Fedora 18 Update: openshift-origin-broker-1.1.2-1.fc18

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Tue Feb 19 01:33:39 UTC 2013

Fedora Update Notification
2013-02-01 15:50:41

Name        : openshift-origin-broker
Product     : Fedora 18
Version     : 1.1.2
Release     : 1.fc18
URL         : http://openshift.redhat.com
Summary     : OpenShift Origin broker components
Description :
This contains the broker 'controlling' components of OpenShift Origin.
This includes the public APIs for the client tools.

Update Information:

Update to version 1.1.2

* Mon Jan 28 2013 Krishna Raman <kraman at gmail.com> 1.1.2-1
- Merge pull request #1212 from brenton/misc5
  (dmcphers+openshiftbot at redhat.com)
- Bug 873180 (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- Disable test that doesnt work with concurrency (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- BZ888056 - production.rb should not be marked as a conf file
  (bleanhar at redhat.com)
- fixing rebase/merge issue that caused missing comma in test rails env
  configuration (abhgupta at redhat.com)
- using openshift_broker_test db in test rails env for origin broker
  (abhgupta at redhat.com)
- Fix SSL option in mongoid.yml (rpenta at redhat.com)
- bumping rest api version to handle change in rest user model
  (abhgupta at redhat.com)
- Fix usage model unit test (rpenta at redhat.com)
- Fix Usage: Through an error instead of bailing out when gear was created with
  usage-tracking disabled and later on gear was destroyed with usage-tracking
  enabled (rpenta at redhat.com)
- District unit test: clear all districts that were created during teardown
  phase (rpenta at redhat.com)
- Remove old mongo datastore test (rpenta at redhat.com)
- Added system, subuser, usage tests from li repo (rpenta at redhat.com)
- Fix district model and district unit tests rework (rpenta at redhat.com)
- fixing broker integration tests (abhgupta at redhat.com)
- minor cleanup (rpenta at redhat.com)
- Populate mongoid.yml config from Rails datastore configuration.
  (rpenta at redhat.com)
- uncommenting app_cart_delete_v1 rest unit test (abhgupta at redhat.com)
- uncommenting scale down unit test (abhgupta at redhat.com)
- uncommenting app scale down unit tests (abhgupta at redhat.com)
- fixing integration test (abhgupta at redhat.com)
- Bug 889947 (lnader at redhat.com)
- Fix for bug 889978 (abhgupta at redhat.com)
- commenting out broken tests for now - were always broke but error was hidden
  before (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- fixing broker tests again after rebase (abhgupta at redhat.com)
- fixing mongoid.yml for broker tests (abhgupta at redhat.com)
- fix mongoid.yml username (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- add dynect migration (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- removed debug statements (lnader at redhat.com)
- add random number to app alias (lnader at redhat.com)
- removing app templates and other changes (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- fixing rest_api_test and fixing backward compatibility bugs
  (lnader at redhat.com)
- fix broker integration tests (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- fix create domain breakage (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- fix broker functional tests (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- fix functional tests (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- fixing cloud user test cases (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- test case fixes + typo fixes (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- fixup cloud user usages (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- fix db for test (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- add bson_ext (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- Added support for thread dump. Fixed default username in mongoid.yml file
  (kraman at gmail.com)
- Moving model refactor work - Updated cartridge manifest files - Simplified
  descriptor - Switched from mongo gem to use mongoid (kraman at gmail.com)
- Ensure write to at least 2 mongo instances (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- Merge pull request #1192 from Miciah/bz-902630-failed-to-reload-openshift-
  broker-service (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- Bug 902630: fix `service openshift-broker reload` (miciah.masters at gmail.com)
- Adding support for broker to mongodb connections over SSL
  (calfonso at redhat.com)
* Fri Jan 11 2013 Troy Dawson <tdawson at redhat.com> 1.1.1-2
- Updated spec file to match the version in Fedora
* Fri Jan 11 2013 Troy Dawson <tdawson at redhat.com> 1.1.1-1
- BZ876324 resolve ServerName/NameVirtualHost situation for
  node/broker/ssl.conf (lmeyer at redhat.com)
- Minor tweak to the broker log owner/mode issue (bleanhar at redhat.com)
- BZ888671 -  oo-accept-broker or oo-accept-systems will create production.log,
  the file's permission is wrong. (bleanhar at redhat.com)
- Switched console port from 3128 to 8118 due to selinux changes in F17-18
  Fixed openshift-node-web-proxy systemd script Updates to oo-setup-broker
  script:   - Fixes hardcoded example.com   - Added basic auth based console
  setup   - added openshift-node-web-proxy setup Updated console build and spec
  to work on F17 (kraman at gmail.com)
- BZ876937 - Return "FAILED" if trying to stop openshift-console which is
  already stopped (bleanhar at redhat.com)
- create :default_gear_capabilities conf key for setting default gear
  capabilities a user has at creation (lmeyer at redhat.com)
- fixing mongo connection issues for build (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- Bug 880370 (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- Bug 878270 - everyone read user_action.log (bleanhar at redhat.com)
- fix elif typos (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- add oo-ruby (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- Bug 878328 - Drupal and Wordpress should be tagged 'instant_app'
  (ccoleman at redhat.com)
- F18 compatibility fixes   - apache 2.4   - mongo journaling   - JDK 7   -
  parseconfig gem update Bugfix for Bind DNS plugin (kraman at gmail.com)
- Fix tests to work with remote-user auth (miciah.masters at gmail.com)
- add additional gem deps (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into
  us3046_quickstarts_and_app_types (ccoleman at redhat.com)
- update Gemfile version (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- use version 0.12.0 (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- remove mocha version (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- fixing tests (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- getting tests working (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- getting specs up to 1.9 sclized (dmcphers at redhat.com)
- Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into
  us3046_quickstarts_and_app_types (ccoleman at redhat.com)
- Implement all templates as the base quickstarts, and make quickstart.rb a bit
  more flexible (ccoleman at redhat.com)
- Support COMMUNITY_QUICKSTARTS_URL parameter for serving hardcoded quickstarts
  vs. public quickstarts, and test that these values are returned.
  (ccoleman at redhat.com)
- specifying rake gem version range (abhgupta at redhat.com)
- specifying mocha gem version and fixing tests (abhgupta at redhat.com)
- BZ873970, BZ873966 - disabling HTTP TRACE for the Broker, Nodes and Console
  (bleanhar at redhat.com)
- Adding rewrites to / to go to /console for http and https vhosts Added
  NamedVirtualHost for the 443 vhost to avoid conflict with ssl.conf
  (calfonso at redhat.com)
- Set ENV["RAILS_ENV"] in boot.rb (miciah.masters at gmail.com)
- Removing node gem requirement from broker script (kraman at gmail.com)
- Bug 871436 - moving the default path for AUTH_PRIVKEYFILE and AUTH_PUBKEYFILE
  under /etc (bleanhar at redhat.com)
- OpenShift Origin console package (calfonso at redhat.com)
- BZ870385 - Remove unnecessary %post logfile touching from the Broker
  (bleanhar at redhat.com)
- Removing a useless semanage command from the broker's %postun
  (bleanhar at redhat.com)
- openshift-origin-broker rpmdiff errors (bleanhar at redhat.com)
- Moving broker config to /etc/openshift/broker.conf Rails app and all oo-*
  scripts will load production environment unless the
  /etc/openshift/development marker is present Added param to specify default
  when looking up a config value in OpenShift::Config Moved all defaults into
  plugin initializers instead of separate defaults file No longer require
  loading 'openshift-origin-common/config' if 'openshift-origin-common' is
  loaded openshift-origin-common selinux module is merged into F16 selinux
  policy. Removing from broker %postrun (kraman at gmail.com)
- fixing file name typo in usage and fixing domain name in test environment
  file (abhgupta at redhat.com)
- Bug 868331 - corrected test (lnader at redhat.com)
- remove various hardcoded usage of file in /tmp (mscherer at redhat.com)

  [ 1 ] Bug #1212 - inefficient /etc/csh.cshrc, leaves droppings in environment
  [ 2 ] Bug #1192 - Problem With Adduser - Messes up group file

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update openshift-origin-broker' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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