Fedora 18 Update: tito-0.4.18-1.fc18

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Fri Dec 13 05:02:54 UTC 2013

Fedora Update Notification
2013-11-29 06:24:11

Name        : tito
Product     : Fedora 18
Version     : 0.4.18
Release     : 1.fc18
URL         : http://rm-rf.ca/tito
Summary     : A tool for managing rpm based git projects
Description :
Tito is a tool for managing tarballs, rpms, and builds for projects using

Update Information:

New support for writing out a templated version file during tagging. New Copr build system and OBS releasers. Fixed bug with old versions of packages still being left in the yum repodata. Small documentation updates.
Fix permissions sources fedpkg modifies.
Fix permissions sources fedpkg modifies.
Fix permissions sources fedpkg modifies.

* Thu Nov 14 2013 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.18-1
- Merge the FiledVersionTagger into the base VersionTagger.
  (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- add Copr releaser (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Fix broken asciidoc. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Fix old versions in yum repodata. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- adding the FiledVersionTagger class that we are using internally
  (vbatts at redhat.com)
- tito report man page missing options (admiller at redhat.com)
- Implement OBS releaser (msuchy at redhat.com)
* Fri Aug  2 2013 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.17-1
- Fix permissions after a Fedora/Brew build. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Comment out old nightly releaser. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- add newline to sys.stderr.write (msuchy at redhat.com)
* Tue Jul  9 2013 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.16-1
- Fix KojiGitReleaser method arguments. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
* Mon Jul  8 2013 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.15-1
- docs clean up and additions for build_targets (admiller at redhat.com)
* Mon Jul  8 2013 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.14-1
- resolve tito build failure on git or older (jumanjiman at gmail.com)
- Add more debugging facilities (jumanjiman at gmail.com)
* Thu Jun 13 2013 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.13-1
- allow multiline blacklist/whitelist (lzap+git at redhat.com)
- warn when no %changelog section is present (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Fix DistributionReleaser with GemBuilder (inecas at redhat.com)
- Fix gem builder (necasik at gmail.com)
- import error_out from tito.common (msuchy at redhat.com)
- use correct path in rel-eng/packages if package reside in git-root for
  DistributionBuilder (msuchy at redhat.com)
- add missing import of commands (msuchy at redhat.com)
- check if option in config exist (msuchy at redhat.com)
- add example for remote_git_name (msuchy at redhat.com)
- allow to override name of remote dist-git repo (msuchy at redhat.com)
- add to releaser self.config which will contains values from global and pkg
  config (msuchy at redhat.com)
- use correct path in rel-eng/packages if package reside in git-root
  (msuchy at redhat.com)
* Fri Apr 26 2013 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.12-1
- mark build.py.props as obsolete (msuchy at redhat.com)
- mark spacewalk.releng namespace as obsolete (msuchy at redhat.com)
- various enhancement to man pages (msuchy at redhat.com)
- document KojiReleaser and do not mark it as experimental any more
  (msuchy at redhat.com)
- document DEBUG environment variable (msuchy at redhat.com)
- document environment variable EDITOR for tagger (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Fix bad copy paste in releaser. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- document scl option for rsync releaser (msuchy at redhat.com)
- document RSYNC_USERNAME (msuchy at redhat.com)
- add SCL support to RsyncReleaser (msuchy at redhat.com)
- remove empty lines from rpm output (msuchy at redhat.com)
- use SCL for KojiReleaser (msuchy at redhat.com)
- move scl rpmbuild options to function and allow to build rpm using SC
  (msuchy at redhat.com)
- new option --scl which will allows you to build srpm for software collection
  (msuchy at redhat.com)
- fix the whitespace - tabs->spaces (lmeyer at redhat.com)
- add --yes on tito release to keep from requiring input (lmeyer at redhat.com)
- Enable tito release --test for git releasers * Store the --test flag on the
  releaser and pass it to the builder * With --test in effect, have the builder
  update the spec file * When the builder does so it also updates the
  build_version to include git hash (lmeyer at redhat.com)
- Add ability to customize rsync arguments (skane at kavi.com)
- Fix broken extraction of bugzilla numbers from commits. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Re-add write permission fedpkg takes away. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Ensure rsync preserves timestamps and permissions (skane at kavi.com)
- document SCRATCH environment variable (msuchy at redhat.com)
- look for spec file in project directory (msuchy at redhat.com)
- document NO_AUTO_INSTALL option (msuchy at redhat.com)
- 31 - if build fails due missing dependecies, suggest to run yum-builddep
  (msuchy at redhat.com)
- document ONLY_TAGS variable (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Do not create patch if there are binary files (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Raise error if there are two spec files (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Make increase_version _ aware and return original string upon failures
  (skane at kavi.com)
- merge common code from tagger and builder (msuchy at redhat.com)
- allow tagger to get values from package config and override values in
  global_config (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Allow user to define which package need to be installed before tagging.
  (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Fixed check for existing tag (mbacovsk at redhat.com)
- do not fail if spec does not have any source (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Add install instructions (sean at practicalweb.co.uk)
- NoTgzBuilder - do not guess source, get it correctly from spec file
  (msuchy at redhat.com)
* Thu Jan 17 2013 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.11-1
- add a --scratch option for KojiReleaser (aronparsons at gmail.com)
- Fix no_build error in KojiReleaser.
* Wed Nov 28 2012 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.10-1
- Add --no-build; this will allow scripted DistGit commits and
  koji/brew chain-builds (admiller at redhat.com)
- Added gembuilder, cleaned up pep8 (admiller at redhat.com)
- Add a Travis configuration (jbowes at repl.ca)
- Update README.mkd (misc at zarb.org)
- fix: RsyncReleaser doesn't handle multiple rsync locations
  (jesusr at redhat.com)
- remove tabs and trailing whitespace. add whitespace between methods
  (jesusr at redhat.com)
- Handle stderr noise getting from remote server (inecas at redhat.com)
- Can now specify a build target for fedora and distgit releasers
  (mstead at redhat.com)
* Tue Sep  4 2012 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.9-1
- Stop passing --installdeps for mock builds. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- YumRepoReleaser feature: createrepo command can now be specified from
  releasers.conf with the 'createrepo_command' config option
  (palli at opensource.is)
- Created new releaser called RsyncReleaser. Based heavily on YumRepoReleaser.
  Refactored YumRepoReleaser to inherit most code from RsyncReleaser.
  (palli at opensource.is)
- Optionally print stacktrace whenever error_out is hit (bleanhar at redhat.com)
- encourage users to push only their new tag (jbowes at redhat.com)
- Attempt to copy local Sources during releases. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update tito' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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