Fedora 17 Update: libpgf-6.12.24-2.fc17

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Thu Jul 19 08:54:45 UTC 2012

Fedora Update Notification
2012-06-30 07:57:13

Name        : libpgf
Product     : Fedora 17
Version     : 6.12.24
Release     : 2.fc17
URL         : http://www.libpgf.org
Summary     : PGF (Progressive Graphics File) library
Description :
libPGF contains an implementation of the Progressive Graphics File (PGF)
which is a new image file format, that is based on a discrete, fast
wavelet transform with progressive coding features. PGF can be used
for lossless and lossy compression.

Update Information:

digiKam 2.7.0

BUGFIXES FROM KDE BUGZILLA (alias B.K.O | http://bugs.kde.org):

- 301494 - Misspelling: "carreful".
- 299988 - Using MySQL but on DB test got "Database connection test was not successful. Error was: Driver not loaded Driver not loaded".
- 301482 - Xmp sidecar files not being generated for .3xf raw file type.
- 301496 - Crash tagging a picture.
- 291877 - Change tag filters checkboxes to three-states checkboxes to allow filtering by inclusion and by exclusion.
- 232360 - Zoom reset in Image view for each downloaded image.
- 298606 - Resize controls in editor are missing.
- 301072 - Application crash when using curves correction.
- 301051 - digiKam crashes when changing picture in image editor.
- 274555 - digikam crashes while histogram computation.
- 301483 - Sigma raw files and preview (.x3f).
- 197378 - Fading between photo's in diashow.
- 302443 - "Open in File Manager" opens Rythmbox in Ubuntu.
- 288762 - digiKam crash when closing digikam after mass-tagging.
- 286719 - digiKam hang during startup (deadlock?).
- 225443 - Fileview preview panning shortcut back to old.
- 302562 - Rename "View Image" to "Preview".
- 280142 - Crash in libtiff when files are edited.
- 300848 - "Reread Metadata From Image" is broken.
- 302592 - digiKam crashes when I open the Tab "Search Geomap".
- 302740 - Duplicate rotation/flip entries in image menu, shortcuts not working.
- 275400 - "Reduced Size Preview" images are blurry and not rotated after upgrade from 1.2.0.
- 294578 - Problem when moving grouped pictures from one album to another.
- 295274 - Crash when specific pictures are opened in Image Editor.
- 287331 - digiKam crashes when reading a large pic collection.
- 302802 - In albumview, turningkeys have disappeared, whereas these are switched on in setting.
- 295335 - Pasting a name in the "Who is this?" input field does not activate "Confirm" Button.
- 295923 - File always changed even if no metadata should be written to it.
- 278345 - Context menu > Assign Tags > Recently assigned tags not preserved between session and fixed size.

Kipi-plugins 2.7.0

BUGFIXES FROM KDE BUGZILLA (alias B.K.O | http://bugs.kde.org):

- 295931 - digiKam / Kipi-Geolocation segfault.
- 302447 - DNG RAW file can't be added for conversion.
- 291951 - Shows numeric ID instead of name of the Google.
- 285831 - Picasa export plugin: name is replaced by google userid.
- 302121 - "Blend bracketed images" menu entry doesn't appear.

libpgf 6.12.24

The new version is a replacement of version 6.11.42.
In case you use the ROI encoding scheme, we strongly encourage using version 6.12.24 instead of version 6.11.42.

This version fixes some decoder bugs, sometimes seen in ROI decoding.

This version allows a simpler user-data handling, especially for uncached metadata. The following two methods  in the class PGFimage are designed for this purpose:

- GetUserDataPos() returns in an opened PGF image the stream position of the user data area.
- WriteImage() encodes and writes the image at the current stream position. This method is called after WriteHeader(). In case you want to write uncached metadata into the stream, then do that after WriteHeader() and just before WriteImage(). If you are not interested in writing uncached metadata, then you usually use Write() instead of WriteImage(). WriteHeader() and WriteImage() are called inside of Write(). 

* Tue Jun 26 2012 Alexey Kurov <nucleo at fedoraproject.org> - 6.12.24-2
- libpgf-6.12.24

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update libpgf' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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