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Fedora Update Notification
2012-12-12 04:09:42

Name        : ltrace
Product     : Fedora 17
Version     : 0.7.2
Release     : 1.fc17
URL         : http://ltrace.alioth.debian.org/
Summary     : Tracks runtime library calls from dynamically linked executables
Description :
Ltrace is a debugging program which runs a specified command until the
command exits.  While the command is executing, ltrace intercepts and
records both the dynamic library calls called by the executed process
and the signals received by the executed process.  Ltrace can also
intercept and print system calls executed by the process.

You should install ltrace if you need a sysadmin tool for tracking the
execution of processes.

Update Information:

0.7.* was released relatively recently and constitutes a major update.  It brings important improvements in handling parameter passing conventions, which means that functions of traced processes are more likely to have correct parameters.  It is not purely a bugfix release, but it's nonetheless stable and reliable.

* Mon Dec 10 2012 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 0.7.2-1
- Upstream 0.7.2
  - Drop all the patches
* Sat Nov 10 2012 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 0.7.0-1
- Upstream 0.7.0
  - Drop all the patches
  - Upstream patch for missing sysdeps/linux-gnu/ppc/insn.h
  - Upstream patch for installing ltrace.conf.5 to man5
* Mon Oct  1 2012 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 0.6.0-19
- Upstream patch for ia64 parameter passing
- Upstream fix for a bug in computation of time spent in a syscall
- Upstream fix for a bug in passing struct(float,struct(float,float))
  on x86_64 (ltrace-0.6.0-x86_64-flatten.patch)
- Upstream patch for support of -l option (ltrace-0.6.0-dash-l.patch)
- Several more upstream patches with random cleanups.  Those were
  brought to Fedora to make porting of other patches easier.
* Thu Aug 30 2012 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 0.6.0-18
- PPC64 passes floating point equivalent structures in registers
* Thu Jul 19 2012 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng at lists.fedoraproject.org> - 0.6.0-17
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_18_Mass_Rebuild
* Fri Jun  1 2012 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 0.6.0-16
- Look for __cxa_demangle in libstdc++ as well
- Demangle test case should report it's unsupported if demangling
  support isn't compiled in (ltrace-0.6.0-demangle.patch)
- Resolves: #827422
* Thu May 31 2012 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 0.6.0-15
- Add upstream patches for parameter passing.  Apart from a couple of
  fixes, this brings in s390 support (ltrace-0.6.0-abi-s390.patch)
* Fri May 18 2012 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 0.6.0-14
- Add upstream patch that improves parameter passing support (the
  upstream "revamp" branch) (ltrace-0.6.0-abi.patch)
* Thu May  3 2012 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 0.6.0-13
- Check -n argument for validity (ltrace-0.6.0-dash-n.patch)
- Resolves: #818529
- ltrace-0.6.0-libs-fixes-1.patch
  - Fix double free when process initialization fails for some reason
  - Don't indent first level of calls
* Mon Apr 30 2012 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 0.6.0-12
- Fix 32-bit builds
* Mon Apr 30 2012 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 0.6.0-11
- Fix detach from sleeping process
- Add limited support for return from tail call
- Fix singlestep over atomic instruction sequence on PPC
- Add extensive upstream patch that implements
  - tracing calls done from DSOs
  - better tools for filtering symbol tables
  - support for tracing PLT calls on PPC64 (not entry points read from .plt)
  - support for PPC32 old-style (BSS) PLT table
- Drop ppc-shift patch that was superseded by the above
- Drop demangle patch that hasn't been applied for some time now
* Wed Apr 11 2012 Peter Robinson <pbrobinson at fedoraproject.org> - 0.6.0-10
- Drop ExclusiveArch as all current Primary/Secondary Arches are supported
* Wed Apr 11 2012 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 0.6.0-9
- And patch configure and config.h, not just configure.ac
- Resolves: #810973
* Wed Apr 11 2012 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 0.6.0-7
- And patch configure and config.h, not just configure.ac
- Add libselinux-devel BR
- Resolves: #810973
* Tue Apr 10 2012 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 0.6.0-6
- If we fail to attach to traced process, check whether deny_ptrace
  isn't enabled.  If yes, warn about it.
- Resolves: #810973
* Tue Feb  7 2012 Petr Machata <pmachata at redhat.com> - 0.6.0-5
- Add upstream patches for initial breakpoint insertion.  This mostly
  fixes tracing on PPC.
- Resolves: #773050

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update ltrace' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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