Fedora 11 Update: gdl-0.9-0.7.rc3.fc11

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Sat Nov 7 00:24:26 UTC 2009

Fedora Update Notification
2009-10-21 00:07:30

Name        : gdl
Product     : Fedora 11
Version     : 0.9
Release     : 0.7.rc3.fc11
URL         : http://gnudatalanguage.sourceforge.net/
Summary     : GNU Data Language
Description :
A free IDL (Interactive Data Language) compatible incremental compiler
(ie. runs IDL programs). IDL is a registered trademark of Research
Systems Inc.

Update Information:

Update to 0.9rc3.     interpreter:             - corrected GOTO out of loops
within outer blocks             - corrected array to tag of struct array
assignment             - $: fixing two segfault conditions when SHELL or HOME
env. variables not set             - allowing tag names with leading '!'
- imroved DataListT an empty procedure call by extimated 40%               -
detecting change of type of FOR index variable             - allowing common
blocks outside subroutines    library routines:                   - ATAN:
precision fixes (atan(float, float) -> float(atan(double, double))),
/PHASE keyword support, array-scalar argument combination support,
two-complex-arguments case support               - BESEL*: non integer order, X
neg, Complex, and better managment of arrays dimensions             - BETA:
better management of the dimensions of output arrays             - BROYDEN:
initial import             - CALENDAR: initial import             - CALDAT:
initial import             - COMMAND_LINE_ARGS: initial import             -
CONTOUR: avoiding plplot error messages when filling,               fixing
segfault when contouring NaNs,               smarter contour-level choice,
partial labelling support             - CREATE_STRUCT: accepting excl. mark as a
first char of a tag name             - EXIT: fixing segfault if HOME env. var
undefined             - EXPINT: better management of the dimensions of output
arrays             - IDL_BASE64: initial import             - IGAMMA: better
management of the dimensions of output arrays             - IMSL_CONSTANT:
initial import (using UDUNITS-2)             - IMSL_ZEROSYS: initial import
- FILE_INFO: initial import                - FILE_LINES: no longer calling awk
to parse wc output             - FILE_SAME: initial import               -
FILE_SEARCH: support for FULLY_QUALIFY_PATH kw.             - FILE_TEST:
handling /NOEXPAND_PATH keyword             - FFT: Fix /OVERWRITE with non-
global parm bug (FFTW), fix auto_ptr bug with DOUBLE             - FLUSH:
initial import             - GET_DRIVE_LIST: initial import             -
GET_KBRD: reading only one character (setting stdin to non-echo and non-
canonical mode)             - GET_LOGIN_INFO: initial import             -
HISTOGRAM: fixing inclusive ranges definition               setting OMIN/OMAX
type according to the type of input data               binsize = (max - min) /
(nbins - 1) when NBINS specified with neither MAX nor BINSIZE
LOCATION keyword set correctly when HISTOGRAM called with NBINS and without
BINSIZE or MAX             - HELP: reporting structure data lengths, /MEMORY
keyword support             - LL_ARC_DISTANCE: initial import             -
LOCALE_GET: initial import             - MAKE_ARRAY: /PTR & /OBJ keywords,
/INDEX keyword support for strings             - MAKE_ARRAY: keyword name
changed from INT to INTEGER             - MAX: DIMENSION keyword support
- MIN: ditto             - MEDIAN: memory leak fix + change DIM into DIMENSION
- MEMORY: initial import             - MOMENT: MAXMOMENT kw support + update of
the documentation header             - N_TAGS: rename keyword /LENGTH to
/DATA_LENGTH             - NCDF_ATTGET: code cleanup + fixes             -
NCDF_ATTPUT: fixing invalid keyword numbering             - NCDF_DIMINQ:
accepting long integers as file and dimension ids             - NCDF_VARGET:
64-bit fix (SizeT->Dlong for transposed_dim_length[])               reading text
data             - NCDF_VARGET1: reading text data             - NCDF_VARPUT:
fixing random behaviour due to type mismatch (size_t -> int),
fixing uninitialized variable bug             - NEWTON: initial import
- OPENW: allowing /APPEND flag for non-existant files             - PARSE_URL:
initial import             - PATH_SEP: now return good type STRING = '/', before
STRING = Array[1]             - PLOTS: correction for DATA coordinates
- PM: initial import             - PRINT: handling VMS compatibility syntax;
demo: print, "$(F)", 1             - PRINTF: ditto             - READ_ASCII:
handling both whitespace and tab as delimiter by default;               using
FILE_LINES instead of spawning wc             - READ_XWD: fixing a conditional
statement typo             - READF: bugfix - allowing reads from standard input
(lun 0)             - REVERSE: initial import             - ROTATE: better error
message             - SIZE: fixing datatype (sign) conflict in IDL_SIZE
structure assignment             - SHOWFONT: initial import             - SPAWN:
fixed segfault when SHELL env. variable not set,               undoing bitwise
shift in EXIT_STATUS value; demo: spawn, "exit -1", e=i & help, i
setting EXIT_STATUS parameter when nParam==0; demo: spawn, exit=i & help, i
- SPL_INIT: initial import of C++ version (y0= and yn_1= not ready)
- SPL_INTERP: ditto             - STRING: handling VMS compatibility syntax;
demo: help,string(1,"(G)")             - STRSPLIT: will allow 'str' and ['str']
1D strings             - SYSTIME: correction for /JULIAN flag; conflicting
keywords message             - TV: managing [1,n,m], [n,1,m] and [n,m,1] cases
when TRUE=0             - VOIGT: better management of the dimensions of output
arrays             - XYOUTS: axis thickness fix, DATA coordinates fix    other:
- embedded formatting commands for plotting routines (TEXTOIDL works)
- !DTOR & !RADEG values more precise             - SVG terminal available via
set_plot, 'svg'             - misc. minor updates in readme/doc files
- several new test routines             - allowing setting history-file lenght
in startup file using !EDIT_INPUT             - handling some out-of-memory
exceptions             - gcc 4.4 compatibility fix             - HDF5: v1.8
compatibility fix             - widgets: some new functionality             -
mapping: support for new LIBPROJ4

* Thu Oct 15 2009 - Orion Poplawski <orion at cora.nwra.com> - 0.9-0.7.rc3
- Update to 0.9rc3
- Drop gcc43, ppc64, friend patches fixed upstream
- Add source for makecvstarball
- Rebase antlr patch, add automake source version
- Add conditionals for EPEL builds
- Add %check section
* Fri Jul 24 2009 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng at lists.fedoraproject.org> - 0.9-0.6.rc2.20090312
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_12_Mass_Rebuild

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update gdl' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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