Fedora 18 Update: python-psutil-0.6.1-1.fc18

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Mon Sep 17 22:45:19 UTC 2012

Fedora Update Notification
2012-08-19 16:47:21

Name        : python-psutil
Product     : Fedora 18
Version     : 0.6.1
Release     : 1.fc18
URL         : http://psutil.googlecode.com/
Summary     : A process and system utilities module for Python
Description :
psutil is a module providing an interface for retrieving information on all
running processes and system utilization (CPU, memory, disks, network, users) in
a portable way by using Python, implementing many functionalities offered by
command line tools such as: ps, top, df, kill, free, lsof, free, netstat,
ifconfig, nice, ionice, iostat, iotop, uptime, pidof, tty, who, taskset, pmap.

Update Information:

Bug tracker at http://code.google.com/p/psutil/issues

0.6.1 - 2012-08-16


 * Issue 316: process cmdline property now makes a better job at guessing the
   process executable from the cmdline.


 * Issue 316: process exe was resolved in case it was a symlink.
 * Issue 318: python 2.4 compatibility was broken.


 * process exe can now return an empty string instead of raising AccessDenied.
 * process exe is no longer resolved in case it's a symlink.

0.6.0 - 2012-08-13


 * Issue 216: (UNIX) get_connections() UNIX sockets support.
 * Issue 261: process extended memory info.
 * Issue 300: examples/pmap.py script.
 * Issue 301: process_iter() now yields processes sorted by their PIDs.
 * Issue 302: process number of voluntary and involuntary context switches.
 * Issue 305: add examples/netstat.py script.
 * Issue 311: system memory functions has been refactorized and rewritten and
   now provide a more detailed and consistent representation of the system
   New psutil.virtual_memory() function provides the following memory amounts:
    - total
    - available
    - percent
    - used
    - active (UNIX)
    - inactive (UNIX)
    - buffers (BSD, Linux)
   New psutil.swap_memory() provides:
    - total
    - used
    - free
    - percent
    - sin (no. of bytes the system has swapped in from disk (cumulative))
    - sout (no. of bytes the system has swapped out from disk (cumulative))
   All old memory-related functions are deprecated.
   Also two new example scripts were added:  free.py and meminfo.py.
 * Issue 312: psutil.network_io_counters() namedtuple includes 4 new fields:
   errin, errout dropin and dropout, reflecting the number of packets dropped
   and with errors.


 * Issue 299: potential memory leak every time PyList_New(0) is used.
 * Issue 306: at C level, errors are not checked when invoking Py* functions
   which create or manipulate Python objects leading to potential memory related
   errors and/or segmentation faults.
 * Issue 309: get_open_files() might not return files which can not be accessed
   due to limited permissions. AccessDenied is now raised instead.


 * psutil.phymem_usage() is deprecated             (use psutil.virtual_memory())
 * psutil.virtmem_usage() is deprecated            (use psutil.swap_memory())
 * psutil.phymem_buffers() on Linux is deprecated  (use psutil.virtual_memory())
 * psutil.cached_phymem() on Linux is deprecated   (use psutil.virtual_memory())

  [ 1 ] Bug #847895 - python-psutil-0.6.1 is available

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update python-psutil' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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