Fedora 16 Update: subscription-manager-1.0.13-1.fc16

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Fri Aug 31 01:01:39 UTC 2012

Fedora Update Notification
2012-08-09 22:17:07

Name        : subscription-manager
Product     : Fedora 16
Version     : 1.0.13
Release     : 1.fc16
URL         : https://fedorahosted.org/subscription-manager/
Summary     : Tools and libraries for subscription and repository management
Description :
The Subscription Manager package provides programs and libraries to allow users
to manage subscriptions and yum repositories from the Red Hat entitlement

Update Information:

Added support for V2 certificates able to handle a much higher number of content sets. New CLI tool for viewing the data from a certificate. (all types supported) Fixed auto-subscribe for newly added products. Additional migration support. Several additional bugfixes.

* Thu Aug  9 2012 Alex Wood <awood at redhat.com> 1.0.13-1
- Fix "Project-Id-Version" for ta_IN.po (alikins at redhat.com)
- latest strings from zanata (alikins at redhat.com)
- Remove the 'repos' unittests until they are more mockable
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- Created CLI tool for viewing certificate data. (mstead at redhat.com)
- add versionlint to "make stylish" (alikins at redhat.com)
- add versionlint, requires pyqver (alikins at redhat.com)
- Remove unused mock return values (alikins at redhat.com)
- Remove enable_grid_lines from contract details glade file
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- more test cases for ConfigCommand (alikins at redhat.com)
- 837897: Terminology Change: Service Level Agreement -> Service Level
  (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- add test cases for ConfigCommand (alikins at redhat.com)
- Better error when rm'ing config item from missing section
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- unittest coverage for managercli.CLI (alikins at redhat.com)
- Adding unit tests for migration script regexes. (awood at redhat.com)
- 812903: Autosubscribe not working for newly added product cert after Register
  (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- 845827: Update command that do not require a candlepin connection
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- 845827: Split server version checkout out to avoid errors
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- Hack to address double mapping for 180.pem and 17{6|8}.pem (awood at redhat.com)
- fix pep8 (jesusr at redhat.com)
- don't show access.redhat.com url after registering to Katello
  (jesusr at redhat.com)
- remove the explicit url search from error handling. (jesusr at redhat.com)
- Make gettext_lint also check for _(foo) usage (alikins at redhat.com)
- Remove unneeded _(somevar) (alikins at redhat.com)
- Fix NameError in migration script. (awood at redhat.com)
- bogus newline in glade file (alikins at redhat.com)
- 826874: Reenable grid lines on newer gtk (alikins at redhat.com)
- 826874: Remove enable_grid_lines from treeviews in glade (alikins at redhat.com)
- 826874: Removing more properties that don't exist on gtk2.10
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- 826874: Change gtk target version to gtk 2.10 for all glade files
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- 826874: Clean of gtk properties not in gtk2.10 in our glade files
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- Add support for migrating to Katello. (jesusr at redhat.com)
- 843191: 'version' command showed wrong info with no network
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- 843915: Multiple-specifications of --enable and --disable repos
  (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- fix Package-Id-Version in ta_IN.po (alikins at redhat.com)
- Fix es_ES.po (missing newline) (alikins at redhat.com)
- 842898: fix missing --password in it.po (alikins at redhat.com)
- 843113: latest strings from zanata (alikins at redhat.com)
- 837280: Show users that we strip out any scheme given with a proxy.
  (awood at redhat.com)
- new strings (alikins at redhat.com)
- Refactor of SubDetailsWidget and GladeWidget (alikins at redhat.com)
- 826729: Move Cert Status up to top of Product's Subscription Details
  (wpoteat at redhat.com)
* Thu Aug  2 2012 Alex Wood <awood at redhat.com> 1.0.12-1
- remove test cases that use si_LK locale (alikins at redhat.com)
- 842845: Show better error if serverurl port is non numeric
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- 838113: 'unregister' was not cleaning up repos (alikins at redhat.com)
- 842170: replace None service level/type with "" not None (alikins at redhat.com)
- 844069: Allow register --force even if ID cert is totally invalid.
  (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- 826874: Remove use of deprecated Gtk.Notebook.set_page (alikins at redhat.com)
- 818355: Terminology Change: Contract Number -> Contract (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- 844368: productid plugin was failing on ProductCert.product
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- Ignore warning about use of dbus.dbus_bindings (alikins at redhat.com)
- 844178: Fix error message when importing a non-entitlement cert bundle.
  (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- remove deprecated use of DateRange.hasNow() (jbowes at redhat.com)
- remove use of DateRange.hasDate() (alikins at redhat.com)
* Wed Jul 25 2012 Alex Wood <awood at redhat.com> 1.0.11-1
- Remove deprecated use of hasDate. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Fix missed use of renamed method. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- make stylish clean (alikins at redhat.com)
- use isoformat() here instead of strftime format string (alikins at redhat.com)
- create warn and expire colors once, fix test failure (alikins at redhat.com)
- make stylish cleanups (alikins at redhat.com)
- Additional tests for date logic. (awood at redhat.com)
- Update for some minor changes in python-rhsm. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- add rhsm_display module (alikins at redhat.com)
- Add module to set DISPLAY if RHSM_DISPLAY is set (alikins at redhat.com)
- 837132: fix typo (alikins at redhat.com)
- Add "ctrl-X" as accelerator for proxy config (alikins at redhat.com)
- Make "Usage" consistent across rhel5/6 (alikins at redhat.com)
- Add __str__ for our fake exception. (alikins at redhat.com)
- class ClassName(): is not legal syntax on python2.4 (alikins at redhat.com)
- Exception by default doesn't pass 'args' (alikins at redhat.com)
- Linkify() doesn't work on rhel5, so disble the tests there
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- hashlib doesn't exist on 2.4, md5 is deprecated on 2.6 (alikins at redhat.com)
- use simplejson since 'json' isnt part of python 2.4 (alikins at redhat.com)
- Use ISO8601 date format in allsubs tab (alikins at redhat.com)
- Fix syntax for RHEL5. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Fix awkward stretching in Subscription column. (awood at redhat.com)
- 804144: Fix awkward stretching of Product column. (awood at redhat.com)
- 814731: Change the name of the menu item to Preferences from Settings, and
  change the accelerator keys (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 837132: Clean up the error message in the yum plugin (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 837038: Fix a grammatical error in the yum plugin (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Fix certificate parsing error reporting. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Removing unnecessary assignments. (awood at redhat.com)
- F15 builds can't be submitted in Fedora anymore. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- updating options for rhn-migrate-classic-to-rhsm per bz840152; rewriting
  rhsmcertd for different options and usage examples (dlackey at redhat.com.com)
- Account/contract number field rename. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Stylish fixes. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Fix a certv2 error. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- 829825: Alter highlighting used in My Subscriptions tab (awood at redhat.com)
- 772040: Have no overlap filter properly handles subscription dates.
  (mstead at redhat.com)
- Update order support level/type to service. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Remove explicit use of certificate2 module. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Fix issues introduced in certv2 refactor. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Change entitlement_version fact to certificate_version. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Update to use new certificate2 module and classes. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Send entitlement version fact. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
* Thu Jul 19 2012 Alex Wood <awood at redhat.com> 1.0.10-1
- 828903: Pull in the latest translation for error messages with no options
  translated (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 841011: Fix double words in the korean translations (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 828958: Untranslate the word password when it it used as an option in the
  pt_BR translations (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Fixes for translations from zanata (alikins at redhat.com)
- Latest translations from zanata (alikins at redhat.com)
- 839887: Make error message text more clear when network is disconnected
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 839760: Fix the screen text for preferences based on UXD feedback
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 818355: Rename the use of 'Contract Number' to contract in the gui
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 840169: The service level was incorrectly being set after auto-subscription.
  (awood at redhat.com)
- 840637: Fixed missing reference to parent window. (mstead at redhat.com)
- Import and translate error strings for 'envirovment' cmd (alikins at redhat.com)
- Removed --wait arg, delay 2 min in rhsmcertd (mstead at redhat.com)
- Interval CLI args for rhsmcertd now specified as minutes. (mstead at redhat.com)
- Update rhsmcertd.init.d to use new CLI args (mstead at redhat.com)
- Bad url format test and a refactor of parse_url (alikins at redhat.com)
- Print message when rhsmcertd is shutting down (mstead at redhat.com)
- Fixed spelling and newline issues in rhsmcertd (mstead at redhat.com)
- Handle a few new bad url formats (http//foo or http:sdf) (alikins at redhat.com)
- Add wait and now args to rhsmcertd (mstead at redhat.com)
- 839683: Add some strings from older optparse to our i18n version
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- 838146: Subscription-manager cli does not allow unsubscribe when consumer not
  registered. (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- rhsmcertd: add format specifier checking to r_log (jbowes at redhat.com)
- Improve rhsmcertd logging (jbowes at redhat.com)
- Fix bug where filter options were not persisted when the dialog was reopened.
  (awood at redhat.com)
- 838242: proxy password from the cli wasn't getting used (alikins at redhat.com)
- Adding options parsing support (work-in-progress). (mstead at redhat.com)
- Added initial check delay to rhsmcertd (mstead at redhat.com)
* Tue Jul 10 2012 Alex Wood <awood at redhat.com> 1.0.9-1
- On invalid credentials in register, return to the login screen
  (jbowes at redhat.com)
- 821065: Make SLA/subscription asyncronous (jbowes at redhat.com)
- 838942: make gui and cli use the same releaseVer check (jbowes at redhat.com)
- fixes for translations from zanata (alikins at redhat.com)
- latest strings from zanata (alikins at redhat.com)
- Remove check for date parsing not failing when we expect it to
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- Remove glade orientation properties. (awood at redhat.com)
- Moving the filter counting mechanism into the Filters class.
  (awood at redhat.com)
- Adjust expand and fill properties for the filter dialog. (awood at redhat.com)
- add za_CN.utf to list of known busted locales (alikins at redhat.com)
- 824424: Fixing AttributeError thrown when accessing online help in RHEL 5.
  (awood at redhat.com)
- Add icon to update progress window. (awood at redhat.com)
- 806986: Display SKU for available and consumed subscriptions
  (jbowes at redhat.com)
- Increase the default size of the subscriptions viewport. (awood at redhat.com)
- Add no overlapping to the default filters. (awood at redhat.com)
- Tweaks to filter options dialog. (awood at redhat.com)
- 801187: print Provides: for all subs, even with no provides
  (jbowes at redhat.com)
- The filter dialog now updates results in real time. (awood at redhat.com)
- 837106: Add a11y property for register button (jbowes at redhat.com)
- 813336: Break filter options out into a separate dialog box.
  (awood at redhat.com)
- 837036: Do not refer to options as commands (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 829495: Delete a mis-translated string to force re-translation
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 828966: Delete a mis-translated string to force trasnlations
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 767133: Remove english to english translations from bn_IN to force a new
  translation (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 829491: Remove english trnaslations for italian translations
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
* Tue Jul  3 2012 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 1.0.8-1
- Add rpmlint config for tmpfiles.d (jbowes at redhat.com)
- Use the i18n_optparse.OptionParser instead of optparse (alikins at redhat.com)
- Use our i18n_optparse for the migration scripts (alikins at redhat.com)
- Look for rhn-migrate* in bin for generating string catalogs
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- 826874: add gladelint support for 'orientation' prop (alikins at redhat.com)
- 826874: Remove unneeded property 'orientation' from glade
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- 796782: add systemd tmpfiles configuration (jbowes at redhat.com)
* Thu Jun 28 2012 Alex Wood <awood at redhat.com> 1.0.7-1
- Revamp choose server screen. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
* Thu Jun 28 2012 Alex Wood <awood at redhat.com> 1.0.6-1
- rhsmcertd no longer exits when not registered. (mstead at redhat.com)
- po file cleanups (alikins at redhat.com)
- latest strings from zanata (alikins at redhat.com)
- Free config resources in one place (mstead at redhat.com)
- rhsmcertd: free GKeyFile when done (jbowes at redhat.com)
- rhsmcertd: remove studlyCaps (jbowes at redhat.com)
- "make stylish" should failed on "swapped" in glade files (alikins at redhat.com)
- Remove 'swapped=on' from glade signal markup. (alikins at redhat.com)
- add 'fix-glade-swapped' target to de-'swapped' glade files
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- make stylish fixups (alikins at redhat.com)
- Fix at-spi label for "offline_radio" widget (alikins at redhat.com)
- shorter messages for cases where registered to RHN Classic
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- Tighten up the gettext_lint regex (alikins at redhat.com)
- Fix string that was breaking xgettext (alikins at redhat.com)
- 810998: Add a button to test a proxy connection. (awood at redhat.com)
- new messages, and remove checking of rhn serverURL (alikins at redhat.com)
- remove unused es.po file (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 829486: Removed untranslated words to force a re-translation
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Remove unused bn.po file (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 826856: Add check for service-level command that --org can only be used with
  --list option (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 829483: Remove english to english translation to force a re-translations
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Remove unused de po file (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 819665: on 'version' display if we are registered to RHN Classic
  (alikins at redhat.com)
* Tue Jun 26 2012 Alex Wood <awood at redhat.com> 1.0.5-1
- 804109: Give a specific message when providing invalid credentials.
  (awood at redhat.com)
- 810360: update wording in gnome help file (cduryee at redhat.com)
- use new bin location of files for $STYLEFILES (alikins at redhat.com)
- add 'debuglint' for checking for leftover debugger imports
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- Update make clean target (jbowes at redhat.com)
- Move py executables to bin/ (jbowes at redhat.com)
- Put no results text inside the scrolled window (jbowes at redhat.com)
- 817901: Show text when there are no subscriptions to show.
  (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Move initd file to etc-conf (jbowes at redhat.com)
- Move plugins to their own src dir (jbowes at repl.ca)
- More test cases for utils.parse_url (alikins at redhat.com)
- 829482: Delete unstranslated strings in order force a retranslation
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 811602: Fix the help output based on UXD feedback (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 828867: Removed the extra %s string from the te translation
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 829479: Remove unstranslated strings to force a re-translation
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Delete the unused pt.po file (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 829476: Remove untranslated strings. (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 811553: Improve the text for auto subscribe during registration
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 829471: Fix the translation for usage, and remove a translation for %org id
  to force a retranslation (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Remove an outdated ta.po file (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 828810: Remove extra %s in translation (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Test to ensure that pool id is in the output for list --available
  (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- Close registration window even if it failed. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- 825923: Subscription-manager service-level set should say "Service level set
  to:" (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- 811594: Default behavior for ReposCommand is --list (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- 832400: service-level --unset should display proper message for unregistered
  client. (wpoteat at redhat.com)
* Tue Jun 19 2012 Alex Wood <awood at redhat.com> 1.0.4-1
- 818978: Use systemd instead of sysv when installing on F17+ and RHEL7+.
  (mstead at redhat.com)
- 827035: update identity certificate (jmrodri at gmail.com)
- registergui: make screens without guis more generic (jbowes at redhat.com)
- Incorrect field value removed on previous change (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- 829812: Add an unset command for the release command (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 823659: Update SLA text in Settings to Service Level (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- Use a temp file for finding used widgets (jbowes at redhat.com)
- clean up some unused import warnings (jbowes at redhat.com)
- default to running style checks on tests (jbowes at redhat.com)
- Make test cases stylish as well... (alikins at redhat.com)
- Fix "make stylish" (alikins at redhat.com)
- 829803: Added an unset command to service level. (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Remove reference to InstalledProductsTab.product_id_text (alikins at redhat.com)
- Add a "find-missing-widgets" target to makefile (alikins at redhat.com)
- 830949: add accessibility locators for registration widgets
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- 824979: No message for subscription-manager release --list with no
  subscriptions. (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- Added UnRegisterCommand and UnSubscribeCommand nosetests (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- registergui: get firstboot working with new new code (jbowes at repl.ca)
- registergui: Create a PreformRegisterScreen class (jbowes at repl.ca)
- registergui: add a post method for setting data on the parent
  (jbowes at repl.ca)
- registergui: create a 'pre' hook for screens (jbowes at repl.ca)
  (cduryee at redhat.com)
- 819665: print msg if user is registered to RHN Classic on "identity" command
  (cduryee at redhat.com)
  (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- Add F17 yum repo release target. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- fix make stylish (jbowes at redhat.com)
- 810352: Disable the expansion of the system name selection in the register
  dialog (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 824530: add test case for setting proxy cli for release (alikins at redhat.com)
- rhsm-icon codestyle cleanups (jbowes at repl.ca)
- 829900: Use the term 'Subscription Management Service' to refer to SAM, CFSE,
  etc (root at bkearney.(none))
- 829898: Make the no service level option a bit clearer as to its meaning
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Improve the logging so that the user only sees the approved output by default
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 830193: Modify the output of the yum plugin to be consistent with RHN
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 824530: "release" command ignoring cli proxy options (alikins at redhat.com)
- 828042,828068: Make ja_JP's Confirm Subscription unique for firstboot.
  (mstead at redhat.com)
- Updating strings from zanata (mstead at redhat.com)
- 825309: Remove the archiecture field from the table. (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 823608: Rename the software pane to product (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 810369: Prefer the term Subscription to Entitlement (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Add a warning comment about firstboot module titles (alikins at redhat.com)
- Clean up an option (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 827208: Fix the xmltag bugs in the or po file (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 827214: Clean up the XML tags in ta po file. (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Slight change in the path for the ta po file (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Slight change in the path for the ta po file (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Slight change in the path for the ml po file (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 828583: Add some spacing at the end of the file paths in the ko.po file
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 828816: the %prog variable should not be translated (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 828821: Fix the addition of a new variable in the hi po file
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 828903: Fix translation of options in the bn po file. (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Fix part of the mis translated options (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 828965: Fix a translated option which should not have been translated
  (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 828954: fix the --pool option in the translated string (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 828958: --available should not be translated (bkearney at redhat.com)
- Add --password as an option, not a string. This cause several strings to be
  retranslated (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 828969: Fix the options in the translated string (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 828985: Fix the url in the translated string (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 828989: Fix the access url (bkearney at redhat.com)
- 818205: Release --set command should only accept values from --list.
  (awood at redhat.com)
- registergui: extract out a screen superclass (jbowes at repl.ca)
- registergui: get button label from screen class (jbowes at repl.ca)
- registergui: keep screens in a list (jbowes at repl.ca)
- registergui: pull out environment screen into its own class (jbowes at repl.ca)
- registergui: sensitivity refactor and method move (jbowes at repl.ca)
- registergui: extract out credentials_entered method (jbowes at repl.ca)
- registergui: move organization screen to its own class (jbowes at repl.ca)
- registergui: move credentials screen to its own class (jbowes at repl.ca)
- registergui: move choose server screen to its own class (jbowes at repl.ca)
- registergui: switch from GladeWrapper to GladeWidget (jbowes at repl.ca)
- registergui: Remove some unused globals (jbowes at repl.ca)
* Thu Jun  7 2012 Alex Wood <awood at redhat.com> 1.0.3-1
- 817938: Add sorting to the contract selection table. (awood at redhat.com)
- 822706: gtk widget visibility toggle compat for el5 (jbowes at repl.ca)
- 822706: Display Register button on Installed Product tab if not registered.
  (mstead at redhat.com)
- 825286: Handle unset service levels in a manner similar to unset release
  versions. (awood at redhat.com)
- 826735: Merge start/end date sub details into one row. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- fix make stylish (jbowes at repl.ca)
- 811593: Feedback when not providing command options is not consistent.
  (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- 806986: Subscription-Manager should refer to subscription name and product
  name. (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- 825737: Service-level --set should configure proper value for GUI
  (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- 817901: Disable the match installed products filter. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Remove unecessary use of lambda. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- 818282: Sort virtual subscriptions to the top of contract selector.
  (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- 818383: display better messages for yum plugin usage (cduryee at redhat.com)
- Fix logging of deleted expired certs (jbowes at repl.ca)
- Remove the constants module (jbowes at repl.ca)
- Remove useless format specifier (jbowes at repl.ca)
- 801187: condense list --consumed output (jbowes at repl.ca)
- Don't use kwargs for cli subclasses; it makes things shorter (jbowes at repl.ca)
- Remove desc cli argument, no module used it (jbowes at repl.ca)
- Use super for cli module init (jbowes at repl.ca)
- Clean up rpmlint messages (jbowes at repl.ca)
- Autogenerate the cli usage message (jbowes at repl.ca)
- Remove obsolete nose tests (jbowes at repl.ca)
- 812410: Show product name on CLI subscribe to pool. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- 824680: make init script status return proper exit code (alikins at redhat.com)
- fix nosetests for progress gui (jbowes at repl.ca)
- Rework urlparse calls to work with RHEL 5. (awood at redhat.com)
- 818238: Set a better progress title for sub search (jbowes at repl.ca)
- 771756: Drop "rhsm icon" from the rhsm-icon usage message (jbowes at repl.ca)
- 820294: Let candlepin handle org/env/key validation (jbowes at repl.ca)
- 818397: Rename subscription-manager-gnome to -gui (jbowes at repl.ca)
- Reduce wordiness of version command. (awood at redhat.com)
- 824333: use rhel5-friendly urlparse options (cduryee at redhat.com)
- Log the program versions when starting the GUI or making a CLI call.
  (awood at redhat.com)
- Fix the About dialog to work in RHEL 5.8 (awood at redhat.com)
- 821544: Remove the stacking id attribute from my susbcriptions since it is
  not being used currently. (bkearney at redhat.com)
- add checkcommits exception for 824100 (alikins at redhat.com)
- 824100: update zanata.xml to grab latest pt_BR.po (alikins at redhat.com)
- 822057: do not hard-code cdn to port 443 (cduryee at redhat.com)
- Display sane error on CLI if missing CA certificate. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Display sane error in GUI if missing CA certificate. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- 812373: Terminology change for list --installed and --consumed
  (wpoteat at redhat.com)
- zanata client will push any po/*.pot files it finds. Stop.
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- 789182: Fix UnicodeEncodeError when logging. (awood at redhat.com)
- README for github and people who like to read (alikins at redhat.com)
- checkcommits exception for xgettext patch fixed in master
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- 820743: Fix these strings so xgettext finds extracts them
  (alikins at redhat.com)
- refine the regex for "make gettext_lint" (alikins at redhat.com)
- Upload el6 yum packages to another dir for compatability.
  (dgoodwin at redhat.com)

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update subscription-manager' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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GPG keys used by the Fedora Project can be found at

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