Fedora 20 Update: ranger-1.6.1-1.fc20

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Sat Dec 14 03:21:18 UTC 2013

Fedora Update Notification
2013-11-24 02:51:08

Name        : ranger
Product     : Fedora 20
Version     : 1.6.1
Release     : 1.fc20
URL         : http://savannah.nongnu.org/projects/ranger/
Summary     : A flexible console file manager
Description :
Ranger is a free console file manager that gives you greater flexibility and a
good overview of your files without having to leave your *nix console. It
visualizes the directory tree in two dimensions: the directory hierarchy on
one, lists of files on the other, with a preview to the right so you know where
you'll be going.

Update Information:

*** New `rifle` command ***

  * Added a separate file launcher named "rifle" that is configured through
    rifle.conf and is installed as a standalone program.
  * Using "ranger [filename]" from the shell for opening files is deprecated now,
    please use "rifle [filename]" instead.
  * Replaced "apps.py" file with rifle.conf

*** Breaking changes ***

  * Overhauled all config files.  Please update them or use the --clean switch
  * Removed settings: colorscheme_overlay, draw_bookmark_borders, init_function,
  * Removed "keys.py" configuration file in favor of "rc.conf"
  * Removed "texas" colorscheme


  * See /usr/share/ranger/examples/ for sample programs and plugins that can
    be used together with ranger
  * Added new configuration file "rc.conf" which contains a list
    of commands that are executed on startup - mainly used for keybindings
  * Changed appearance of keybinding-hints and bookmarks
  * Changed the default column_ratios to 1/3/4 and sorting method to "natural"
  * Changed :rename so it doesn't overwrite existing files
  * Forbid piping things into ranger
  * Replaced integrated help with an extended man page and dynamic lists
    of keybindings, commands and settings.
  * Now previewing with "i" uses the whole available width.
  * Replaced "options.py" file by :set commands in rc.conf
  * Improved "r" key to interface with rifle
  * Changed key to untag files from "T" to "ut"
  * Changed the flag "d" (for detached) to "f" (for fork) in program launcher

New Features

  * Added support for version control systems, see: http://lists.nongnu.org/archive/html/ranger-users/2013-03/msg00007.html
  * Added progress bars to copying, moving and directory loading processes
  * Added feature to draw images inside the console using w3mimgdisplay (you need to add "set preview_images true" in rc.conf)
  * Added a plugin system like in the program "anki", i.e. place any python file into ~/.config/ranger/plugins/ and it will be imported by ranger
  * Added 256 color support for scope.sh
  * Added $RANGER_LEVEL environment variable which ranger sets to "1" or higher so programs can know that they were spawned from ranger
  * Added a visual mode (activate with "V", deactivate with Esc)
  * Added a reversed visual mode (activate with "uV")
  * Added exiftool to scope.sh by default
  * Added --selectfile option that selects a certain file on startup
  * Added --list-tagged-files option
  * Added --cmd option to run commands on startup
  * Added --profile option for additional debug information on exit
  * Added --choosefiles option (like --choosefile, but chooses multiple files)
  * Added --list-unused-keys
  * Added run flag "r" for running with root privileges (needs sudo)
  * Added run flag "t" for running in a new terminal (as specified in $TERMCMD)
  * Added "c" flag for running files
  * Added fm.select_file(path)
  * Added pop-up window for keychains and bookmarks
  * Added command.cancel method which is called when pressing ESC in console
  * Added sorting and cycling by ctime and atime
  * Added bittorrent preview
  * Added "dc" binding for getting the cumulative size of a directory
  * Added "pht" binding to Paste Hardlinked subTrees (like cp -l)
  * Added keys for chmod (like +ow for "chmod o+w", etc)
  * Added custom tags (press "x)
  * Added "uq" keybinding to undo closed tabs
  * Added :travel command to move more quickly to your destination
  * Added :setlocal command to change settings for specific directories only
  * Added :scout command as a unified backend to :find, :search, etc
  * Added commands: :mark_tag, :unmark_tag
  * Added as-you-type filtering for :filter command
  * Added :relink command to change destinations of symlinks
  * Internal actions are now accessible as commands
  * Added "open_all_images" setting to remove the need for external scripts to handle opening of all images in a directory at once.
  * Added settings: confirm_on_delete, draw_progress_bar_in_status_bar, preview_images, status_bar_on_top, update_tmux_title
  * Added "autoupdate_cumulative_size" option
  * Added load_default_rc option
  * Added option "display_tags_in_all_columns"


  * Added a real yes/no prompt for :delete command
  * Ensure that detached programs continue to run when ranger is killed
  * Fixed a crash when entering a directory with a unicode name
  * Fixed crash when opening images with sxiv/feh by running "ranger <image>"
  * Fixed unexpected behavior when displaying nonprintable characters
  * Fixed :bulkrename to work with files starting with a minus sign
  * Fixed RangerChooser example in man page
  * Fixed --list-unused-keys
  * Fixed Zombie processes
  * Fixed handling of filenames with undecodable bytes (unicode surrogates)
  * Fixed crashes due to incomplete loading of directories
  * Fixed tab completion of the command "shell"
  * Fixed "ot" and "oT" keys in rc.conf
  * Fixed parsing of chained commands (like in the binding "om")
  * Fixed all known unicode issues
  * Fixed crash when $TERM is unknown to the system
  * Fixed scrolling in colored preview
  * Fixed mimetype checking when invoking ranger with a filename
  * Fixed loss of bookmarks when disk is full
  * Fixed blocking when using interactive scripts in scope.sh
  * Fixed issues with ALT key
  * Fixed pager crash when trying to read non-readable file
  * Fixed zombie process apocalypse
  * Fixed draw_borders=true in combination with padding_right=false
  * Fixed graphical bug that appears in certian cases when drawing characters at the right edge.

* Sun Sep 29 2013 Remi Collet <remi at fedoraproject.org> - 1.6.1-1
- Update to 1.6.1
- add rifle command

  [ 1 ] Bug #1001168 - The version out of date
  [ 2 ] Bug #1026788 - Unexpected characters show up in ranger's interface

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update ranger' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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