Fedora 20 Update: i3-4.8-3.fc20

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Sat Jul 5 14:57:33 UTC 2014

Fedora Update Notification
2014-07-05 14:13:03

Name        : i3
Product     : Fedora 20
Version     : 4.8
Release     : 3.fc20
URL         : http://i3wm.org
Summary     : Improved tiling window manager
Description :
Key features of i3 are correct implementation of XrandR, horizontal and vertical
columns (think of a table) in tiling. Also, special focus is on writing clean,
readable and well documented code. i3 uses xcb for asynchronous communication
with X11, and has several measures to be very fast.

Please be aware that i3 is primarily targeted at advanced users and developers.

Update Information:

fix build on s390(x)
Release notes for i3 v4.8

This is i3 v4.8. This version is considered stable. All users of i3 are strongly encouraged to upgrade.

The biggest new feature certainly is layout saving/restoring. See
http://i3wm.org/docs/layout-saving.html for more details. Export your current layout as JSON file, load it into new i3 sessions, get placeholder windows that will be replaced by the actual apps once you start them.

Also very important for owners of HiDPI/“retina” displays is that i3 will now respect your configured DPI and scale up its UI elements accordingly. Use “xrandr --dpi 184” to set your dpi to 184, in case your setup does not figure it out automatically. To get properly scaling fonts, we also changed the default font from a bitmap font to a pango font (“DejaVu Sans Mono 8”).

Multiple changes improve the compatibility of i3 with other software, e.g. java-based software (focus handling, once again) or external pagers (we now provide _NET_CLIENT_LIST and let pager applications change workspaces).

== Changes in v4.8 ==

 * docs/ipc: reformat/update list of ipc libraries
 * docs/ipc: fix current_workspace outputs reply member
 * docs/ipc: update ipc COMMAND reply docs
 * docs/userguide: fix multiple typos
 * docs/debugging: use bzip2
 * docs/debugging: explain how to enable logging on the fly
 * docs/debugging: merge the debug symbols/backtrace section
 * docs/debugging: recommend i3 --moreversion
 * man/i3-nagbar.man: update manpage to document all options
 * i3bar: Amend status line error 127 message
 * i3bar: don’t kill watcher on EOF, leads to better error messages
 * i3bar: send mouse wheel events to child too
 * i3bar: do click handling and tray padding retina-correctly
 * i3bar: render separators render-correctly
 * i3bar: reinit colors on barconfig update
 * i3bar: Don't start child unless status_command
 * i3bar: implement custom workspace numbers config
 * resize floating windows when right-clicking the decoration
 * enable shmlog when invoked as i3-with-shmlog
 * Disable pointer warps when focus_follows_mouse is disabled
 * Movement into a branch considers movement direction
 * set ewmh desktop properties on startup
 * handle ButtonPress events with child != XCB_NONE
 * implement layout restoring
 * only LOG() the DPI when it changes, DLOG() it otherwise
 * send IPC window events for focus and title changes
 * these types of windows are now floating by default: dialog, utility, toolbar and splash windows, modal windows, windows with an equal minimum and maximum size
 * send last event timestamp with WM_TAKE_FOCUS message
 * maintain the _NET_CLIENT_LIST property
 * don’t set input focus _and_ send WM_TAKE_FOCUS
 * respect CFLAGS in linking command
 * fix parallel make
 * reset SIGPIPE handler before executing a command
 * render default window border width retina-correctly
 * draw workspace buttons and padded text blocks retina-correctly
 * render resize windows retina-correctly
 * delegate click handling to dock clients
 * send complete config on barconfig_update
 * implement the window::fullscreen_mode ipc event
 * make all workspaces starting with "__" internal
 * improve error messages for i3-internal workspace names
 * allow _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW requests to switch workspaces if they indicate that they are a pager (following the spec)
 * workspace assignments by number
 * add configuration option for disabling mouse warping
 * set _NET_ACTIVE_WINDOW to None when none has focus
 * set X-LightDM-DesktopName in i3.xsession.desktop to fix autostart on Ubuntu
 * don’t ELOG ipc EOF
 * replace all printf()s with D?LOG
 * delete ipc socket when exiting, cleanup tmpdir
 * default config: switch to DejaVu Sans Mono 8 as default font
 * cleanup tmpdir when restarting and not using XDG_RUNTIME_DIR
 * Snap pointer to resize bar on drag resize
 * Size resizebar according to container size
 * Fix clang -Wextra except -Wunused-parameter
 * Respect Motif hint for window decorations

== Bugfixes ==

 * create con pixmaps when not needed
 * i3bar: fix resource leak: statusline_ctx needs to be freed first
 * tree_split should not split floating cons
 * fix memory leak with ipc_receive_message
 * fix invalid reads by setting con->window to NULL in tree_close
 * fix memory leak when closing windows
 * fix memory leak when matching window by criteria
 * fix memory leak when matching window by con_id
 * ignore dock clients in the resize command
 * clear wm_size_hints if they are not set
 * resize window check should check for NULL
 * fix window event crash with no window
 * i3-dmenu-desktop: also quote the %c field code
 * new_window and new_float can now be used simultaneously with different border widths
 * fix crash when using multiple for_window statements that move windows
 * Set input focus with last timestamp
 * handle windows whose WM_TRANSIENT_FOR points to themselve
 * don’t overwrite the original size of floating windows when changing border
 * don’t errnously render floating fullscreen windows during restart
 * ensure floating windows don’t drop out of fullscreen when restarting
 * don’t overwrite the window’s geometry after restartingnext
 * i3bar: Set `mapped` flag on trayclient creation
 * i3bar: don't show "EOF" status line error

== Fedora RPM Changes ==

 * perl-AnyEvent-I3 is a new dependency introduced by layout save script
 * i3 now recompiled with Fedora specified optimization flags, if you've noticed distinct performance loss, please file a bug in the bugzilla

* Fri Jul  4 2014 Dan Horák <dan[at]danny.cz> - 4.8-3
- no xorg-x11-drv-* on s390(x)
* Wed Jun 25 2014 Christopher Meng <rpm at cicku.me> - 4.8-2
- Bugfix: don't focus unmapped container on manage(regression)
* Sat Jun 21 2014 Christopher Meng <rpm at cicku.me> - 4.8-1
- Update to 4.8
* Sat Jun  7 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng at lists.fedoraproject.org> - 4.7.2-2
- Rebuilt for https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_21_Mass_Rebuild
* Thu Apr  3 2014 Martin Preisler <mpreisle at redhat.com> - 4.7.2-1
- New upstream release

  [ 1 ] Bug #1111824 - i3-4.8 is available

This update can be installed with the "yum" update program.  Use
su -c 'yum update i3' at the command line.
For more information, refer to "Managing Software with yum",
available at http://docs.fedoraproject.org/yum/.

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