Fedora 15 Update: tito-0.4.6-1.fc15

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Fri Apr 6 21:31:27 UTC 2012

Fedora Update Notification
2012-03-17 23:01:26

Name        : tito
Product     : Fedora 15
Version     : 0.4.6
Release     : 1.fc15
URL         : http://rm-rf.ca/tito
Summary     : A tool for managing rpm based git projects
Description :
Tito is a tool for managing tarballs, rpms, and builds for projects using

Update Information:

Add support for releasing nightly build yum repos. Added a speedup builder-arg for the mock builder. Fix rsync options for some permission errors. Add customizable changelog format.

Fixed error when /tmp/tito does not exist.

* Wed Mar 14 2012 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.6-1
- Issue 39: Create /tmp/tito if it doesn't already exist. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Add support for test build releases. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Stop passing all CLI args to builders. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Add mock builder speedup argument. (mstead at redhat.com)
- Add support for no-value args in builder. (mstead at redhat.com)
- Fix rsync options for yum repo releases. (jesusr at redhat.com)
- Add support for customizable changelog formats (jeckersb at redhat.com)
* Tue Jan 24 2012 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.5-1
- Extract bz's and prompt to modify commit message in git releasers.
  (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
* Mon Jan 23 2012 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.4-1
- Issue #35: EDITOR with arguments produces backtrace (jeckersb at redhat.com)
- remove unused fedora_cert reading (jesusr at redhat.com)
- Drop to shell when dist-git merge errors encountered. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Use proper temp dirs for releasing. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Fix git release diff command. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
* Thu Dec 15 2011 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.3-1
- Escape percent character in changelog. (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Fix distribution builder missing args in constructor.
  (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Add release to usage, alphabetize list. (jesusr at redhat.com)
- PEP8 cleanup. (jesusr at redhat.com)
- No need to maintain timestamps: remove -t and -O from rsync command.
  (jesusr at redhat.com)
- Chdir to yum_temp_dir after creating, avoids rsync's getcwd error
  (jesusr at redhat.com)
- Use -O during rsync commands to fix time setting errors. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
* Mon Nov 28 2011 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.2-1
- Clean out old versions of RPMs when generating yum repos. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Update manpage to show multiple rsync paths. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
* Fri Nov 25 2011 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.1-1
- Allow one build to go to multiple yum repo URLs. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Fix --no-cleanup for release module. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Add a BrewDownloadBuilder. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Use proper temp directories to build. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Fix permissions when rsync'ing yum repositories. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Switch to CLI fedpkg command instead of module. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
* Wed Nov  9 2011 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.0-1
- Fix import error with new fedpkg version. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Add a KojiGitReleaser. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Adding --use-version to allow Tito to force a version to use.
  (awood at redhat.com)
- Support SCRATCH=1 env variable for koji releaser. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Support ONLY_TAGS env variable for koji releaser. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- List releasers option. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Documentation update. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Allow releaseing to multiple targets at once, and add --all-starting-with.
  (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Make auto-install available to all builders. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Allow setting specific builder and passing builder args on CLI. (dgoodwin at rm-
- Add new mechanism for passing custom arguments to builders. (dgoodwin at rm-
- HACKING tips updated. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Add a rsync username env variable for yum repo releaser. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Restructure release CLI. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Parsing spec files and bumping their versions or releases is now in Python.
  (awood at redhat.com)
* Wed Oct  5 2011 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.3.3-1
- Clarify some initial project layout documentation. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- match based on the tag for the package we are building (mmccune at redhat.com)
- Teach tito how to checkout EUS branches (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Remove release parameter from _update_package_metadata() (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Avoid traceback if rpmbuild fails (jumanjiman at gmail.com)
- Make Fedora git builds a little more tolerant if you need to re-run.
  (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Fix the binary spew in SOURCES on some weird tags. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Do not print traceback when user lacks write permission (jumanjiman at gmail.com)
- Fix Fedora git releaser to use more reliable commands. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Remove the old tito build --release code. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Allow custom releasers to be loaded and used. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Introduce new CLI module for releases. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Use fedpkg switch branch for git releases. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Do not print traceback when user hit Ctrl+C (msuchy at redhat.com)
- '0' is True, we want it as false (msuchy at redhat.com)

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update tito' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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GPG keys used by the Fedora Project can be found at

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