Fedora 17 Update: gofer-0.74-1.fc17

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Mon Oct 15 23:31:52 UTC 2012

Fedora Update Notification
2012-10-06 03:24:29

Name        : gofer
Product     : Fedora 17
Version     : 0.74
Release     : 1.fc17
URL         : https://fedorahosted.org/gofer/
Summary     : A lightweight, extensible python agent
Description :
Gofer provides an extensible, light weight, universal python agent.
The gofer core agent is a python daemon (service) that provides
infrastructure for exposing a remote API and for running Recurring
Actions. The APIs contributed by plug-ins are accessible by Remote
Method Invocation (RMI). The transport for RMI is AMQP using the
QPID message broker. Actions are also provided by plug-ins and are
executed at the specified interval.

Update Information:

Update to gofer 0.74.

* Wed Oct  3 2012 Jeff Ortel <jortel at redhat.com> 0.74-1
- Make watchdog journal object configurable; watchdog singleton by URL only.
  (jortel at redhat.com)
* Thu Sep 13 2012 Jeff Ortel <jortel at redhat.com> 0.73-1
- Progress reporting enhancements. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Add for debugging w/o running as root. (jortel at redhat.com)
* Mon Aug 20 2012 Jeff Ortel <jortel at redhat.com> 0.72-1
- Add unit tests: watchdog test. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Add man page for goferd. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Replace BlackList with python set. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Add progress reporting; watchdog enhancements. (jortel at redhat.com)
- remove f15 and add f18 to tito releaser. (jortel at redhat.com)
* Tue Jul 31 2012 Jeff Ortel <jortel at redhat.com> 0.71-1
- Port ruby-gofer to rubygem-qpid. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Make /usr/share/gofer/plugins the primary plugin location. Based on fedora
  packaging guidelines referencing FHS standards. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Discontinue {_libdir} macro for plugins. (jortel at redhat.com)
* Tue Jun 12 2012 Jeff Ortel <jortel at redhat.com> 0.70-1
- Refit mocks for reparent of Envelope & Options to (object).
  (jortel at redhat.com)
* Fri Jun  8 2012 Jeff Ortel <jortel at redhat.com> 0.69-1
- 829767 - fix simplejons 2.2+ issue (fedora 17). Envelope/Options rebased on
  object rather than dict. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Add whiteboard. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Fixed 'Undefined variable (s) in XBindings.__bindings(). (jortel at redhat.com)
* Thu Apr 26 2012 Jeff Ortel <jortel at redhat.com> 0.68-1
- Refit watchdog plugin; set journal location; skip directories in journal dir.
  (jortel at redhat.com)
- Make the watchdog journal directory configurable. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Add Broker.touch() and rename Topic.binding(). (jortel at redhat.com)
- Better support for durable topic subscription.  Queue bindings to specified
  exchanges. (jortel at redhat.com)
* Fri Mar 16 2012 Jeff Ortel <jortel at redhat.com> 0.67-1
- Add (trace) attribute to propagated exceptions. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Add traceback info to propagated exceptions as: Exception.trace.
  (jortel at redhat.com)
- Add support for __getitem__ in container and stub. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Refactor to crypto (delegate) interface. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Support multiple security decorators. (jortel at redhat.com)
- perf: asynchronous ack(); tcp_nodelay. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Rename 'delayed/trigger' policy property to match option. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Rename 'delayed' option to: 'trigger'. (jortel at redhat.com)
- option 'delayed' implies asynchronous RMI. (jortel at redhat.com)
- fix for tito compat. (jortel at redhat.com)
- bridge: clean debug prints; make gateway a thread. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Add tcp bridge (experimental). (jortel at redhat.com)
- Add support for delayed trigger asynchronous RMI. (jortel at redhat.com)
- Add fedora releaser. (jortel at redhat.com)
- support setting producer uuid; HMAC enhancements. (jortel at redhat.com)
- rel-eng: rename redhat releaser. (jortel at redhat.com)

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update gofer' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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