Fedora 15 Update: mdadm-3.2.2-9.fc15

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Sat Sep 10 23:59:16 UTC 2011

Fedora Update Notification
2011-08-26 18:29:26

Name        : mdadm
Product     : Fedora 15
Version     : 3.2.2
Release     : 9.fc15
URL         : http://www.kernel.org/pub/linux/utils/raid/mdadm/
Summary     : The mdadm program controls Linux md devices (software RAID arrays)
Description :
The mdadm program is used to create, manage, and monitor Linux MD (software
RAID) devices.  As such, it provides similar functionality to the raidtools
package.  However, mdadm is a single program, and it can perform
almost all functions without a configuration file, though a configuration
file can be used to help with some common tasks.

Update Information:

This update fixes two bugs in readding an existing, but removed, raid device into a running raid array and it attempts to clean up and improve the udev incremental assembly rules.  In particular, the udev rules should now support A) nested md devices, B) md devices on top of lvm/dm device, and C) md devices on top of multipath devices.  This update should also resolve the problem where some imsm arrays refused to assemble due to unused attribute bits.

If any of your md devices are needed for your root partition, then in order to test this you must first remake your initramfs using dracut and then reboot using the new initramfs image.

* Wed Aug 31 2011 Doug Ledford <dledford at redhat.com> - 3.2.2-9
- Fix boot with older imsm arrays that have an unused attribute set
- Resolves: bz729205
* Thu Aug 25 2011 Doug Ledford <dledford at redhat.com> - 3.2.2-8
- Rework the 65-md-incremental.rules file to add the following support:
  Nested md raid arrays should now work
  MD on top of LUKS or other lvm based devices should now work
  We should no longer grab multipath paths before multipath can
* Wed Jul 27 2011 Doug Ledford <dledford at redhat.com> - 3.2.2-7
- Fix a bug with readding a device
- Fix a bug with writemostly flag handling
* Mon Jul 18 2011 Doug Ledford <dledford at redhat.com> - 3.2.2-6
- Back out systemd changes from rawhide
* Fri Jul 15 2011 Doug Ledford <dledford at redhat.com> - 3.2.2-5
- Merge rawhide mdadm to f15.  Rawhide changelog preserved even though
  the referenced versions do not exist in f15, rawhide specific builds
  are from 3.2.1-1 through 3.2.2-4.
* Thu Jul 14 2011 Doug Ledford <dledford at redhat.com> - 3.2.2-4
- Fix minor issue in man page
- Resolves: bz717795
* Thu Jul  7 2011 Milan Broz <mbroz at redhat.com> - 3.2.2-3
- Use unit files with systemd. (johannbg)
- Add sub-package sysvinit for SysV init script.
- Resolves: bz713573
* Wed Jul  6 2011 Milan Broz <mbroz at redhat.com> - 3.2.2-2
- Fix build on PPC.
- Resolves: bz719380
* Tue Jun 28 2011 Milan Broz <mbroz at redhat.com> - 3.2.2-1
- Update to latest upstream version
- Resolves: bz714083
* Tue Jun 14 2011 Doug Ledford <dledford at redhat.com> - 3.2.1-5
- Fix for bz710646

  [ 1 ] Bug #732818 - nested md's are not assembled correctly.
  [ 2 ] Bug #729205 - kernel-2.6.40-4.fc15.x86_64 fails to boot due to RAID

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update mdadm' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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