Fedora 18 Update: cmake-2.8.11-1.fc18

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Thu May 30 03:03:44 UTC 2013

Fedora Update Notification
2013-05-21 07:10:04

Name        : cmake
Product     : Fedora 18
Version     : 2.8.11
Release     : 1.fc18
URL         : http://www.cmake.org
Summary     : Cross-platform make system
Description :
CMake is used to control the software compilation process using simple
platform and compiler independent configuration files. CMake generates
native makefiles and workspaces that can be used in the compiler
environment of your choice. CMake is quite sophisticated: it is possible
to support complex environments requiring system configuration, preprocessor
generation, code generation, and template instantiation.

Update Information:

Update to 2.8.11.  Some of the notable changes in this release are:

- Introduced Target Usage Requirements
  - Targets can specify usage requirements for their consumers such as include directories and preprocessor definitions; previously only link dependencies were supported
  - target_link_libraries(myexe yourlib) can now build myexe sources with requirements specified by yourlib
  - Added target_include_directories and target_compile_definitions commands with PUBLIC/PRIVATE/INTERFACE options
  - See design and development discussion at http://community.kde.org/Frameworks/Epic/CMake_target_usage_requirements

- Introduced ExternalData Module
- Keep source trees lightweight by storing data separately
- Reference data unambiguously from source tree by content hash
- Fetch on-demand during build from local or remote resources
- CMake: Sublime Text Generator added that supports both Make and Ninja
- CPack: Added WiX Package Generator
- ExternalProject: Will run git fetch less often
- FindBoost: Major overhaul of searching and result caching
- FindCUDA: Now has support for separable compilation
- FindQt4: Overall improvements to finding Qt and importing targets
- FindSquish: Added support for squish 4

* Sat May 18 2013 Orion Poplawski <orion at cora.nwra.com> - 2.8.11-1
- Update to 2.8.11 release
* Mon May 13 2013 Tom Callaway <spot at fedoraproject.org> - 2.8.11-0.9.rc4
- add FindLua52.cmake
* Thu May  9 2013 Orion Poplawski <orion at cora.nwra.com> - 2.8.11-0.8.rc4
- Update to 2.8.11-rc4
* Fri Apr 19 2013 Orion Poplawski <orion at cora.nwra.com> - 2.8.11-0.7.rc3
- Update to 2.8.11-rc3
* Thu Apr 18 2013 Orion Poplawski <orion at cora.nwra.com> - 2.8.11-0.6.rc2
- Drop -O3 from default release build type flags in cmake rpm macro (bug 875954)
* Wed Apr 17 2013 Orion Poplawski <orion at cora.nwra.com> - 2.8.11-0.5.rc2
- Update to 2.8.11-rc2
- Rebase ImageMagick patch
* Mon Mar 18 2013 Rex Dieter <rdieter at fedoraproject.org> 2.8.11-0.4.rc1
- respin cmake-2.8.11-rc1-IM_pkgconfig_hints.patch
- drop/omit backup files when applying patches
* Sat Mar 16 2013 Rex Dieter <rdieter at fedoraproject.org> 2.8.11-0.3.rc1
- Patch FindImageMagick.cmake for newer ImageMagick versions
* Sat Mar 16 2013 Rex Dieter <rdieter at fedoraproject.org> 2.8.11-0.2.rc1
- use %{_rpmconfigdir}/macros.d on f19+
* Thu Mar 14 2013 Orion Poplawski <orion at cora.nwra.com> - 2.8.11-0.1.rc1
- Update to 2.8.11-rc1
- Drop upstream ccmake and usrmove patches
* Wed Mar 13 2013 Orion Poplawski <orion at cora.nwra.com> -
- Add patch from upstream to fix UsrMove handling (bug #917407)
- Drop %config from rpm macros
- Define FCFLAGS in cmake macro
* Fri Feb  8 2013 Orion Poplawski <orion at cora.nwra.com> -
- Add patch to use ninja-build (bug #886184)
* Thu Jan 24 2013 Orion Poplawski <orion at cora.nwra.com> -
- Update FindPostgreSQL patch to use PostgreSQL_LIBRARY (bug #903757)
* Thu Jan 17 2013 Tomas Bzatek <tbzatek at redhat.com> -
- Rebuilt for new libarchive

  [ 1 ] Bug #908875 - [abrt] cmake- _M_grab: Process /usr/bin/cmake was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use 
su -c 'yum update cmake' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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