Fedora 17 Update: cobbler-2.4.0-1.fc17

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Wed Jul 10 01:25:48 UTC 2013

Fedora Update Notification
2013-06-21 00:32:56

Name        : cobbler
Product     : Fedora 17
Version     : 2.4.0
Release     : 1.fc17
URL         : http://www.cobblerd.org/
Summary     : Boot server configurator
Description :

Cobbler is a network install server.  Cobbler supports PXE,
virtualized installs, and re-installing existing Linux machines.  The
last two modes use a helper tool, 'koan', that integrates with
cobbler.  There is also a web interface 'cobbler-web'.  Cobbler's
advanced features include importing distributions from DVDs and rsync
mirrors, kickstart templating, integrated yum mirroring, and built-in
DHCP/DNS Management.  Cobbler has a XMLRPC API for integration with
other applications.

Update Information:

New upstream release
New upstream release
New upstream release
New upstream release
New upstream release
New upstream release

* Thu Jun 20 2013 James Cammarata <jimi at sngx.net> 2.4.0-1
- Release 2.4.0-1 (jimi at sngx.net)
* Fri May 24 2013 James Cammarata <jimi at sngx.net> 2.4.0-beta6
- New BETA release - 2.4.0 beta6
* Mon Apr 22 2013 James Cammarata <jimi at sngx.net> 2.4.0-beta5
- A few bugfixes and rebuilding the RPM because of a goof
  (jimi at sngx.net)
* Wed Apr  3 2013 James Cammarata <jimi at sngx.net> 2.4.0-beta4
- 2.4.0-beta4 release
* Wed Dec 12 2012 James Cammarata <jimi at sngx.net> 2.4.0-beta3
- New release 2.4.0-beta3
* Thu Oct 11 2012 James Cammarata <jimi at sngx.net> 2.4.0-beta2
- Modified spec version/release to be 2.4.0-beta2 (jimi at sngx.net)
- fixing up a bad commit merge (jimi at sngx.net)
* Thu Oct 11 2012 James Cammarata <jimi at sngx.net> 2.4.0-beta1
- Beta Release 1 of 2.4.0
- BUGFIX - Issue #329 - Systems no longer allow an add with an image for a
  parent (jimi at sngx.net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #327 - revert 5afcff7 and fix in a more sane way
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- Removed some duplicates created by reapplying a patch (jimi at sngx.net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #267 - old python-virtinst does not support --boot
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- Revise install_post_puppet.py to use newer puppet syntax
  (stephen at esstec.co.uk)
- Get rid of deprecated Puppet syntax so that cobbler works with Puppet 3.0
  (stephen at esstec.co.uk)
- Added ubuntu to dist check for named.conf location
  (daniel.givens at rackspace.com)
- Expanded automatic determination of tftpboot path, isc dhcp and bind service
  names and config files based on distro. (daniel at givenstx.com)
- Make the service name for DHCP and DNS restarts configurable for better
  portable between distros. (daniel.givens at rackspace.com)
- Serial based on formatted date and revision number (alevy at mobitv.com)
- Correct undefined variable name (jbd at jbdenis.net)
- fix merge Issue #252 BUGFIX and #262 (daikame at gmail.com)
- Add check for valid driver_type before executing qemu-img (jimi at sngx.net)
- fix mistake remove import. (daikame at gmail.com)
- move exec method to utils.py, and catch unexpected exception.
  (daikame at gmail.com)
- not check driver type on create method. (daikame at gmail.com)
- BUGFIX - Issue #305 - Incorrect Kickstart file when gPXE enabled
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #304 - Cobbler does not store values correctly for ksmeta
  Objects were getting flattened improperly, so it was losing escapes/quoting
  for values with spaces (jimi at sngx.net)
- add vmdk and raw file create support. (daikame at gmail.com)
- BUGFIX - Issue #267 - old python-virtinst does not support --boot
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- Modified spec version/release to be 2.4.0-beta-1 (jimi at sngx.net)
- Initial commit for mysql backend support (jimi at sngx.net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #277 - move webroot to /srv/www for debian/ubuntu
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- FEATURE - adding 'zonetype' variable for DNS zone rendering (jimi at sngx.net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #278 - cobbler import fails for ubuntu images due to rsync
  args (jimi at sngx.net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #285 - update cobbler man page for incorrect options
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #241 - adding distro with blank name via XMLRPC should not
  work (jimi at sngx.net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #272 - allow anamon to log entries when building systems based
  on profiles (no corresponding system record) (jimi at sngx.net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #252 - fuzzy match on lvs name returns a false match
  preventing LV creation (jimi at sngx.net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #287 - patch to allow templar to work without a config, which
  was breaking the tftpd.py script (jimi at sngx.net)
- add qcow2 driver type (daikame at gmail.com)
- fix koan qemu-machine-type param test. (daikame at gmail.com)
- Only cosmetic cleanup - removed commands that were commented out, added
  spaces for more clear code (flaks at bnl.gov)
- Modified sample.seed to make use kickstart_start and kickstart_done snippets
  for debian. As a result the following cobbler features work for debian:   -
  prevent net boot looping   - cobbler status reflects debian installations   -
  preseed file is downloaded a nd saved on the installed system as
  /var/log/cobbler.seed Also made download_config_files_deb snippet, make use
  of late_command New post_run_deb snippet allows to execute post installation
  script. (flaks at bnl.gov)
- Some changes for testing (jimi at sngx.net)
- Minor fix for urlparse on older pythons (>2.5) (jimi at sngx.net)
- FEATURE - Issue #253 - Use PEERDNS=no for DHCP interfaces when name servers
  are specified (jimi at sngx.net)
- install-tree for debian/ubuntu modified to take tree= from meta data. http,
  ftp and nfs remote tree locations supported (flaks at bnl.gov)
- add support of custom logical volume name (daikame at gmail.com)
- Partial revert of 87acfc8b, and a minor change to bring the koan extra-args
  inline with the PXE args (jimi at sngx.net)
- New default preseed, and a few minor changes to make ubuntu auto install work
  better (jimi at sngx.net)
- Add support for qemu machine type to emulate (option --qemu-machine-type).
  (isaoshimizu at gmail.com)
- Modern x86 kernels have 2048 char limit and this is needed to support
  configurations with kickstart+NIC kernel params. Otherwise koan refuses to
  accept the param list. (oliver at cpan.org)
- Allow koan's -S option to work for SuSE breed. Also remove -S for breed=None,
  as I assume "Red Hat" is not a sane assumption for all Distros without a
  breed. (oliver at cpan.org)
- Only add a udev net rule for an interface if the MAC is set. This fixes
  behaviour whereby a dummy udev rule at eth0 forces the first NIC to get eth1
  post-install. (oliver at cpan.org)
- Make the domainname setting be the full eth0 DNS Name, minus the first dotted
  part (and not the FQDN). (oliver at cpan.org)
- BUGFIX - Issue #252 - fuzzy match on lvs name returns a false match
  preventing LV creation (jimi at sngx.net)
- Added back in the filesystem loader. (oliver at cpan.org)
- BUGFIX - Issue #247 - Reposync does not work from the web interface
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- BUGFIX - Issue #246 - CentOS 5.x install fence_tools to /sbin/
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- Fix post_report trigger typo (jimi at sngx.net)
- Some fixes for koan running with an old virt-install (jimi at sngx.net)
- Define pxe_menu_items variable when creating PXE files for systems
  (jthiltges2 at unl.edu)
- Refactor PXE and GRUB menu item creation into a separate function
  (jthiltges2 at unl.edu)
- django 1.4 and later have deprecated the old TEMPLATE_LOADERS and replaced
  them with a new app_directories.Loader (oliver at cpan.org)
- Add support for UEFI boot to the subnet, but not for defined systems yet.
  (erinn.looneytriggs at gmail.com)
- Fix redhat import whitelist for Fedora 17 (jimi at sngx.net)
- Fix unittest on the case of haven't virt-install libs. (daikame at gmail.com)
- os_version for debian should be similar to ubunty for virt-install to work
  changed tree in app.py so that I can use debian mirror different from cobbler
  server (flaks at bnl.gov)
- fedora 17 changed the output of ifconfig command. This will make IFNAME set
  in snippets again (flaks at bnl.gov)
- remove edit for now (flaks at bnl.gov)
- Fixed snippets for bonded_bridge_slave and a few other fixes for koan/web GUI
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- Initial support for bonded_bridge_slave type. TODO: modifying snippets to
  actually make it work... (jimi at sngx.net)
- The webui_sessions directory belongs only to cobbler-web
  (chutzimir at gmail.com)
- RPM: put cobbler*.conf files only in /etc/httpd/conf.d
  (cristian.ciupitu at yahoo.com)
- better fix for pull request #228 (jorgen.maas at gmail.com)
- make rpms failed because the misc/ directory containing the augeas lense
  could not be found. this simple diff fixes that. (jorgen.maas at gmail.com)
- Ubuntu actually requires auto=true in kopts See
  http://serverfault.com/a/144290/39018 (ekirpichov at gmail.com)
- Whitespace cleanup for the new openvz stuff (jimi at sngx.net)
- Remove dead code (useless imports) (cristian.ciupitu at yahoo.com)
- BUGFIX extra-args option problems (daikame at gmail.com)
- FIX koan virt-install tests. (daikame at gmail.com)
- added debian support to prevent net boot looping (flaks at bnl.gov)
- README.openvz: - added (nvrhood at gmail.com)
- scripts/ovz-install: - added support for "services" kickstart option -
  corrected repos and installation source processing (nvrhood at gmail.com)
- cobbler.spec, setup.py: - added scripts/ovz-install (nvrhood at gmail.com)
- koan/openvzcreate.py, scripts/ovz-install: - changes in copyright notice
  (nvrhood at gmail.com)
- koan/app.py: - bug in koan: size of freespace on VG expressed as float with
  comma, but need fload with point (nvrhood at gmail.com)
- koan/app.py: - added type "openvz" (nvrhood at gmail.com)
- cobbler/collection.py: - openvz containers doesn't need to boot from PXE, so
  we prevent PXE-menu creation for such profiles. (nvrhood at gmail.com)
- cobbler/item_profile.py, cobbler/utils.py: - added "openvz" virtualization
  type (nvrhood at gmail.com)
- cobbler/item_system.py: - added openvz for virt_type (nvrhood at gmail.com)
- [BUGFIX] template errors can hit an exception path that references an
  undefined variable (jimi at sngx.net)
- If the call to int() fails, inum has no value, thus the reference to inum in
  the except clause causes an UnboundLocalError when it tries to reference
  inum. (joshua at azariah.com)
- Add new ubuntu (alpha) version to codes.py (jorgen.maas at gmail.com)
- Not all remove current ifcfg- post_install_network_config (me at n0ts.org)
- Update systemctl script to resolve some issues (jimi at sngx.net)
- More spec fixes (jimi at sngx.net)
- Removing replicate_use_default_rsync_options setting and setting
  replicate_rsync_options to existing rsync default.  Issue #58
  (john at julienfamily.com)
- Commit for RFE: Expose rsync options during replication.  Issue #58
  (john at julienfamily.com)
- Yet more HTML/CSS fixes, cleaning up some overly large inputs caused by other
  CSS changes (jimi at sngx.net)
- More HTML/CSS improvements for new weblayout (jimi at sngx.net)
- CSS improvements for the tabbed layout (jimi at sngx.net)
- Fix for settings edit using the new tab format (jimi at sngx.net)
- Added a cancel button to replace the reset button (jimi at sngx.net)
- Fix saving of multiselect fields (jimi at sngx.net)
- Modification to generic_edit template to use tabs for categories plus some
  miscellaneous cleanup (jimi at sngx.net)
- Adding an example line for redhat imports to the whitelist file
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- Another minor fix for suse imports - fixing up name when using --available-as
  (already done in other import modules) - allowing multiple arch imports (also
  already done in other imports) (jimi at sngx.net)
- Some fixups for suse using --available-as (jimi at sngx.net)
- Fix for import when using --available-as - currently rsyncs full remote tree,
  changing that to only import files in a white list - some modifications to
  import modules to clean some things up and make available-as work better -
  fix in utils.py for path_tail, which was not working right and appending the
  full path (jimi at sngx.net)
- Run the same sed command on the default distributed config file to ensure
  consistent indentation (jimi at sngx.net)
- Add setting to enable/disable dynamic settings changes Adding
  cobblersettings.aug to distributed files, since we need a copy that doesn't
  insert tabs Added a "cobbler check" that checks if dynamic settings is
  enabled and prints a sed command to cleanup the settings file spacing/indents
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- Change cli command "settings" to "setting" to match other commands (which are
  not plurarlized) (jimi at sngx.net)
- Removing commented-out try/except block in config.py, didn't mean to commit
  this (jimi at sngx.net)
- Fixed/improved CLI reporting for settings (jimi at sngx.net)
- Added support for validating setting type when saving Also fixed up the
  augeas stuff to save lists and hashes correctly (jimi at sngx.net)
- Fix for incorrect redirect when login times out when looking at a setting
  edit (jimi at sngx.net)
- Dynamic settings edit support for the web GUI (jimi at sngx.net)
- Added ability to write settings file via augeas (jimi at sngx.net)
- Initial support for modifying settings live Changed settings do not survive a
  reboot and revert to what's in /etc/cobbler/settings TODO:  * report --name
  show a single setting  * validate settings based on type (string, list, bool,
  etc.)  * web support for editing  * persisting settings after change
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- Branch for 2.4.0, updated spec and setup.py (jimi at sngx.net)
* Sun Jun 17 2012 James Cammarata <jimi at sngx.net> 2.2.3-2
- [BUGFIX] re-enable writing of DHCP entries for non-pxeboot-enabled systems
  unless they're static (jimi at sngx.net)
* Tue Jun  5 2012 James Cammarata <jimi at sngx.net> 2.2.3-1
- [BUGFIX] add dns to kernel commandline when using static interface
  (frido at enu.zolder.org)
- [BUGFIX] issue #196 - repo environment variables bleed into other repos
  during sync process This patch has reposync cleanup/restore any environment
  variables that were changed during the process (jimi at sngx.net)
- BUGFIX quick dirty fix to work around an issue where cobbler would not log in ldap
  usernames which contain uppercase characters. at line 60 instead of "if user
  in data", "if user.lower() in data" is used. It would appear the parser puts
  the usernames in data[] in lowercase, and the comparison fails because "user"
  does hold capitalizations. (matthiasvandegaer at hotmail.com)
- [BUGFIX] simplify SELinux check reporting 
  * Remove calls to semanage, policy prevents apps from running that directly 
    (and speeds up check immensely) 
  * Point users at a wiki page which will contain details on ensuring cobbler
    works with SELinux properly (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] issue #117 - incorrect permissions on files in /var/lib/cobbler
  (j-nomura at ce.jp.nec.com)
- [BUGFIX] issue #183 - update objects mgmt classes field when a mgmt class is
  renamed (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] adding some untracked directories and the new augeas lense to the
  setup.py and cobbler.spec files (jimi at sngx.net)
- [FEATURE] Added ability to disable grubby --copy-default behavior for distros that may
  have problems with it (jimi at sngx.net)
- [SECURITY] Major changes to power commands: 
  * Fence options are now based on /usr/sbin/fence_* - so basically anything the 
    fence agents package provides.
  * Templates will now be sourced from /etc/cobbler/power/fence_<powertype>.template.  
    These templates are optional, and are only required if you want to do extra 
    options for a given command. - All options for the fence agent command are sent 
    over STDIN. 
  * Support for ipmitool is gone, use fence_ipmilan instead (which uses ipmitool 
    under the hood anyway). This may apply to other power types if they were provided 
    by a fence_ command. 
  * Modified labels for the power options to be more descriptive. (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] issue #136 - don't allow invalid characters in names when copying
  objects (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] issue #168 - change input_string_or_list to use shlex for split This
  function was using a regular string split, which did not allow quoted or
  escaped strings to be preserved. (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] Correct method to process the template file. This Fixes the previous issue
  and process the template. (charlesrg at gmail.com)
- [BUGFIX] issue #170 - koan now checks length of drivers list before indexing
  (daniel at defreez.com)
- [BUGFIX] Issue #153 - distro delete doesn't remove link from
  /var/www/cobbler/links Link was being created incorrectly during the import
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- [FEATURE] snippets: save/restore boot-device on ppc64 on fedora17 (nacc at us.ibm.com)
- [BUGFIX] Fixed typo in pre_anamon (brandor5 at gmail.com)
- [BUGFIX] Added use of $http_port to server URL in pre_anamon and post_anamon
  (brandor5 at gmail.com)
- [BUGFIX] Fixed dnsmasq issue regarding missing dhcp-host entries (cobbler at basjes.nl)
- [BUGFIX] in buildiso for RedHat based systems. The interface->ip resolution was
  broken when ksdevice=bootif (default) (jorgen.maas at gmail.com)
- [BUGFIX] rename failed for distros that did not live under ks_mirror
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] Partial revert of commit 3c81dd3081 - incorrectly removed the 'extends'
  template directive, breaking rendering in django (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] Reverting commit 1d6c53a97, which was breaking spacewalk Changed the web
  interface stuff to use the existing extended_version() remote call
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] Minor fix for serializer_pretty_json change, setting indent to 0 was still
  causing more formatted JSON to be output (jimi at sngx.net)
- [SECURITY] Adding PrivateTmp=yes to the cobblerd.service file for systemd
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- [FEATURE] add a config option to enable pretty JSON output (disabled by default)
  (aronparsons at gmail.com)
- [BUGFIX] issue #107 - creating xendomains link for autoboot fails Changing an
  exception to a printed warning, there's no need to completely bomb out on the
  process for this (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] issue #28 - Cobbler drops errors on the floor during a replicate
  Added additional logging to add_ functions to report an error if the add_item
  call returns False (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] add requirement for python-simplejson to koan's package
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] action_sync: fix sync_dhcp remote calls (nacc at us.ibm.com)
- [BUGFIX] Add support for KVM paravirt (justin at thespies.org)
- [BUGFIX] Makefile updates for debian/ubuntu systems (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] fix infinite netboot cycle with ppc64 systems (nacc at us.ibm.com)
- [BUGFIX] Don't allow Templar classes to be created without a valid config
  There are a LOT of places in the templar.py code that use self.settings
  without checking to make sure a valid config was passed in. This could cause
  random stack dumps when templating, so it's better to force a config to be
  passed in. Thankfully, there were only two pieces of code that actually did
  this, one of which was the tftpd management module which was fixed elsewhere.
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] instance of Templar() was being created without a config passed in
  This caused a stack dump when the manage_in_tftpd module tried to access the
  config settings (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] Fix for issue #17 - Make cobbler import be more squeaky when it doesn't
  import anything (jimi at sngx.net)
- [FEATURE] autoyast_sample: save and restore boot device order (nacc at us.ibm.com)
- [BUGFIX] Fix for issue #105 - buildiso fails Added a new option for buildiso:
  --mkisofs-opts, which allows specifying extra options to mkisofs TODO: add
  input box to web interface for this option (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] incorrect lower-casing of kickstart paths - regression from issue
  - [FEATURE] Automatically detect and support bind chroot (orion at cora.nwra.com)
- [FEATURE] Add yumopts to kickstart repos (orion at cora.nwra.com)
- [BUGFIX] Fix issue with cobbler system reboot (nacc at us.ibm.com)
- [BUGFIX] fix stack trace in write_pxe_file if distro==None (smoser at brickies.net)
- [BUGFIX] Changed findkeys function to be consisten with keep_ssh_host_keys snippet
  (flaks at bnl.gov)
- [BUGFIX] Fix for issue #15 - cobbler image command does not recognize
  --image-type=memdisk (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] Issue #13 - reposync with --tries > 1 always repeats, even on
  success The success flag was being set when the reposync ran, but didn't
  break out of the retry loop - easy fix (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] Fix for issue #42 - kickstart not found error when path has leading
  space (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] Fix for issue #26 - Web Interface: Profile Edit
  * Added jquery UI stuff 
  * Added javascript to generic_edit template to make all selects in the 
    class "edit" resizeable
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] Fix for issue #53 - cobbler system add without --profile exits 0,
  but does nothing (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] Issue #73 - Broken symlinks on distro rename from web_gui
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- regular OS version maintenance (jorgen.maas at gmail.com)
- [BUGFIX] let koan not overwrite existing initrd+kernel (ug at suse.de)
- [FEATURE] koan: 
  * Port imagecreate to virt-install (crobinso at redhat.com)
  * Port qcreate to virt-install (crobinso at redhat.com)
  * Port xen creation to virt-install (crobinso at redhat.com)
- [FEATURE] new snippet allows for certificate-based RHN registration
  (jim.nachlin at gawker.com)
- [FEATURE] Have autoyast by default behave more like RHEL, regarding networking etc.
  (chorn at fluxcoil.net)
- [BUGFIX] sles patches (chorn at fluxcoil.net)
- [BUGFIX] Simple fix for issue where memtest entries were not getting created after
  installing memtest86+ and doing a cobbler sync (rharriso at redhat.com)
- [BUGFIX] REMOTE_ADDR was not being set in the arguments in calls to CobblerSvc
  instance causing ip address not to show up in install.log.
  (jweber at cofront.net)
- [BUGFIX] add missing import of shutil (aparsons at redhat.com)
- [BUGFIX] add a sample kickstart file for ESXi (aparsons at redhat.com)
- [BUGFIX] the ESXi installer allows two nameservers to be defined (aparsons at redhat.com)
- [BUGFIX] close file descriptors on backgrounded processes to avoid hanging %pre
  (aparsons at redhat.com)
- [BUGFIX] rsync copies the repositories with --delete hence deleting everyhting local
  that isn't on the source server. The createrepo then creates (following the
  default settings) a cache directory ... which is deleted by the next rsync
  run. Putting the cache directory in the rsync exclude list avoids this
  deletion and speeds up running reposync dramatically. (niels at basjes.nl)
- [BUGFIX] Properly blame SELinux for httpd_can_network_connect type errors on initial
  setup. (michael.dehaan at gmail.com)
- fix install=... kernel parameter when importing a SUSE distro (ug at suse.de)
- [BUGFIX] Force Django to use the system's TIME_ZONE by default.
  (jorgen.maas at gmail.com)
- [FEATURE] Separated check for permissions from file existence check.
  (aaron.peschel at gmail.com)
- [BUGFIX] If the xendomain symlink already exists, a clearer error will be produced.
  (aaron.peschel at gmail.com)
- [FEATURE] Adding support for ESXi5, and fixing a few minor things (like not having a
  default kickstart for esxi4) Todos:   * The esxi*-ks.cfg files are empty, and
  need proper kickstart templates   * Import bug testing and general kickstart
  testing (jimi at sngx.net)
- [FEATURE] Adding basic support for gPXE (jimi at sngx.net)
- [FEATURE] Add arm as a valid architecture. (chuck.short at canonical.com)
- [SECURITY] Changes PYTHON_EGG_CACHE to a safer path owned just by the webserver.
  (chuck.short at canonical.com)
- [BUGFIX] koan: do not include ks_meta args when obtaining tree When obtaining the tree
  for Ubuntu machines, ensure that ks_meta args are not passed as part of the
  tree if they exist. (chuck.short at canonical.com)
- [FEATURE] koan: Use grub2 for --replace-self instead of grubby The koan option
  '--replace-self' uses grubby, which relies on grub1, to replace a local
  installation by installing the new kernel/initrd into grub menu entries.
  Ubuntu/Debian no longer uses it grub1. This patch adds the ability to use
  grub2 to add the kernel/initrd downloaded to a menuentry. On reboot, it will
  boot from the install kernel reinstalling the system. Fixes (LP: #766229)
  (chuck.short at canonical.com)
- [BUGFIX] Fix reposync missing env variable for debmirror  Fixes missing HOME env
  variable for debmirror by hardcoding the environment variable  to
  /var/lib/cobbler (chuck.short at canonical.com)
- [BUGFIX] Fix creation of repo mirror when importing iso. Fixes the creation of a
  disabled repo mirror when importing ISO's such as the mini.iso that does not
  contain any mirror/packages. Additionally, really enables 'apt' as possible
  repository. (chuck.short at canonical.com)
- [BUGFIX] adding default_template_type to settings.py, caused some issues with
  templar when the setting was not specified in the /etc/cobbler/settings
  (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] fix for following issue: can't save networking options of a system
  in cobbler web interface. (#8) (jimi at sngx.net)
- [BUGFIX] Add a new setting to force CLI commands to use the localhost for xmlrpc
  (chjohnst at gmail.com)
- [BUGFIX] Don't blow up on broken links under /var/www/cobbler/links
  (jeffschroeder at computer.org)
- [SECURITY] Making https the default for the cobbler web GUI. Also modifying the cobbler-
  web RPM build to require mod_ssl and mod_wsgi (missing wsgi was an oversight,
  just correcting it now) (jimi at sngx.net)
- [FEATURE] Adding authn_pam. This also creates a new setting - authn_pam_service, which
  allows the user to configure which PAM service they want to use for cobblerd.
  The default is the 'login' service (jimi at sngx.net)
- [SECURITY] Change in cobbler.spec to modify permissions on webui sessions directory to
  prevent non-privileged user acccess to the session keys (jimi at sngx.net)
- [SECURITY] Enabling CSRF protection for the web interface (jimi at sngx.net)
- [SECURITY] Convert all yaml loads to safe_loads for security/safety reasons.
  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cobbler/+bug/858883 (jimi at sngx.net)
- [FEATURE] Added the setting 'default_template_type' to the settings file, and created
  logic to use that in Templar().render(). Also added an option to the same
  function to pass the template type in as an argument. (jimi at sngx.net)
- [FEATURE] Initial commit for adding support for other template languages, namely jinja2
  in this case (jimi at sngx.net)

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update cobbler' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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