[SECURITY] Fedora 14 Update: avahi-0.6.27-8.fc14

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Sat Sep 10 00:26:18 UTC 2011

Fedora Update Notification
2011-08-26 18:30:54

Name        : avahi
Product     : Fedora 14
Version     : 0.6.27
Release     : 8.fc14
URL         : http://avahi.org
Summary     : Local network service discovery
Description :
Avahi is a system which facilitates service discovery on
a local network -- this means that you can plug your laptop or
computer into a network and instantly be able to view other people who
you can chat with, find printers to print to or find files being
shared. This kind of technology is already found in MacOS X (branded
'Rendezvous', 'Bonjour' and sometimes 'ZeroConf') and is very

Update Information:

Fixes CVE-2011-1002.

The MITRE CVE dictionary describes this issue as:

avahi-core/socket.c in avahi-daemon in Avahi before 0.6.29 allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (infinite loop) via an empty mDNS (1) IPv4 or (2) IPv6 UDP packet to port 5353. NOTE: this vulnerability exists because of an incorrect fix for CVE-2010-2244.

Find out more about CVE-2011-1002 from the MITRE CVE dictionary and NIST NVD.

This also disables gtk3 support. Unfortunately gtk3 support in F14 is broken and Avahi cannot be compiled against it. Since gtk3 will not be fixed in F14 anymore and nobody uses it we instead disable it in Avahi.

* Tue Aug 23 2011 Peter Robinson <pbrobinson at fedoraproject.org> - 0.6.27-8
- Obsolete the gtk3 package, newer releases in F15+ will pull in fixed gtk3 packages by deps
* Tue Aug 23 2011 Peter Robinson <pbrobinson at fedoraproject.org> - 0.6.27-7
- Rebuild because Fix CVE-2011-1002 never made it as an update
* Wed Mar  9 2011 Lennart Poettering <lpoetter at redhat.com> - 0.6.27-6
- Explicitly pass --disable-gtk3
* Wed Mar  9 2011 Lennart Poettering <lpoetter at redhat.com> - 0.6.27-5
- Drop gtk3 support, since Gtk3 is not usable on F14
* Wed Mar  9 2011 Lennart Poettering <lpoetter at redhat.com> - 0.6.27-4
- Fix CVE-2011-1002
* Wed Aug  4 2010 Lennart Poettering <lpoetter at redhat.com> - 0.6.27-3
- convert from systemd-install to systemctl enable

  [ 1 ] Bug #667187 - CVE-2011-1002 avahi: daemon infinite loop triggered by an empty UDP packet (CVE-2010-2244 fix regression)

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update avahi' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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