh #483879)
- nm: Expose WINS servers in the IP4Config over D-Bus
- nm: Better handling of GSM Mobile Broadband modem initialization
- nm: Handle DHCP Classless Static Routes (RFC 3442)
- nm: Fix Mobile Broadband and PPPoE to always use 'noauth'
- nm: Better compatibility with older dual-SSID AP configurations (rh #445369)
- nm: Mark nm-system-settings.conf as %config (rh #465633)
- nm-tool: Show VPN connection information
- ifcfg-rh: Silence message about ignoring loopback config (rh #484060)
- ifcfg-rh: Fix issue with wrong gateway for system connections (rh #476089)
* Fri Jan  2 2009 Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat.com> - 1:0.7.0-1.git20090102
- Update to 0.7.1 pre-release
- Allow connections to be ignored when determining the default route (rh #476089)
- Own /usr/share/gnome-vpn-properties (rh #477155)
- Fix log flooding due to netlink errors (rh #459205)
- Pass connection UUID to dispatcher scripts via the environment
- Fix possible crash after deactivating a VPN connection
- Fix issues with editing wired 802.1x connections
- Fix issues when using PKCS#12 certificates with 802.1x connections
* Fri Nov 21 2008 Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat.com> - 1:0.7.0-0.12.svn4326
- API and documentation updates
- Fix PIN handling on 'hso' mobile broadband devices
* Tue Nov 18 2008 Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat.com> - 1:0.7.0-0.12.svn4296
- Fix PIN/PUK issues with high-speed Option HSDPA mobile broadband cards
- Fix desensitized OK button when asking for wireless keys
* Mon Nov 17 2008 Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat.com> - 1:0.7.0-0.12.svn4295
- Fix issues reading ifcfg files
- Previously fixed:
- Doesn't send DHCP hostname (rh #469336)
- 'Auto eth0' forgets settings (rh #468612)
- DHCP renewal sometimes breaks VPN (rh #471852)
- Connection editor menu item in the wrong place (rh #471495)
- Cannot make system-wide connections (rh #471308)
* Fri Nov 14 2008 Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat.com> - 1:0.7.0-0.12.svn4293
- Update to NetworkManager 0.7.0 RC2
- Handle gateways on a different subnet from the interface
- Clear VPN secrets on connection failure to ensure they are requested again (rh #429287)
- Add support for PKCS#12 private keys (rh #462705)
- Fix mangling of VPN's default route on DHCP renew
- Fix type detection of qemu/kvm network devices (rh #466340)
- Clear up netmask/prefix confusion in the connection editor
- Make the secrets dialog go away when it's not needed
- Fix inability to add system connections (rh #471308)

  [ 1 ] Bug #487722 - CVE-2009-0365 NetworkManager: GetSecrets disclosure
  [ 2 ] Bug #487752 - CVE-2009-0578 NetworkManager: local users can modify the connection settings

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update NetworkManager' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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