Fedora 14 Update: unoconv-0.4-3.fc14

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Sun Dec 19 20:20:42 UTC 2010

Fedora Update Notification
2010-11-14 21:04:27

Name        : unoconv
Product     : Fedora 14
Version     : 0.4
Release     : 3.fc14
URL         : http://dag.wieers.com/home-made/unoconv/
Summary     : Tool to convert between any document format supported by LibreOffice
Description :
unoconv converts between any document format that LibreOffice understands.
It uses LibreOffice's UNO bindings for non-interactive conversion of

Supported document formats include Open Document Format (.odf), MS Word (.doc),
MS Office Open/MS OOXML (.xml), Portable Document Format (.pdf), HTML, XHTML,
RTF, Docbook (.xml), and more.

Update Information:

Packaging fix:
- Added missing Requires on openoffice.org-brand/libreoffice-core

* 0.4 - released 20/10/2010

- Now properly check if there is a GUI attached and terminate() or -unaccept instance
- Added --pipe option to communicate with UNO pipe (Fernando Lucas Rodriguez)
- Added -o/--outputpath option to modify the output path (Fernando Lucas Rodriguez)
- Added support for MediaWiki output (txt)
- Added OpenOffice path to LD_LIBRARY_PATH env var
- Added -nofirstwizard to ooffice invocations
- Improved the unoconv manpage
- Added proper exitcode (Alan D. Salewski)
- Fixed the license conflict between COPYING and header, the license is GPL, not LGPL
- Give a proper error when a library was found, but failed to get imported
- Make errors somewhat more identifiable
- Added -T/--timeout to try to connect every 0.5 second until timeout has reached default: 3 secs)
- Fixed a typo in bydoctype() (Hugo Lopes)
- Updated filter list based on OpenOffice 3.1
- Added Unified Office Format (uot/uos/uop) support
- Update indexes when converting (Winfried Rohr)
- Find soffice.bin binary (once) similarly to finding uno library
- Use soffice.bin binary instead of soffice wrapper so we can more reliable terminate the process
- Added -e/--export to set export filter options (eg. PageRange, Quality, UseLosslessCompression, ...)
- Added -i/--import to set import filter options (eg. utf8)
- Added docs/filters.txt with information about import and export filters
- First update links, then indexes (Nicolae Mihalache)
- Allow to apply a style template during conversion
- Improvements to stdout and stderr messages consistency
- Updated documentation


* Tue Nov 30 2010 Orcan Ogetbil <oget [DOT] fedora [AT] gmail [DOT] com> - 0.4-3
- Add missing Requires on openoffice.org-brand/libreoffice-core. RHBZ#658576
* Sat Nov 13 2010 Orcan Ogetbil <oget [DOT] fedora [AT] gmail [DOT] com> - 0.4-2
- Backport some upstream fixes (LD_LIBRARY_PATH issue and -o flag issue)
* Fri Nov 12 2010 Orcan Ogetbil <oget [DOT] fedora [AT] gmail [DOT] com> - 0.4-1
- Update to 0.4
* Sat Oct 30 2010 Caolán McNamara <caolanm at redhat.com> - 0.3-5
- rebuild for LibreOffice

  [ 1 ] Bug #658576 - unoconv assumes soffice is installed, but does not Require

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update unoconv' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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