Fedora 12 Update: virtaal-0.5.1-1.fc12

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Fedora Update Notification
2009-12-26 19:18:12

Name        : virtaal
Product     : Fedora 12
Version     : 0.5.1
Release     : 1.fc12
URL         : http://translate.sourceforge.net/wiki/virtaal/index
Summary     : Localization and translation editor
Description :
A program for Computer Aided Translation (CAT) and localization.

Virtaal includes features that allow a localizer to work effectively including:
syntax highlighting, autocomplete and autocorrect.  By showing only
the data that is needed through its simple and effective user interface it
ensures that translators can focus on their current translation task.

A rich set of Translation Memory (TM) plugins provide valuable suggestions to
the translator from sources such as Open-Tran.eu, the current file, and the
translators own TM server.  Similarly Machine Translation (MT) suggestions can
come from Apertium, libtranslate, Google and Moses.

The terminology plugin system will provide terminology hints from Open-Tran.eu,
local terminology files and remote terminology repositories.

Placeholders such as variables, abbreviations, URLs, emails and special
punctutions are highlighted for easy insertion into the translations.

Virtaal is able to edit any of the following formats: XLIFF, Gettext PO and
.mo, Qt .ts, .qph and .qm, Wordfast TM, TMX, OmegaT glossaries and TBX. The
Translate Toolkit converters allow translators to edit: OpenDocument
Format (ODF), OpenOffice.org SDF, Java (and Mozilla) .properties, Mozilla
DTD files, subtitles, and other formats.

Update Information:

Update to 0.5.1 * Fixed URI-handling bug for opening files. * New translations:
Chinese (Taiwan) and Lithuanian.

* Sat Dec 26 2009 Dwayne Bailey <dwayne at translate.org.za> - 0.5.1-1
- Update to 0.5.1
   - Fixed URI-handling bug for opening files.
   - New translations: Chinese (Taiwan) and Lithuanian.
* Thu Dec  3 2009 Dwayne Bailey <dwayne at translate.org.za> - 0.5.0-1
- Update to 0.5.0 final
   - Correctly support Open-Tran for languages with regional modifiers
   - Web requests now accept compressed responses if the server offers it
   - New translations: Ukrainian.
   - Various bug fixes
- Drop Korean translation fix
* Wed Dec  2 2009 Dwayne Bailey <dwayne at translate.org.za> - 0.5.0-0.2.rc1
- Fix typo in postun
* Fri Nov 27 2009 Dwayne Bailey <dwayne at translate.org.za> - 0.5.0-0.1.rc1
- Update to 0.5.0 rc1
   - Autoterm: Virtaal can now automatically download terminology files
   - Web look-up: select text and and look it up on a web site
   - Highlighting of differences in non-100% TM matches
   - Language detection to aid in correct choice of language pair
   - Informative error handling when adding terms
   - New plugins for machine translation with Google and Moses
   - New translations: Northern Sotho, Sotho, Songhai, Korean
   - Many updated translations
   - Various bugfixes.
- Update MO generation patch
- Fix a msgfmt compile error in Korean translations

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update virtaal' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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GPG keys used by the Fedora Project can be found at

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