Fedora 18 Update: ncl-6.1.2-1.fc18

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Mon Feb 18 06:56:03 UTC 2013

Fedora Update Notification
2013-02-09 10:43:52

Name        : ncl
Product     : Fedora 18
Version     : 6.1.2
Release     : 1.fc18
URL         : http://www.ncl.ucar.edu
Summary     : NCAR Command Language and NCAR Graphics
Description :
The NCAR Command Language (NCL) is a free interpreted language designed
specifically for scientific data processing and visualization. NCL has robust
file input and output. It can read and write netCDF-3, netCDF-4 classic (as
of version 4.3.1), HDF4, binary, and ASCII data, and read HDF-EOS2, GRIB1 and
GRIB2 (as of version 4.3.0). The graphics are world class and highly

As of version 5.0.0, NCL and NCAR Graphics are released as one package.

The software comes with a couple of useful command line tools:

  * ncl_filedump - prints the contents of supported files (netCDF, HDF,
    GRIB1, GRIB2, HDF-EOS2, and CCM History Tape)
  * ncl_convert2nc - converts one or more GRIB1, GRIB2, HDF and/or HDF-EOS
    files to netCDF formatted files.

Update Information:

Of particular note in this version:

 - Better support for NetCDF-4 files

   A number of improvements were made to NCL's "advanced file
   structure". This was added in V6.1.0 to address new data features in
   NetCDF-4, like groups, compound data types, variable length arrays,
   and multiple unlimited dimensions. There are some examples of these
   new features on the "Output to NetCDF" section of the examples


   This is currently in beta-testing mode, so feedback (to ncl-talk) is appreciated.

 - A new reassignment operator, ":="

   This operator allows you to reassign variables without having to
   delete them first:

     x = fspan(-10.5,20.8,0.1)    ; array of floats
     x := "This is a string"      ; single string

 - Several NetCDF input/output bugs fixed

   o Writing an undefined variable directly to file.
   o Writing a scalar to a file.
   o Printing a variable's attribute when it is double.
   o Adding global attributes to an existing file.
   o If two files are opened, where the first one is NetCDF3 and
     second one is NetCDF4, then there was a problem operating on the
     first file.

* Thu Feb  7 2013 Orion Poplawski <orion at cora.nwra.com> - 6.1.2-1
- Update to 6.1.2
* Mon Jan 21 2013 Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> - 6.1.0-2
- rebuild due to "jpeg8-ABI" feature drop

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update ncl' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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