Fedora 12 Update: audacious-plugin-fc-0.4-1.fc12.2

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Tue Feb 2 01:11:07 UTC 2010

Fedora Update Notification
2010-01-02 02:50:54

Name        : audacious-plugin-fc
Product     : Fedora 12
Version     : 0.4
Release     : 1.fc12.2
URL         : http://xmms-fc.sourceforge.net/
Summary     : Future Composer input plugin for Audacious
Description :
This is an input plugin for Audacious which can play back Future Composer
music files from AMIGA. Song-length detection and seek are implemented, too.

Update Information:

Rough times ahead!    * This is an upgrade to Audacious 2.2 including a couple
of patches. Please also apply the separate update for the mcs library.    *
Audacious 2.2 has been declared a "stable release" by its developers, but Fedora
12 users found enough issues with Audacious 2.1 -- the previous "stable release"
-- so that even after squashing lots of reported bugs, some problems remain. Due
to major changes in some parts of Audacious 2.2, the core developers cannot tell
whether some rare bugs are fixed. The upgrade to 2.2 is a trade-off between
getting actual improvements/fixes in 2.2 and the risk of new breakage. In either
case, the upgrade to 2.2 will reduce the number of patches in Fedora's packages
and will hopefully help with improving Audacious further.    * If you use
additional plugin packages from 3rd party repositories, please be patient and
wait for their package updates. The plugins for 2.1 will not work with 2.2 due
to a changed input plugin API.    * If you need a Musepack SV7 file format
player, you need to watch out for the "ffaudio" plugin in a 3rd party
repository. The "musepack" plugin (based on libmpcdec) has been discontinued.
* If you need a MIDI file player, install audacious-plugins-amidi as the old
plugin based on libtimidity has been discontinued.    * If you need a SID file
player, install the separate audacious-plugins-sid package for a plugin based on
libsidplay 1. Third party repositories may provide a package for a plugin based
on libsidplay 2.    * If you use the ALSA output driver without Pulse Audio,
Audacious 2.2 includes a new driver called "alsa-gapless". You may need to
readjust your audio output preferences in Audacious.


  [ 1 ] Bug #551801 - [abrt] crash detected in audacious-2.1-7.fc12 : stack smashing detected in ui_svis_expose at ui_svis.c:443
  [ 2 ] Bug #537284 - [abrt] crash detected in audacious-2.1-5.fc12 : on exit after changing the output plugin from Pulse Audio to Alsa
  [ 3 ] Bug #542875 - [abrt] crash detected in audacious-2.1-5.fc12 : double free or corruption (out) in output_pass_audio
  [ 4 ] Bug #538379 - segmentation fault in mowgli_dictionary_retune
  [ 5 ] Bug #551270 - [abrt] crash detected in audacious-2.1-7.fc12 : libmcs keyfile_destroy double free or corruption
  [ 6 ] Bug #551613 - [abrt] crash detected in audacious-2.1-7.fc12 : cuesheet + libsndfile
  [ 7 ] Bug #548474 - [abrt] crash detected in audacious-2.1-7.fc12 : malloc memory corruption found deep in libxml2 upon saving xspf playlist
  [ 8 ] Bug #524007 - alsa-ng output plugin buffer underruns
  [ 9 ] Bug #544370 - [abrt] crash detected in audacious-2.1-7.fc12 : in g_log, CAdPlugDatabase::load
  [ 10 ] Bug #548559 - [abrt] crash in audacious-2.1-7.fc12 : ne_request_destroy (req=0x0)
  [ 11 ] Bug #551264 - [abrt] crash detected in audacious-2.1-7.fc12 : in play_cue_uri ()
  [ 12 ] Bug #559409 - [abrt] crash in audacious-2.2-7.fc12 : mowgli_object_unref  double-free/corruption in entry_set_tuple_real (with mp3 streaming)

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update audacious-plugin-fc' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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GPG keys used by the Fedora Project can be found at

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