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Wed Dec 11 02:02:11 UTC 2013

Fedora Update Notification
2013-11-23 09:03:14

Name        : ibus-typing-booster
Product     : Fedora 18
Version     : 1.2.7
Release     : 1.fc18
URL         : http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/?p=ibus-typing-booster.git
Summary     : A typing booster engine for the IBus platform
Description :
The Typing Booster engine for IBus platform.

Update Information:

Don’t strip characters with Unicode category “Cf” (Other, format) from tokens
Commit candidate clicked on with the mouse; Change wording of the option to show the total number of candidates

* Wed Nov 20 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.2.7-1
- Don’t strip characters with Unicode category “Cf” (Other, format) from tokens (Resolves: rhbz#1032504)
* Thu Nov 14 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.2.6-1
- Change wording of the option to show the total number of candidates (Resolves: rhbz#1029748)
- Commit candidate clicked on with the mouse (Resolves: rhbz#1029822)
- Use direct input also for IBus.InputPurpose.PIN
- remove unused und superfluous arguments of constructor of Hunspell class
- Add some transliteration options to .conf files which had only native keyboard enabled
* Fri Oct 11 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.2.5-1
- Add feature to display input method description to setup tool (Resolves: rhbz#1001581)
- Remove the options “m17n_mim_name” and “other_ime” from the .conf files
- remove tab_enable option from config files
* Mon Sep 30 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.2.4-2
- remove superfluous line break in changelog
* Sat Sep 28 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.2.4-1
- Use normalization form NFD internally for Korean as well
- Add check for input purpose for gnome-shell password dialog (Resolves: rhbz#1013008 - ibus-typing-booster shows entered text in password fields)
* Tue Aug 20 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.2.3-3
- Bump release number after fixing superfluous linebreak in changelog
* Tue Aug  6 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.2.3-1
- Update to 1.2.3 upstream version
- Fix exception handling when trying to install a rpm package (Resolves: rhbz#986178)
* Mon Jul 15 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.2.2-1
- Update to 1.2.2 upstream version
- Commit immediately when certain punctuation characters are typed and transliteration is not used (Resolves: rhbz#981179)
- Add an option to try completion only when a minimum number of characters has been typed
* Wed Jul  3 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.2.1-1
- Update to 1.2.1 upstream version
- Pop up a message box when a file has been read to train the database, indicating success or failure (Resolves: rhbz#979933)
- Update German translation
- Ignore most punctuation characters and mathematical symbols when tokenizing (Resolves: rhbz#979939)
* Fri Jun 28 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.2.0-1
- Update to 1.2.0 upstream version
- Make TAB when used to enable/disable the lookup table work as a toogle
- Create a VIEW for “LIKE input_phrase%” in select_words() and use that
  in the following SELECT statements (Makes candidate calculation more
  than 10 times faster)
* Mon Jun 24 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.1.0-1
- Update to 1.1.0 upstream version
- Add a commit=True parameter to check_phrase_and_update_frequency()
- Fix that the page_size is shown as 0 in the setup tool if it has not been set before
- Make it possible to exit the setup tool by typing Control-C in the terminal
- Add feature to read a text file for training the user database
- Update German translations and .pot file
- Fix error when the hunspell dictionary for an engine is missing
* Tue Jun 18 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.0.3-1
- Update to 1.0.3 upstream version
- Don’t output page_size in “/usr/libexec/ibus-engine-typing-booster --xml” (Resolves: rhbz#975449 - ibus-daemon prints warnings because “/usr/libexec/ibus-engine-typing-booster --xml” prints the invalid element “page_size”)
- Use ~/.local/share/ibus-typing-booster/ to store user data and log files (Resolves: rhbz#949035 - don't use a hidden directory under .local/share)
* Fri Jun 14 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.0.2-1
- Update to 1.0.2 upstream version
- Push context *after* writing the trigram to the database
* Fri Jun 14 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.0.1-1
- Update to 1.0.1 upstream version
- Fix problem when IBUS_TYPING_BOOSTER_DEBUG_LEVEL is not set
* Thu Jun 13 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 1.0.0-1
- Update to 1.0.0 upstream version
- Remove mudb and use “Write-Ahead Logging”
- Introduce an environment variable IBUS_TYPING_BOOSTER_DEBUG_LEVEL for debugging
- Speed up converting an old database to the current format
- Make prediction more intelligent by using context of up to 2 previous words
- Automatically remove whitespace between the last word and a punctuation character ending a sentence
* Sun Jun  2 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 0.0.32-1
- Update to 0.0.32 upstream version
- Resolves: rhbz#969847 - Editing in the preëdit of ibus-typing-booster behaves weird, especially with transliteration
- Fix behaviour of Control+Number
- When committing by typing TAB, update frequency data in user database
- When committing by tying RETURN or ENTER, update frequency data in user database
- Do not try to match very long words in the hunspell dictionaries
- Rewrite the code for moving and editing within the preëdit (rhbz#969847)
- Fix encoding error when changing values with the setup tool
- Add ko_KR.conf and ko_KR.svg
- Use normalization forms NFD or NFKD internally and NFC externally
- Remove old way of using libtranslit via ctypes
- Get rid of “freq” column in databases
- Remove too simpleminded auto-capitalization
* Wed May 29 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 0.0.31-1
- Update to 0.0.31 upstream version
- Resolves: rhbz#968209 - Typing characters which are not explicitly listed as “valid_input_chars” in .conf files in ibus-typing-booster get inserted in a weird position
- Remove lots of unused and/or useless code
- Simplify some code
- Fix the problem that after “page down” the first “arrow down” does not move down in the lookup table
- Never use “-” or “=” as page up and page down keys
- Print more useful debug output when an exception happens
- Replace unencodable characters when asking pyhunspell for suggestions
- Get dictionary encoding from .aff file
- Get rid of the the variable “valid_input_chars” (rhbz#968209)
- Remove option “valid_input_chars” from .conf files and template.txt
- Replace keysym2unichr(key.code) with IBus.keyval_to_unicode(key.code)
* Sun May 26 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 0.0.30-1
- Update to 0.0.30 upstream version
- simplify database structure and code
- The Swedish hunspell dictionary is in UTF-8, not ISO-8859-1
- SQL LIKE should behave case sensitively
- Do not throw away the input phrase in hunspell_suggest.suggest()
- Merge candidates which have the same resulting phrase in select_words()
- Remove phrases always from the user database when typing Alt+Number
- Sync memory user database “mudb” to disk user database “user_db” on focus out
- Delete all records from mudb after syncing to user_db
- Do not prevent phrases of length < 4 to be added to the frequency database
- Resolves: #966947 - When typing a/ with the da_DK ibus-typing-booster, one gets weird matches like a/ACJSTVW
- Do not use lang_chars for matching in the hunspell dictionaries, return immediately if input contains a “/” (Resolves: #966947)
- Remove lang_chars variable
- Use re.escape() to escape the string typed by the user correctly for use in a regular expression
- When removing a phrase with Alt+Number, remove it independent of the input_phrase
* Tue May 14 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 0.0.29-1
- Update to 0.0.29 upstream version
- Resolves: #962609  - [abrt] ibus-typing-booster-0.0.28-1.fc19: main.py:107:__init__:AttributeError: tabsqlitedb instance has no attribute 'get_ime_property' (Fix setup tool to use the new class for parsing the config files)
- Avoid adding duplicates to the database by checking first whether phrase is already there in add_phrase()
* Fri May 10 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 0.0.28-1
- Update to 0.0.28 upstream version
- Resolves: #961923 - python /usr/share/ibus-typing-booster/engine/main.py --xml is extremely slow when many hunspell dictionaries are installed
- Put the input phrase into a single column in the databases instead of using one column for each character
- Get rid of tab_dict
* Mon May  6 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 0.0.27-1
- Update to 0.0.27 upstream version
- Resolves: #959860 - [as_IN] Wrong keymap name Assami (fix spelling error in language name for Assamese)
- Resolves: #958770 - [ibus-typing-Booster][gu-IN]- Typo error (fix spelling error in language name for Gujarati)
- Resolves: #875285 - IME names too long in gnome-shell Input Sources indicator (remove ✓ from symbol in the .conf files)
- simplify code in select_words()
- remove some unused functions
* Thu Feb 14 2013 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 0.0.26-1
- Update to 0.0.26 upstream version
- Resolves: #910986 - The arrow icons at the bottom of the candidate lookup table of ibus-typing-booster do not work 
- Use different .svg icons for all engines
- Increase number of suggestions from hunspell
- Use the auxiliary text to display the number of candidates
- Make the display of the number of candidates in the auxiliary text optional
- Display of the number of candidates needs to be updated on page-up and page-down
* Tue Dec 18 2012 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 0.0.25-1
- Update to 0.0.25 upstream version
- Port to use pygobject3
* Thu Dec  6 2012 Mike FABIAN <mfabian at redhat.com> - 0.0.24-1
- Update to 0.0.24 upstream version
- Resolves: #884808 - ibus-typing-booster should also show candidates which correct spelling errors
- Use pyhunspell to add spell-checking suggestions
- Use underline for preedit
- Colourize spellchecking suggestions and system phrases already used

  [ 1 ] Bug #1032504 - [ml_IN][ibus-typing-booster][F20] - 200D does not get committed in user db when it comes at the end
  [ 2 ] Bug #1029748 - Bit confusing label in preference windows
  [ 3 ] Bug #1029822 - mouse selection and pagination numbering issue for ibus-typing-booster

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