Fedora 16 Update: tito-0.4.10-1.fc16

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Fedora Update Notification
2012-12-01 07:41:06

Name        : tito
Product     : Fedora 16
Version     : 0.4.10
Release     : 1.fc16
URL         : http://rm-rf.ca/tito
Summary     : A tool for managing rpm based git projects
Description :
Tito is a tool for managing tarballs, rpms, and builds for projects using

Update Information:

Allow specifying a build target for dist-git releasers. Added release --no-build option to skip dist-git builds. Added first draft of a gem builder.
New RsyncReleaser (similar to YumRepo but more generic), several bug fixes.
New RsyncReleaser (similar to YumRepo but more generic), several bug fixes.
New RsyncReleaser (similar to YumRepo but more generic), several bug fixes.
New RsyncReleaser (similar to YumRepo but more generic), several bug fixes.

* Wed Nov 28 2012 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.10-1
- Add --no-build; this will allow scripted DistGit commits and
  koji/brew chain-builds (admiller at redhat.com)
- Added gembuilder, cleaned up pep8 (admiller at redhat.com)
- Add a Travis configuration (jbowes at repl.ca)
- Update README.mkd (misc at zarb.org)
- fix: RsyncReleaser doesn't handle multiple rsync locations
  (jesusr at redhat.com)
- remove tabs and trailing whitespace. add whitespace between methods
  (jesusr at redhat.com)
- Handle stderr noise getting from remote server (inecas at redhat.com)
- Can now specify a build target for fedora and distgit releasers
  (mstead at redhat.com)
* Tue Sep  4 2012 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.9-1
- Stop passing --installdeps for mock builds. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- YumRepoReleaser feature: createrepo command can now be specified from
  releasers.conf with the 'createrepo_command' config option
  (palli at opensource.is)
- Created new releaser called RsyncReleaser. Based heavily on YumRepoReleaser.
  Refactored YumRepoReleaser to inherit most code from RsyncReleaser.
  (palli at opensource.is)
- Optionally print stacktrace whenever error_out is hit (bleanhar at redhat.com)
- encourage users to push only their new tag (jbowes at redhat.com)
- Attempt to copy local Sources during releases. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
* Mon Apr  2 2012 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.8-1
- Fix MockBuilder for packages that use non-standard builders normally.
  (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- interpret '0' as False for changelog_with_email setting. (msuchy at redhat.com)
* Thu Mar 15 2012 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.7-1
- Fix issues with DistributionBuilder constructor (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
* Wed Mar 14 2012 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.6-1
- Issue 39: Create /tmp/tito if it doesn't already exist. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Add support for test build releases. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Stop passing all CLI args to builders. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Add mock builder speedup argument. (mstead at redhat.com)
- Add support for no-value args in builder. (mstead at redhat.com)
- Fix rsync options for yum repo releases. (jesusr at redhat.com)
- Add support for customizable changelog formats (jeckersb at redhat.com)
* Tue Jan 24 2012 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.5-1
- Extract bz's and prompt to modify commit message in git releasers.
  (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
* Mon Jan 23 2012 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.4-1
- Issue #35: EDITOR with arguments produces backtrace (jeckersb at redhat.com)
- remove unused fedora_cert reading (jesusr at redhat.com)
- Drop to shell when dist-git merge errors encountered. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Use proper temp dirs for releasing. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Fix git release diff command. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
* Thu Dec 15 2011 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.3-1
- Escape percent character in changelog. (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Fix distribution builder missing args in constructor.
  (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Add release to usage, alphabetize list. (jesusr at redhat.com)
- PEP8 cleanup. (jesusr at redhat.com)
- No need to maintain timestamps: remove -t and -O from rsync command.
  (jesusr at redhat.com)
- Chdir to yum_temp_dir after creating, avoids rsync's getcwd error
  (jesusr at redhat.com)
- Use -O during rsync commands to fix time setting errors. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
* Mon Nov 28 2011 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.2-1
- Clean out old versions of RPMs when generating yum repos. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Update manpage to show multiple rsync paths. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
* Fri Nov 25 2011 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.1-1
- Allow one build to go to multiple yum repo URLs. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Fix --no-cleanup for release module. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Add a BrewDownloadBuilder. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Use proper temp directories to build. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Fix permissions when rsync'ing yum repositories. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Switch to CLI fedpkg command instead of module. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
* Wed Nov  9 2011 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.4.0-1
- Fix import error with new fedpkg version. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Add a KojiGitReleaser. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Adding --use-version to allow Tito to force a version to use.
  (awood at redhat.com)
- Support SCRATCH=1 env variable for koji releaser. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Support ONLY_TAGS env variable for koji releaser. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- List releasers option. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Documentation update. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Allow releaseing to multiple targets at once, and add --all-starting-with.
  (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Make auto-install available to all builders. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Allow setting specific builder and passing builder args on CLI. (dgoodwin at rm-
- Add new mechanism for passing custom arguments to builders. (dgoodwin at rm-
- HACKING tips updated. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Add a rsync username env variable for yum repo releaser. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Restructure release CLI. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Parsing spec files and bumping their versions or releases is now in Python.
  (awood at redhat.com)
* Wed Oct  5 2011 Devan Goodwin <dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca> 0.3.3-1
- Clarify some initial project layout documentation. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- match based on the tag for the package we are building (mmccune at redhat.com)
- Teach tito how to checkout EUS branches (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Remove release parameter from _update_package_metadata() (msuchy at redhat.com)
- Avoid traceback if rpmbuild fails (jumanjiman at gmail.com)
- Make Fedora git builds a little more tolerant if you need to re-run.
  (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Fix the binary spew in SOURCES on some weird tags. (dgoodwin at redhat.com)
- Do not print traceback when user lacks write permission (jumanjiman at gmail.com)
- Fix Fedora git releaser to use more reliable commands. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Remove the old tito build --release code. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Allow custom releasers to be loaded and used. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Introduce new CLI module for releases. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Use fedpkg switch branch for git releases. (dgoodwin at rm-rf.ca)
- Do not print traceback when user hit Ctrl+C (msuchy at redhat.com)
- '0' is True, we want it as false (msuchy at redhat.com)

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update tito' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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