Fedora 16 Update: xinetd-2.3.14-44.fc16

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Sat Mar 31 03:01:28 UTC 2012

Fedora Update Notification
2012-03-17 22:57:00

Name        : xinetd
Product     : Fedora 16
Version     : 2.3.14
Release     : 44.fc16
URL         : http://www.xinetd.org
Summary     : A secure replacement for inetd
Description :
Xinetd is a secure replacement for inetd, the Internet services
daemon. Xinetd provides access control for all services based on the
address of the remote host and/or on time of access and can prevent
denial-of-access attacks. Xinetd provides extensive logging, has no
limit on the number of server arguments, and lets you bind specific
services to specific IP addresses on your host machine. Each service
has its own specific configuration file for Xinetd; the files are
located in the /etc/xinetd.d directory.

Update Information:

Fix: Instances limit in xinetd can be easily bypassed; various minor fixes

* Mon Mar  5 2012 Jan Synáček <jsynacek at redhat.com> - 2:2.3.14-44
- Fix: Instances limit in xinetd can be easily bypassed
- Resolves: #770858
* Mon Mar  5 2012 Jan Synáček <jsynacek at redhat.com> - 2:2.3.14-43
- Fix xinetd.service permissions
- Remove useless INSTALL from package documentation
- Implement reload in xinetd.service
* Fri Mar  2 2012 Jan Synáček <jsynacek at redhat.com> - 2:2.3.14-42
- Fix leaking descriptor when starting a service fails (#795188)
- Bump revision to match in rawhide
* Wed Jan 18 2012 Jan Synáček <jsynacek at redhat.com> - 2:2.3.14-40
- Remove realloc inside svc_activate that was causing memory corruption
- Number of alloc'd file descriptors is now determined by system limits (ulimit -n)
- Add patch -realloc-remove
* Tue Jan 17 2012 Jan Synáček <jsynacek at redhat.com> - 2:2.3.14-39
- Fix memory corruption when loading a large number of services
- Resolves #720390
* Mon Jan 16 2012 Jan Synáček <jsynacek at redhat.com> - 2:2.3.14-38
- Fix leaking file descriptors
- Resolves: #702670

  [ 1 ] Bug #770858 - Instances limit in xinetd can be easily bypassed
  [ 2 ] Bug #766892 - Wrong perms on systemd file
  [ 3 ] Bug #752256 - xinetd.service unit file does not implement reload

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update xinetd' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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