[SECURITY] Fedora 16 Update: nss-softokn-3.13.1-14.fc16

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Fri Dec 23 03:31:27 UTC 2011

Fedora Update Notification
2011-12-23 03:11:11.857642

Name        : nss-softokn
Product     : Fedora 16
Version     : 3.13.1
Release     : 14.fc16
URL         : http://www.mozilla.org/projects/security/pki/nss/
Summary     : Network Security Services Softoken Module
Description :
Network Security Services Softoken Cryptographic Module

Update Information:

The latest version of Firefox and Thunderbird have the following changes:

* Added Type Inference, significantly improving JavaScript performance
* Added support for querying Do Not Track status via JavaScript
* Added support for font-stretch
* Improved support for text-overflow
* Improved standards support for HTML5, MathML, and CSS
* Fixed several stability issues
* Fixed several security issues

Update nss to 3.13.1

You can find the new features and bug fixes in NSS 3.13 and 3.13.1 with these Bugzilla queries:




Notable changes include:

1. SSL 2.0 is disabled by default.

2. A defense against the SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 CBC chosen plaintext attack
demonstrated by Rizzo and Duong (CVE-2011-3389) is enabled by default.
Set the SSL_CBC_RANDOM_IV SSL option to PR_FALSE to disable it.

3. SHA-224 is supported.

4. Added PORT_ErrorToString and PORT_ErrorToName to return the
error message and symbolic name of an NSS error code.

5. Added NSS_GetVersion to return the NSS version string.

6. Added experimental support of RSA-PSS to the softoken only
(contributed by Hanno Böck, http://rsapss.hboeck.de/).


* Wed Dec 14 2011 Elio Maldonado <emaldona at redhat.com> - 3.13.1-14
- Ensure it builds even if the buildroot that hasn't yet been boostrapped with updated headers
- The build tree freebl headers are selected in preference to the system ones
* Tue Dec 13 2011 Elio Maldonado <emaldona at redhat.com> - 3.12.9-13.1
- Restore the update to 3.13.1
- Update the patch for freebl to deal with prelinked shared libraries
- Add additional dbrg power-up self-tests as required by fips
- Reactivate the tests
* Tue Dec  6 2011 Elio Maldonado <emaldona at redhat.com> - 3.12.9-13
- Bug 757005 Build nss-softokn for rhel 7
- Make it almost like nss-softokn-3.12.9 in rhel 6.2
- Added a patch to build with Linux 3 and higher
- Meant to work with nss and nss-utul
- Download only the 3.12.9 sources from the lookaside cache
* Fri Dec  2 2011 Elio Maldonado <emaldona at redhat.com> - 3.12.9-12
- Retagging
* Wed Nov 23 2011 Elio Maldonado <emaldona at redhat.com> - 3.12.9-11
- Downgrading to 3.12.9 for a merge into new RHEL git repo
- This build is for the buildroot for a limited time only
- Do not not push it to update-testing
* Tue Nov  8 2011 Elio Maldonado <emaldona at redhat.com> - 3.13.1-1
- Update to NSS_3_13_1_RTM
* Wed Oct 12 2011 Elio Maldonado <emaldona at redhat.com> - 3.12.10-6
- Fix failure to switch nss-softokn to FIPS mode (#745571)
* Tue Oct 11 2011 Elio Maldonado <emaldona at redhat.com> - 3.13-0.1.rc0.3
- Update to NSS_3_13_RC0 post bootstrapping
- Don't incude util in sources for the lookaside cache
- Reenable building the fipstest tool
- Restore full cli argument parsing in the sectool library
* Sun Oct  9 2011 Elio Maldonado <emaldona at redhat.com> - 3.13-0.1.rc0.2
- Update to NSS_3_13_RC0 bootstrapping the system phase 2
- Reenable the cipher test suite
* Sat Oct  8 2011 Elio Maldonado <emaldona at redhat.com> - 3.13-0.rc0.1
- Update to NSS_3_13_RC0
* Thu Sep  8 2011 Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta at iki.fi> - 3.12.11-3
- Avoid %post/un shell invocations and dependencies.
* Wed Aug 17 2011 Elio Maldonado <emaldona at redhat.com> - 3.12.10-5
- rebuilt as recommended to deal with an rpm 4.9.1 issue

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update nss-softokn' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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