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Sat Sep 4 04:58:09 UTC 2010

Fedora Update Notification
2010-08-27 06:13:13

Name        : report
Product     : Fedora 13
Version     : 0.20
Release     : 0.fc13
URL         : http://fedorahosted.org/report
Summary     : Incident reporting library
Description :
A generic problem/bug/incident/error reporting library, that can be
configured to deliver a report to a variety of different ticketing

Update Information:

Fix large number of bugs

* Thu Aug 26 2010 Gavin Romig-Koch <gavin at redhat.com> 0.20-0
- add example of how to create report in python
- improve strata testing scripts 
- correct how we gather Product and Version information
- l10n: Updates to Ukrainian (uk) translation (from yuchor)
- l10n: Updates to Spanish (Castilian) (es) translation (from logan)
- l10n: Updates to Polish (pl) translation (from raven)
* Mon Aug 16 2010 Gavin Romig-Koch <gavin at redhat.com> 0.19-0
- fix duplicate 'cancel' buttons (Fedora 621088)
- Correct the order of target choices
- correct GTKIO success dialog box
- Fixed the issues found by Miroslav Trmac's and Jack Rieden's security review
    - lots of memory leaks plugged
    - all system() calls replaced with execve calls
    - many added error checks
    - -Wall -Werror turned on for strata_client_lib, and all warnings fixed
    - fix bugs in reportfile_add_binding_from_region, 
         reportfile_add_binding_from_namedfile, ssprintf, 
         internal_error_printf, and reportfile_start
- Report throws traceback when there is a configuration for a 
    non-present plugin (RHEL 614139)
- scp plugin: force password auth (RHEL 589702)(Fedora 589700)
- GTKIO: only show 'clickable' button if displaying the link is 
    possible (RHEL 594827)
- report cmd: check access to file immediatly (RHEL 614274)
- Include the ftp target and plugin in all installs (RHEL 614094)
- correct Obsoletes for report-*-RHEL-*
- fix crash in ftp plugin (Fedora 610870)(RHEL 609480)
- Production/GA configuration of report, enable Strata plugin (RHEL 567972)
    includeing a number of fixes to Strata plugin (RHEL 591922)(RHEL 589702)
- Updates to both Polish (raven) and Ukrainian (yurchor) translations
* Thu Jul 22 2010 David Malcolm <dmalcolm at redhat.com> - 0.17-2
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/Python_2.7/MassRebuild
* Tue Jun 29 2010 Gavin Romig-Koch <gavin at redhat.com> 0.18-1
- strata plugin buttonURLXxxx (RHEL 589704)
- improve strata server testing scripts
- reorg functions in strata_client_lib (RHEL 591922 related)
- improved error checking of C compiler
- Eliminate crash in DisplayXXXMessage
* Thu Jun 24 2010 Gavin Romig-Koch <gavin at redhat.com> 0.17-1
- better fix for bug in localsave to /tmp
    (Fedora 595854)(RHEL 595855)(RHEL 607507)
- Revert "fix bug in localsave to /tmp (Fedora 595854)(RHEL 595855)"
- correct SyntaxWarning: name 'HAVE_gnomekeyring' is used prior to
    global declaration. (Fedora 604235)
    Author: Ales Kozumplik <akozumpl at redhat.com>
- l10n: Updates to Polish (pl) translation
    Author: raven <raven at fedoraproject.org>
- l10n: Updates to Ukrainian (uk) translation
    Author: yurchor <yurchor at fedoraproject.org>
* Sat Jun 19 2010 Gavin Romig-Koch <gavin at redhat.com> 0.16-1
- Insure correct PRODUCT and VERSION used in the Bugzilla and Strata plugins 
      under Anaconda (RHEL 586147)
- Prepare for the switch from RHEL-bugzilla to Strata (RHEL 567972 partial)
- allow canceling out of input with ctrl-D (RHEL 604030)
- pretty up Newt IO a bit (RHEL 603067)
- clean up documentation a bit (RHEL 604045)
- remove the unused 'username' command line and configuration option. 
      (RHEL 604195)
- fix the worst of the problems with the ftp plugin (RHEL 604782)(RHEL 604780)
- Need to add -DFORTIFY_SOURCE=2 (RHEL 599342)
- fix command line crash on empty or non-existant input file 
    (RHEL 594892)(Fedora 594890)
    with help from Adam Stokes <astokes at redhat.com>
- make target buttons list vertically, improve 'Query' titles 
    (RHEL 594897)(Fedora 594895)
- change the config file parser to make config names case sensitive 
    (Fedora 594863)(RHEL 594865)
    from Adam Stokes <astokes at redhat.com>
- change "localsave" button to "local" (Fedora 594899)(RHEL 594901)
    from Adam Stokes <astokes at redhat.com>
- fix bug in localsave to /tmp (Fedora 595854)(RHEL 595855)
    from Adam Stokes <astokes at redhat.com>
- Strata client now handles 305 redirects (RHEL 591907)
- Add po/ru.po to the list of PO files
- fix so that we continue to build on RHEL/EPEL-5: old libcurl version
- l10n: Updates to Ukrainian (uk) translation
    from yurchor <yurchor at fedoraproject.org> -
* Thu May 20 2010 Gavin Romig-Koch <gavin at redhat.com> 0.15-1
- Update version after release
- fixed: subpackage name change causes dependency failures (RHEL 594047)
* Wed May 19 2010 Gavin Romig-Koch <gavin at redhat.com> 0.14-1
- Improvements to the strata client testing scripts
- Corrections to prevent crashes when no user i/o is available (RHEL 589714)(Fedora 589712)
- Alter the bugzilla plugin to handle reports that have missing fields 
     (like hashmarkername) (Fedora 585792)(RHEL 592641)
- Gnomekeyring now works for any application that uses GTKIO. 
     (RHEL 589697)(Fedora 589695)
- Allow the URL for the Strata plugin to be configurable
- Updates to the strata client to follow changes to the strata server
- Rename targets, and plugins for RHEL (to RHEL-bugzilla),
     and Strata (to RHEL-strata) (RHEL 591281)
- Gracefully handle missing or unreadable config files
     (RHEL 592602) (Fedora 592601) (RHEL 592485)
- Added Russian (from ypoyarko <ypoyarko at fedoraproject.org>) 
- Don't present 'save to keyring' checkbox if gnomekeyring is not installed
     (RHEL 591323)
- Correct handling of error messages from the strata server 
     (RHEL 591920)
- Updates to Polish (pl) translation (from raven <raven at fedoraproject.org>)
- Updates to Ukrainian (uk) translation (from <yurchor at fedoraproject.org>)
- Add basic http auth to report/strata-client (RHEL 592006)
* Wed May 12 2010 Gavin Romig-Koch <gavin at redhat.com> 0.12-1
- correct summary and description for strata client (RHEL 589707)
- remove component from bz query (Fedora 561830)
- add product, version, and component to strata create case (RHEL 590180)
- correct bug in report file parsing
- added pl lang
- update PO files
- fix memory leak: free attach_reponse in send_report_to_new_case
- a number of minor cleanups 
  - make it easy to build the RHEL configuration on Fedora for testing
  - add --gtk option to bin/report to improve ability to test
  - clean up _add_binding_from_string/isbinary problem
  - remove unused/unneeded patches from source repo
  - add example script showing htmlErrors
  - correct strata_client.h double underscores to single underscores
  - rename response_data to createcase_response in send_report_to_new_case
  - clean up warnings in strata_client code
  - correct/update strata testing scripts
* Thu May  6 2010 Gavin Romig-Koch <gavin at redhat.com> 0.11-1
- many minor changes to keep up with strata server
    including set the 'Accepted-Language:' header in the strata client 
       (Fedora BZ 575819)
- initial Polish translation
    from raven <raven at fedoraproject.org> 
- fix python config in spec file and makefiles so that both x86 
    and x86_64 arches can be installed at the same time.  (RHEL BZ 586971)
- corrects the password remembering/forgetting code for bugzilla.redhat.com
    and sealert (RHEL BZ 576632)
- Spanish translation
    from logan <logan at fedoraproject.org>
- Ukrainian (uk) translation
    from yurchor <yurchor at fedoraproject.org> 
- deal gracefully with non-openable/readable files in 
    NamedFileSignatureValues (Fedora BZ 573037)
- minor makefile and spec file changes:
    upgrade version
    change RHEL-6-build to RHEL-6-candidate
    add more mock makefile rules for more configurations

  [ 1 ] Bug #621088 - Duplicate buttons displayed after saving traceback to local

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