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Sat Dec 14 03:49:35 UTC 2013

Fedora Update Notification
2013-11-26 03:05:48

Name        : popt
Product     : Fedora 20
Version     : 1.16
Release     : 1.fc20
URL         : http://www.rpm5.org/
Summary     : C library for parsing command line parameters
Description :
Popt is a C library for parsing command line parameters. Popt was
heavily influenced by the getopt() and getopt_long() functions, but
it improves on them by allowing more powerful argument expansion.
Popt can parse arbitrary argv[] style arrays and automatically set
variables based on command line arguments. Popt allows command line
arguments to be aliased via configuration files and includes utility
functions for parsing arbitrary strings into argv[] arrays using
shell-like rules.

Update Information:

popt 1.15 -> 1.16

  - add lv.po, update translations (Translation Project).
  - include xcode project files in distributed popt tar ball.
  - make distcheck is now squeaky clean.
  - permit VPATH builds.
  - add shallow tests using ISP/RAS api-sanity-autotest.pl.
  - prefix bit set routines with popt to avoid symbol coolisions w rpm.
  - add tdict.c to exercise popt bit sets against /usr/dict/words.
  - add poptBitsArgs() method to generate args bit set.
  - add methods for bit set union and intersection.
  - permit comma separated attribute lists, handle negated attributes.
  - better test for POPT_ARG_BITSET.
  - add POPT_ARG_BITSET handling.
  - add POPT_ARG_SHORT handling.
  - handle all callback traversals within a C switch (for extendability ease).
  - add popt.pc.
  - devzero2000: add AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR, AC_CONFIG_MACRO_DIR to configure. Create build-aux 
  - devzero2000: del acinclude.m4 : AC_CHECK_VA_COPY is not used

popt 1.14 -> 1.15

  - release popt-1.15.
  - rse: fix building under --disable-nls
  - rse: fix building under non GLIBC platforms where glob_pattern_p fallback has to be used
  - rse: fix building under platforms where FNM_EXTMATCH is not available
  - jbj: poptReadFile: permit NULL if return values are not desired.
  - jbj: poptReadFile: add routine.
  - jbj: trim out escaped newline(s) from file content, other fixes.
  - jbj: permit popt alias/exec to include content from a file.
  - jbj: permit glob(3) patterns in appName field of popt alias/exec config.
  - jbj: add test cases for bit operations and toggles.
  - jbj: avoid displaying --[no]nofoo with POPT_ARGFLAG_TOGGLE.
  - jbj: add poptArgInfo() to get argInfo, implementing POPT_ARGFLAG_TOGGLE.
  - jbj: add longOptionStrcmp() to match w POPT_ARGFLAG_TOGGLE.
  - jbj: change singleDash arg to a bit enum, use LF_ISSET(ONEDASH) instead.
  - jbj: rework the glob wrappers into something more useful. portability todo++.
  - jbj: stub in glob(3) wrappers for popt. more useful poptGlob() API next.
  - jbj: add poptInit/poptFini/poptReadConfigFiles/poptSaneFile routines.
  - jbj: rewrite poptReadConfigFile(), styling for (i.e. my) readbility.
  - jbj: reserve a bit for --[no]opt prefix toggling.
  - jbj: fix: check/print argv[0] in --help for NULL.
  - jbj: permit type/group bitmasks to be changed (if needed somewhen).
  - jbj: snip out 8 unused bits for argument groups.
  - jbj: fix: eliminate dead code (CID#5).
  - jbj: fix: rearrange code to better hint to coverity scan (CID#9).
  - jbj: fix: rewrite (and simplify) strdup_locale_from_utf8() (CID#7, CID#8, CID#11, CID#12).
  - jbj: test/use HAVE_SRANDOM to avoid portability issues.
  - jbj: fix: remove AC_CHECK_VA_COPY check, va_copy is no longer used.
  - jbj: add eo.po and id.po (Translation Project).
  - jbj: updated da.po (Translation Project).
  - jbj: extend coverage to several additional setup routines.
  - jbj: add tests for --usage/--help coverage.
  - jbj: add lconv/gcov targets to Makefile.am.
  - jbj: refactor automagic (*opt->arg) option arg store to poptSaveArg().
  - ldv: update INPUT tag in Doxyfile.in, fix doxygen warnings in popthelp.c.
  - start popt-1.15 development.

popt 1.13 -> 1.14

  - release popt-1.14.
  - jbj: remove findme.c, add poptint.c, to po/POTFILES.in.
  - jbj: use stpcpy 2 more places (Wayne Davison<wayned at samba.org>).
  - jbj: add @LTLIBICONV@ when needed (Stanislav Brabec<sbrabec at suse.cz>).
  - jbj: fix: remove the "echo --" Fedorable hack-a-round.
  - rsc: updated de.po (not from the Translation Project).
  - jbj: study the mess with splint. Sigh, splint is so easily confused ...
  - jbj: rewrite findProgramPath & move to popt.c. Nuke the findme.{c,h} toys.
  - jbj: use stpcpy several more places (Wayne Davison<wayned at samba.org>).
  - jbj: enable equal after short option (Wayne Davison<wayned at samba.org>).
  - jbj: permit "#define POPT_fprintf fprintf" to lose the malloc'ing fprintf.
  - jbj: use vasprintf(3) when available (Wayne Davison<wayned at samba.org>).
  - jbj: study the mess with splint, remove annotations where possible.
  - jbj: add -D_GNU_SOURCE for gcc to use __builtin_stpcpy when available.
  - jbj: add static inline stpcpy for the deprived.
  - jbj: use stpcpy to eliminate sprintf calls everywhere but popthelp.c
  - jbj: remove (now unneeded afaik) va_copy() from POPT_fprintf().
  - jbj: inline strdup_fprintf() => POPT_fprintf keeping (unneeded?) va_copy.
  - rse: fix memcpy(3) based va_copy(3) fallbacks
  - jbj: fix: short option with "foo=bar" argument was mishandled. (Wayne Davison <wayned at samba.org>).
  - jbj: rename _ABS to avoid collisions, define DBL_EPSILON if not present (Wayne Davison<wayned at samba.org>).
  - jbj: test for <glob.h>, disable reading directory poptrc files if not.
  - jbj: add __attribute__(__unused__) (Wayne Davison<wayned at samba.org>).
  - jbj: permit equal after short option (Wayne Davison<wayned at samba.org>).
  - jbj: make sure that short options are printed only once with --usage.
  - jbj: don't display hidden short options with --usage.
  - jbj: updated sv.po (Translation Project).
  - jbj: updated {fi,nl}.po (Translation Project).
  - jbj: updated th.po (Translation Project).
  - rsc: avoid multilib file conflicts in generated doxygen.
  - jbj: updated vi.po and zh_CN.po (Translation Project).
  - jbj: fix: keep the poptHelpOptions array exactly the same size.
  - jbj: updated pl.po (Translation Project).
  - jbj: add new fi, th, zh_TW translations (Translation Project).
  - jbj: add "make updatepo" to simplify PO file maintenance.
  - jbj: display POPT_ARG_ARGV options in --help just like other options.
  - jbj: add test for POPT_ARG_ARGV handling.
  - jbj: fix: permit "--foo bar" and "--foo=bar" equivalent forms for aliases.
  - jbj: fix: tests 20 -> 23 require an explicit '--' arg separator now.
  - jbj: popt.3: add POPT_ARG_ARGV description.
  - jbj: use NUL terminator to align help with (possible) multibyte chars.
  - jbj: add utf8_skip_data table[] to keep track of utf8 character widths.
  - jbj: refactor the POPT_WCHAR_HACK into stringDisplayWidth().
  - jbj: add POPT_dgettext() prototype.
  - jbj: add POPT_dgettext() for popt internal UTF-8 codeset (Takao Fujiwara).
  - jbj: add POPT_next_char(), backout POPT_fprintf() usage (for the moment).
  - jbj: finish POPT_ARG_ARGV implementation.
  - jbj: free aliases/execs with common code.
  - jbj: rewrite the callback logic using a switch for simplicity.
  - jbj: hide bit field structure behind F_ISSET/LF_ISSET/CBF_ISSET macros.
  - jbj: expose poptSaveLongLong and poptSaveString in the loader map.
  - jbj: add POPT_ARG_ARGV, starting with the poptSaveString() method.
  - jbj: add help for POPT_ARG_LONGLONG.
  - jbj: hmmm, POSIXly correct --echo-args needs fixing, disable for now.
  - jbj: poptint.h: typedef's for string and string arrays.
  - jbj: add POPT_ARG_LONGLONG, and poptSaveLongLong().
  - jbj: poptint.h: add poptSubstituteHelpI18N() to bury the ABI hack.
  - jbj: start using poptArg and poptArgType() where useful.
  - jbj: poptint.h: add a poptArgType define for bitfield type abstraction.
  - jbj: poptint.h: add a poptArg union for opt->arg access without casts.
  - jbj: include "-- Terminate options" end-of-options msg in poptHelpOptions.
  - jbj: opt->argDescrip[0] determines "--foo=bar" or "--foo bar".
  - jbj: --long always padded for alignment with/without "-X, ".
  - jbj: Display shortName iff printable non-space.
  - jbj: POPT_AUTOALIAS: if no popt aliases/execs, don't display the sub-head.
  - jbj: add --libdir=/%{_lib} to popt.spec.
  - jbj: add .cvsignore to m4 subdirectory.
  - jbj: remove duplicate nb locale from ALL_LINGUAS.
  - jbj: autogen.sh: on linux, add --libdir=/lib (no /lib64 autodetect yet).

* Sun Nov 24 2013 Robert Scheck <robert at fedoraproject.org> 1.16-1
- Upgrade to 1.16 (#448286, #999377)
- Tight run-time dependencies between sub-packages via %{?_isa}
- Added patch for spelling mistakes in popt man page (#675567)

  [ 1 ] Bug #448286 - Popt 1.14 released
  [ 2 ] Bug #999377 - popt-1.16 is available
  [ 3 ] Bug #675567 - popt(3) manpage fixes

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update popt' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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