Fedora 13 Update: python-nose-0.11.3-1.fc13

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Wed Jul 14 23:04:42 UTC 2010

Fedora Update Notification
2010-05-07 05:44:39

Name        : python-nose
Product     : Fedora 13
Version     : 0.11.3
Release     : 1.fc13
URL         : http://somethingaboutorange.com/mrl/projects/nose/
Summary     : A discovery-based unittest extension for Python
Description :
nose: a discovery-based unittest extension.

nose provides an alternate test discovery and running process for unittest,
one that is intended to mimic the behavior of py.test as much as is
reasonably possible without resorting to too much magic.

Update Information:

***0.11.3***    * Fixed default plugin manager’s use of plugin overriding.
Thanks to rob.daylife for the bug report and patch. (#323).    ***0.11.2***    *
Changed plugin loading so that external plugins loaded via extension points can
override builtin plugins with the same name.  * Updated multiprocess plugin and
nose’s packaging to allow multiprocess plugin to work on Windows (#265).  *
Fixed bug in xunit plugin’s interaction with suites and errors in module-level
setup. Thanks to Mark McCague for the bug report (#279).  * Fixed bug in
nose.loader.TestLoader that allowed Test classes that raise exceptions in
__init__ to crash the test run (#269).  * Fixed bugs in nose’s test suite that
caused spurious failures on Windows.  * Fixed bug in twisted tools: delayed
calls were not shut down on reactor stop. Thanks to abbeyj for the patch (#278).
* Fixed bug where root log handlers were not cleared. For example, this was
emitting unwanted messages when testing Google App Engine websites.  * Fixed bug
in test names output by xunit plugin. Thanks to Philip Jenvey for the bug report
and patch (#280).  * Fixed bug in profile plugin that caused stats to fail to
print under Python 2.5 and later. Thanks to djs at n-cube dot org for the bug
report (#285).  * Improved logcapture filtering, with default setting to filter
out log messages from nose itself. Thanks to gfxmonk for the patch (#277).  *
The xunit plugin now tags skipped tests with a <skipped> testcase tag, and
prevents the XML from containing invalid control characters.  * Updated nose to
be compatible with python 2.7 (#305).  * Updated loading of usage document to
allow nose to run from within an egg archive (#288).  * Fixed IronPython checks
to make nose compatible with more versions of IronPython. Thanks to Kevin
Mitchell for the patch (#316).

* Thu May  6 2010 Luke Macken <lmacken at redhat.com> - 0.11-3-1
- Update to 0.11.3
- Enable the self tests

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update python-nose' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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