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2009-12-16 00:18:27

Name        : ctdb
Product     : Fedora 12
Version     : 1.0.108
Release     : 1.fc12
URL         : http://ctdb.samba.org/
Summary     : A Clustered Database based on Samba's Trivial Database (TDB)
Description :
CTDB is a cluster implementation of the TDB database used by Samba and other
projects to store temporary data. If an application is already using TDB for
temporary data it is very easy to convert that application to be cluster aware
and use CTDB instead.

Update Information:

New upstream release 1.0.108, make init-script meet guidelines, add a missing

* Tue Dec  8 2009 Sumit Bose <sbose at redhat.com> - 1.0.108-1
- Update to ctdb version 1.0.108
 - added fix for bz537223
 - added tdb-tools to Requires, fixes bz526479
* Wed Dec  2 2009 Sumit Bose <sbose at redhat.com> - 1.0.107-1
- Update to ctdb version 1.0.107
* Wed Dec  2 2009 : Version 1.0.107
- fix for rusty to solve a double-free that can happen when there are
   multiple packets queued and the connection is destroyed before
   all packets are processed.
* Tue Dec  1 2009 : Version 1.0.106
- Buildscript changes from Michael Adam
 - Dont do a full recovery when there is a mismatch detected for ip addresses,
   just do a less disruptive ip-reallocation
 - When starting ctdbd, wait until all initial recoveries have finished
   before we issue the "startup" event.
   So dont start services or monitoring until the cluster has
 - Major eventscript overhaul by Ronnie, Rusty and Martins and fixes of a few
   bugs found.
* Thu Nov 19 2009 : Version 1.0.105
- Fix a bug where we could SEGV if multiple concurrent "ctdb eventscript ..."
   are used and some of them block.
 - Monitor the daemon from the syslog child process so we shutdown cleanly when
   the main daemon terminates.
 - Add a 500k line ringbuffer in memory where all log messages are stored.
 - Add a "ctdb getlog <level>" command to pull log messages from the in memory
 - From martin : fixes to cifs and nfs autotests
 - from michael a : fix a bashism in 11.natgw
* Fri Nov  6 2009 : Version 1.0.104
- Suggestion from Metze, we can now use killtcp to kill local connections
   for nfs so change the killtcp script to kill both directions of an NFS
   We used to deliberately only kill one direction in these cases due to
 - Suggestion from christian Ambach, when using natgw, try to avoid using a
   UNHEALTHY node as the natgw master.
 - From Michael Adam: Fix a SEGV bug in the recent change to the eventscripts
   to allow the timeout to apply to each individual script.
 - fix a talloc bug in teh vacuuming code that produced nasty valgrind
 - From Rusty: Set up ulimit to create core files for ctdb, and spawned
   processes by default. This is useful for debugging and testing but can be
   disabled by setting CTDB_SUPRESS_COREFILE=yes in the sysconfig file.
 - Remove the wbinfo -t check from the startup check that winbindd is happy.
 - Enhance the test for bond devices so we also check if the sysadmin have
   disabled all slave devices using "ifdown".
* Tue Nov  3 2009 : Version 1.0.103
- Dont use vacuuming on persistent databases
 - Michael A : transaction updates to persistent databases
 - Dont activate service automatically when installing the RPM. Leave this to
   the admin.
 - Create a child process to send all log messages to, to prevent a hung/slow
   syslogd from blocking the main daemon. In this case, discard log messages
   instead and let the child process block.
 - Michael A: updates to log messages
* Thu Oct 29 2009 : Version 1.0.102
- Wolfgang: fix for the vacuuming code
 - Wolfgang: stronger tests for persistent database filename tests
 - Improve the log message when we refuse to startup since wbinfo -t fails
   to make it easier to spot in the log.
 - Update the uptime command output and the man page to indicate that
   "time since last ..." if from either the last recovery OR the last failover
 - Michael A: transaction updates
* Wed Oct 28 2009 : Version 1.0.101
- create a separate context for non-monitoring events so they dont interfere
   with the monitor event
 - make sure to return status 0 in teh callback when we abort an event
* Wed Oct 28 2009 : Version 1.0.100
- Change eventscript handling to allow EventScriptTimeout for each individual
   script instead of for all scripts as a whole.
 - Enhanced logging from the eventscripts, log the name and the duration for
   each script as it finishes.
 - Add a check to use wbinfo -t for the startup event of samba
 - TEMP: allow clients to attach to databases even when teh node is in recovery
 - dont run the monitor event as frequently after an event has failed
 - DEBUG: in the eventloops, check the local time and warn if the time changes
   backward or rapidly forward
 - From Metze, fix a bug where recovery master becoming unhealthy did not
   trigger an ip failover.
 - Disable the multipath script by default
 - Automatically re-activate the reclock checking if the reclock file is
   specified at runtime. Update manpage to reflect this.
 - Add a mechanism where samba can register a SRVID and if samba unexpectedly
   disconnects, a message will be broadcasted to all other samba daemons.
 - Log the pstree on hung scripts to a file in /tmp isntead of
 - change ban count before unhealthy/banned to 10
* Thu Oct 22 2009 : Version 1.0.99
- Fix a SEGV in the new db priority code.
 - From Wolfgang : eliminate a ctdb_fatal() if there is a dmaster violation
 - During testing we often add/delete eventscripts at runtime. This could cause
   an eventscript to fail and mark the node unhealthy if an eventscript was
   deleted while we were listing the names. Handle the errorcode and make sure
   the node does not becomne unhealthy in this case.
 - Lower the debuglevel for the messages when ctdb creates a filedescruiptor so
   we dont spam the logs with these messages.
 - Dont have the RPM automatically restart ctdb
 - Volker : add a missing transaction_cancel() in the handling of persistent
 - Treat interfaces with the anme ethX* as bond devices in 10.interfaces so we
   do the correct test for if they are up or not.
* Tue Oct 20 2009 : Version 1.0.98
- Fix for the vacuuming database from Wolfgang M
 - Create a directory where the test framework can put temporary overrides
   to variables and functions.
 - Wait a lot longer before shutting down the node when the reclock file
   is incorrectly configured, and log where it is configured.
 - Try to avoid running the "monitor" event when databases are frozen.
 - Add logging for every time we create a filedescriptor so we can trap
   fd leaks.
* Wed Oct 14 2009 : Version 1.0.97
- From martins : update onnode.
   Update onnode to allow specifying an alternative nodes file from
   the command line and also to be able to specify hostnames on the
   list of targets :
   onnode host1,host2,...
* Wed Oct 14 2009 Sumit Bose <sbose at redhat.com> - 1.0.96-1
- Update to ctdb version 1.0.96
* Tue Oct 13 2009 : Version 1.0.96
- Add more debugging output when eventscripts have trouble. Print a
   "pstree -p" to the log when scripts have hung.
 - Update the initscript,  only print the "No reclock file used" warning
   when we do "service ctdb start", dont also print them for all other
 - When changing between unhealthy/healthy state, push a request to the
   recovery master to perform an ip reallocation   instead of waiting for the
   recovery master to pull and check the state change.
 - Fix a bug in the new db-priority handling where a pre-.95 recovery master
   could no longer lock the databases on a post-.95 daemon.
 - Always create the nfs state directories during the "monitor" event.
   This makes it easier to configure and enable nfs at runtime.
 - From Volker, forward-port a simper deadlock avoiding patch from the 1.0.82
   branch. This is a simpler versionof the "db priority lock order" patch
   that went into 1.0.95, and will be kept for a few versions until samba
   has been updated to use the functionality from 1.0.95.
* Mon Oct 12 2009 : Version 1.0.95
- Add database priorities. Allow samba to set the priority of databases
   and lock the databases in priority order during recovery
   to avoid a deadlock when samba locks one database then blocks indefinitely
   while waiting for the second databaso to become locked.
 - Be aggressive and ban nodes where the recovery transaction start call
* Sat Oct 10 2009 : Version 1.0.94
- Be very aggressive and quickly ban nodes that can not freeze their databases
* Thu Oct  8 2009 : Version 1.0.93
- When adding an ip, make sure to update this assignment on all nodes
   so it wont show up as -1 on other nodes.
 - When adding an ip and immediately deleting it, it was possible that
   the daemon would crash accessing already freed memory.
   Readjust the memory hierarchy so the destructors are called in the right
 - Add a handshake to the recovery daemon to eliminate some rare cases where
   addip/delip might cause a recovery to occur.
 - updated onnode documenation from Martin S
 - Updates to the natgw eventscript to allow disabling natgw at runtime
* Fri Oct  2 2009 : Version 1.0.92
- Test updates and merge from martin
 - Add notification for "startup"
 - Add documentation for notification
 - from martin, a fix for restarting vsftpd in the eventscript

  [ 1 ] Bug #526479 - Missing dependency on tdb-tools
  [ 2 ] Bug #537223 - ctdb initscript FedoraGuidelines compliance

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update ctdb' at the command line.
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