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Fedora Update Notification
2011-10-05 03:11:27

Name        : freeradius
Product     : Fedora 14
Version     : 2.1.12
Release     : 1.fc14
URL         : http://www.freeradius.org/
Summary     : High-performance and highly configurable free RADIUS server
Description :
The FreeRADIUS Server Project is a high performance and highly configurable
GPL'd free RADIUS server. The server is similar in some respects to
Livingston's 2.0 server.  While FreeRADIUS started as a variant of the
Cistron RADIUS server, they don't share a lot in common any more. It now has
many more features than Cistron or Livingston, and is much more configurable.

FreeRADIUS is an Internet authentication daemon, which implements the RADIUS
protocol, as defined in RFC 2865 (and others). It allows Network Access
Servers (NAS boxes) to perform authentication for dial-up users. There are
also RADIUS clients available for Web servers, firewalls, Unix logins, and
more.  Using RADIUS allows authentication and authorization for a network to
be centralized, and minimizes the amount of re-configuration which has to be
done when adding or deleting new users.

Update Information:

Upgrade to latest upstream release, 2.1.12. See RPM changelog for details.
Upgrade to latest upstream release, 2.1.11
See changelog for details


* Mon Oct  3 2011 John Dennis <jdennis at redhat.com> - 2.1.12-1
- Upgrade to latest upstream release: 2.1.12
- Upstream changelog for 2.1.12:
  Feature improvements
  * Updates to dictionary.erx, dictionary.siemens, dictionary.starent,
    dictionary.starent.vsa1, dictionary.zyxel, added dictionary.symbol
  * Added support for PCRE from Phil Mayers
  * Configurable file permission in rlm_linelog
  * Added "relaxed" option to rlm_attr_filter.  This copies attributes
    if at least one match occurred.
  * Added documentation on dynamic clients.
    See raddb/modules/dynamic_clients.
  * Added support for elliptical curve cryptography.
    See ecdh_curve in raddb/eap.conf.
  * Added support for 802.1X MIBs in checkrad
  * Added support for %{rand:...}, which generates a uniformly
    distributed number between 0 and the number you specify.
  * Created "man" pages for all installed commands, and documented
    options for all commands.  Patch from John Dennis.
  * Allow radsniff to decode encrypted VSAs and CoA packets.
    Patch from Bjorn Mork.
  * Always send Message-Authenticator in radtest. Patch from John Dennis.
    radclient continues to be more flexible.
  * Updated Oracle schema and queries
  * Added SecurID module.  See src/modules/rlm_securid/README

  Bug fixes
  * Fix memory leak in rlm_detail
  * Fix "failed to insert event"
  * Allow virtual servers to be reloaded on HUP.
    It no longer complains about duplicate virtual servers.
  * Fix %{string:...} expansion
  * Fix "server closed socket" loop in radmin
  * Set ownership of control socket when starting up
  * Always allow root to connect to control socket, even if
    "uid" is set.  They're root.  They can already do anything.
  * Save all attributes in Access-Accept when proxying inner-tunnel
  * Fixes for DHCP relaying.
  * Check certificate validity when using OCSP.
  * Updated Oracle "configure" script
  * Fixed typos in dictionary.alvarion
  * WARNING on potential proxy loop.
  * Be more aggressive about clearing old requests from the
    internal queue
  * Don't open network sockets when using -C
* Wed Sep 21 2011 Tom Callaway <spot at fedoraproject.org> - 2.1.11-7
- restore defattr customization in the main package
* Fri Sep  9 2011 Tom Callaway <spot at fedoraproject.org> - 2.1.11-6
- add missing systemd scriptlets
* Thu Sep  8 2011 Tom Callaway <spot at fedoraproject.org> - 2.1.11-5
- convert to systemd
* Thu Jul 21 2011 Petr Sabata <contyk at redhat.com> - 2.1.11-4
- Perl mass rebuild
* Wed Jul 20 2011 Petr Sabata <contyk at redhat.com> - 2.1.11-3
- Perl mass rebuild
* Thu Jun 23 2011 John Dennis <jdennis at redhat.com> - 2.1.11-2
- reload the server (i.e. HUP) after logrotate
* Wed Jun 22 2011 John Dennis <jdennis at redhat.com> - 2.1.11-1
- Upgrade to latest upstream release: 2.1.11
- Remove the following two patches as upstream has incorporated them:
- Upstream changelog for 2.1.11:
  Feature improvements
  * Added doc/rfc/rfc6158.txt: RADIUS Design Guidelines.
    All vendors need to read it and follow its directions.
  * Microsoft SoH support for PEAP from Phil Mayers.
    See doc/SoH.txt
  * Certificate "bootstrap" script now checks for certificate expiry.
    See comments in raddb/eap.conf, and then "make_cert_command".
  * Support for dynamic expansion of EAP-GTC challenges.
    Patch from Alexander Clouter.
  * OCSP support from Alex Bergmann.  See raddb/eap.conf, "ocsp"
  * Updated dictionary.huawei, dictionary.3gpp, dictionary.3gpp3.
  * Added dictionary.eltex, dictionary.motorola, and dictionary.ukerna.
  * Experimental redis support from Gabriel Blanchard.
    See raddb/modules/redis and raddb/modules/rediswho
  * Add "key" to rlm_fastusers.  Closes bug #126.
  * Added scripts/radtee from original software at
  * Updated radmin "man" page for new commands.
  * radsniff now prints the hex decoding of the packet (-x -x -x)
  * mschap module now reloads its configuration on HUP
  * Added experimental "replicate" module.  See raddb/modules/replicate
  * Policy "foo" can now refer to module "foo".  This lets you
    over-ride the behavior of a module.
  * Policy "foo.authorize" can now over-ride the behavior of module
    "foo", "authorize" method.
  * Produce errors in more situations when the configuration files
    have invalid syntax.

  Bug fixes
  * Ignore pre/post-proxy sections if proxying is disabled
  * Add configure checks for pcap_fopen*.
  * Fix call to otp_write in rlm_otp
  * Fix issue with Access-Challenge checking from 2.1.10, when the
    debug flag was set after server startup.  Closes #116 and #117.
  * Fix typo in zombie period start time.
  * Fix leak in src/main/valuepair.c.  Patch from James Ballantine.
  * Allow radtest to use spaces in shared secret.
    Patch from Cedric Carree.
  * Remove extra calls to HMAC_CTX_init() in rlm_wimax, fixing leak.
    Patch from James Ballantine.
  * Remove MN-FA key generation.  The NAS does this, not AAA.
    Patch from Ben Weichman.
  * Include dictionary.mikrotik by default.  Closes bug #121.
  * Add group membership query to MS-SQL examples.  Closes bug #120.
  * Don't cast NAS-Port to integer in Postgresql queries.
    Closes bug #112.
  * Fixes for libtool and autoconf from Sam Hartman.
  * radsniff should read the dictionaries in more situations.
  * Use fnmatch to check for detail file reader==writer.
    Closes bug #128.
  * Check for short writes (i.e. disk full) in rlm_detail.
    Closes bug #130.  Patches and testing from John Morrissey.
  * Fix typo in src/lib/token.c.  Closes bug #124
  * Allow workstation trust accounts to use MS-CHAP.
    Closes bug #123.
  * Assigning foo=`/bin/echo hello` now produces a syntax error
    if it is done outside of an "update" section.
  * Fix "too many open file descriptors" problem when using
    "verify client" in eap.conf.
  * Many fixes to dialup_admin for PHP5, by Stefan Winter.
  * Allow preprocess module to have "hints = " and "huntgroups =",
    which allows them to be empty or non-existent.
  * Renamed "php3" files to "php" in dialup_admin/
  * Produce error when sub-TLVs are used in a dictionary.  They are
    supported only in the "master" branch, and not in 2.1.x.
  * Minor fix in dictionary.redback.  Closes bug #138.
  * Fixed MySQL "NULL" issues in ippool.conf.  Closes bug #129.
  * Fix to Access-Challenge warning from Ken-ichirou Matsuzawa.
    Closes bug #118.
  * DHCP fixes to send unicast packets in more situations.
  * Fix to udpfromto, to enable it to work on IPv6 networks.
  * Fixes to the Oracle accounting_onoff_query.
  * When using both IPv4 and IPv6 home servers, ensure that we use the
    correct local socket for proxying.  Closes bug #143.
  * Suppress messages when thread pool is nearly full, all threads
    are busy, and we can't create new threads.
  * IPv6 is now enabled for udpfromto.  Closes bug #141
  * Make sqlippool query buffer the same size as sql module.
    Closes bug #139.
  * Make Coa / Disconnect proxying work again.
  * Configure scripts for rlm_caching from Nathaniel McCallum
  * src/lib/dhcp.c and src/include/libradius.h are LGPL, not GPL.
  * Updated password routines to use time-insensitive comparisons.
    This prevents timing attacks (though none are known).
  * Allow sqlite module to do normal SELECT queries.
  * rlm_wimax now has a configure script
  * Moved Ascend, USR, and Motorola "illegal" dictionaries to separate
    files.  See share/dictionary for explanations.
  * Check for duplicate module definitions in the modules{} section,
    and refuse to start if duplicates are found.
  * Check for duplicate virtual servers, and refuse to start if
    duplicates are found.
  * Don't use udpfromto if source is INADDR_ANY.  Closes bug #148.
  * Check pre-conditions before running radmin "inject file".
  * Don't over-ride "no match" with "match" for regexes.
    Closes bug #152.
  * Make retry and error message configurable in mschap.
    See raddb/modules/mschap
  * Allow EAP-MSCHAPv2 to send error message to client.  This change
    allows some clients to prompt the user for a new password.
    See raddb/eap.conf, mschapv2 section, "send_error".
  * Load the default virtual server before any others.
    This matches what users expect, and reduces confusion.
  * Fix configure checks for udpfromto.  Fixes Debian bug #606866
  * Definitive fix for bug #35, where the server could crash under
    certain loads.  Changes src/lib/packet.c to use RB trees.
  * Updated "configure" checks to allow IPv6 udpfromto on Linux.
  * SQL module now returns NOOP if the accounting start/interim/stop
    queries don't do anything.
  * Allow %{outer.control: ... } in string expansions
  * home_server coa config now matches raddb/proxy.conf
  * Never send a reply to a DHCP Release.
* Sat Jan  1 2011 John Dennis <jdennis at redhat.com> - 2.1.10-3
- bug 666589 - removing freeradius from system does not delete the user "radiusd"
  fix scriptlet argument testing, simplify always exiting with zero
* Tue Oct 19 2010 John Dennis <jdennis at redhat.com> - 2.1.10-1
Feature improvements
  * Install the "radcrypt" program.
  * Enable radclient to send requests containing MS-CHAPv1
    Send packets with: MS-CHAP-Password = "password".  It will
    be automatically converted to the correct MS-CHAP attributes.
  * Added "-t" command-line option to radtest.  You can use "-t pap",
   "-t chap", "-t mschap", or "-t eap-md5".  The default is "-t pap"
  * Make the "inner-tunnel" virtual server listen on
    This change and the previous one makes PEAP testing much easier.
  * Added more documentation and examples for the "passwd" module.
  * Added dictionaries for RFC 5607 and RFC 5904.
  * Added note in proxy.conf that we recommend setting
    "require_message_authenticator = yes" for all home servers.
  * Added example of second "files" configuration, with documentation.
    This shows how and where to use two instances of a module.
  * Updated radsniff to have it write pcap files, too.  See '-w'.
  * Print out large WARNING message if we send an Access-Challenge
    for EAP, and receive no follow-up messages from the client.
  * Added Cached-Session-Policy for EAP session resumption.  See
  * Added support for TLS-Cert-* attributes. For details, see
    raddb/sites-available/default, "post-auth" section.
  * Added sample raddb/modules/{opendirectory,dynamic_clients}
  * Updated Cisco and Huawei, HP, Redback, and ERX dictionaries.
  * Added RFCs 5607, 5904, and 5997.
  * For EAP-TLS, client certificates can now be validated using an
    external command.  See eap.conf, "validate" subsection of "tls".
  * Made rlm_pap aware of {nthash} prefix, for compatibility with
    legacy RADIUS systems.
  * Add Module-Failure-Message for mschap module (ntlm_auth)
  * made rlm_sql_sqlite database configurable.  Use "filename"
    in sql{} section.
  * Added %{tolower: ...string ... }, which returns the lowercase
    version of the string.  Also added %{toupper: ... } for uppercase.

  Bug fixes
  * Fix endless loop when there are multiple sub-options for
    DHCP option 82.
  * More debug output when sending / receiving DHCP packets.
  * EAP-MSCHAPv2 should return the MPPE keys when used outside
    of a TLS tunnel.  This is needed for IKE.
  * Added SSL "no ticket" option to prevent SSL from creating sessions
    without IDs.  We need the IDs, so this option should be set.
  * Fix proxying of packets from inside a TTLS/PEAP tunnel.
    Closes bug #25.
  * Allow IPv6 address attributes to be created from domain names
    Closes bug #82.
  * Set the string length to the correct value when parsing double
    quotes.  Closes bug #88.
  * No longer look users up in /etc/passwd in the default configuration.
    This can be reverted by enabling "unix" in the "authorize" section.
  * More #ifdef's to enable building on systems without certain
  * Fixed SQL-Group comparison to register only if the group
    query is defined.
  * Fixed SQL-Group comparison to register <instance>-SQL-Group,
    just like rlm_ldap.  This lets you have multiple SQL group checks.
  * Fix scanning of octal numbers in "unlang".  Closes bug #89.
  * Be less aggressive about freeing "stuck" requests.  Closes bug #35.
  * Fix example in "originate-coa" to refer to the correct packet.
  * Change default timeout for dynamic clients to 1 hour, not 1 day.
  * Allow passwd module to map IP addresses, too.
  * Allow passwd module to be used for CoA packets
  * Put boot filename into DHCP header when DHCP-Boot-Filename
    is specified.
  * raddb/certs/Makefile no longer has certs depend on index.txt and
     serial.  Closes bug #64.
  * Ignore NULL errorcode in PostgreSQL client.  Closes bug #39
  * Made Exec-Program and Exec-Program-Wait work in accounting
    section again.  See sites-available/default.
  * Fix long-standing memory leak in esoteric conditions.  Found
    by Jerry Nichols.
  * Added "Password-With-Header == userPassword" to raddb/ldap.attrmap
    This will automatically convert more passwords.
  * Updated rlm_pap to decode Password-With-Header, if it was base64
    encoded, and to treat the contents as potentially binary data.
  * Fix Novell eDir code to use the right function parameters.
    Closes bug #86.
  * Allow spaces to be escaped when executing external programs.
    Closes bug #93.
  * Be less restrictive about checking permissions on control socket.
    If we're root, allow connecting to a non-root socket.
  * Remove control socket on normal server exit.  If the server isn't
    running, the control socket should not exist.
  * Use MS-CHAP-User-Name as Name field from EAP-MSCHAPv2 for MS-CHAP
    calculations.  It *MAY* be different (upper / lower case) from
    the User-Name attribute.  Closes bug #17.
  * If the EAP-TLS methods have problems, more SSL errors are now
    available in the Module-Failure-Message attribute.
  * Update Oracle configure scripts.  Closes bug #57.
  * Added text to DESC fields of doc/examples/openldap.schema
  * Updated more documentation to use "Restructured Text" format.
    Thanks to James Lockie.
  * Fixed typos in raddb/sql/mssql/dialup.conf.  Closes bug #11.
  * Return error for potential proxy loops when using "-XC"
  * Produce better error messages when slow databases block
    the server.
  * Added notes on DHCP broadcast packets for FreeBSD.
  * Fixed crash when parsing some date strings.  Closes bug #98
  * Improperly formatted Attributes are now printed as "Attr-##".
    If they are not correct, they should not use the dictionary name.
  * Fix rlm_digest to be check the format of the Digest attributes,
    and return "noop" rather than "fail" if they're not right.
  * Enable "digest" in raddb/sites-available/default.  This change
    enables digest authentication to work "out of the box".
  * Be less aggressive about marking home servers as zombie.
    If they are responding to some packets, they are still alive.
  * Added Packet-Transmit-Counter, to track detail file retransmits.
    Closes bug #13.
  * Added configure check for lt_dladvise_init().  If it exists, then
    using it solves some issues related to libraries loading libraries.
  * Added indexes to the MySQL IP Pool schema.
  * Print WARNING message if too many attributes are put into a packet.
  * Include dhcp test client (not built by default)
  * Added checks for LDAP constraint violation.  Closes bug #18.
  * Change default raddebug timeout to 60 seconds.
  * Made error / warning messages more consistent.
  * Correct back-slash handling in variable expansion.  Closes bug #46.
    You SHOULD check your configuration for backslash expansion!
  * Fix typo in "configure" script (--enable-libltdl-install)
  * Use local libltdl in more situations.  This helps to avoid
    compile issues complaining about lt__PROGRAM__LTX_preloaded_symbols.
  * Fix hang on startup when multiple home servers were defined
    with "src_ipaddr" field.
  * Fix 32/64 bit issue in rlm_ldap.  Closes bug #105.
  * If the first "listen" section defines, don't use that
    as a source IP for proxying.  It won't work.
  * When Proxy-To-Realm is set to a non-existent realm, the EAP module
    should handle the request, rather than expecting it to be proxied.
  * Fix IPv4 issues with udpfromto.  Closes bug #110.
  * Clean up child processes of raddebug.  Closes bugs #108 and #109
  * retry OTP if the OTP daemon fails.  Closes bug #58.
  * Multiple calls to ber_printf seem to work better.  Closes #106.
  * Fix "unlang" so that "attribute not found" is treated as a "false"
    comparison, rather than a syntax error in the configuration.
  * Fix issue with "Group" attribute.

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update freeradius' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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