Fedora 19 Update: abrt-2.2.1-1.fc19

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Sun Jun 15 01:50:21 UTC 2014

Fedora Update Notification
2014-04-26 06:35:25

Name        : abrt
Product     : Fedora 19
Version     : 2.2.1
Release     : 1.fc19
URL         : https://fedorahosted.org/abrt/
Summary     : Automatic bug detection and reporting tool
Description :
abrt is a tool to help users to detect defects in applications and
to create a bug report with all information needed by maintainer to fix it.
It uses plugin system to extend its functionality.

Update Information:

- bugzilla: try to avoid usage of 'private' group
- wizard: extended the manual pages
- localization bug fixes
- wizard: make the custom search case insensitive
- wizard: use a better label for the forbidden words button
- include 'package' in AVC bugzilla bug reports
- bugzilla: pass Bugzilla_token in every XML RPC call

- vmcore: start the service after kdump service
- localization bug fixes
- translation updates
- simplify Analyze C/C++ event configuration
- support handling crashes in lxc containers
- koops: add an option controlling MCE detection
- cli: list displays all problems

* Tue Apr 22 2014 Jakub Filak <jfilak at redhat.com> 2.2.1-1
- stop using deprecated json-c functions
- vmcore: start the service after kdump service
- do not clear LANG env variable
- localization: fix gettext
- Translation updates
- simplify Analyze C/C++ event configuration
- Support handling crashes in lxc containers
- koops: add an option controlling MCE detection
- cli: list displays all problems
- Fix a spelling error in a configuration GUI tooltip.
- spec: python3 corrections
- Fix new lines in po files
* Wed Mar  5 2014 Jakub Filak <jfilak at redhat.com> 2.2.0-1
- Translation updates
- limit ourselves to *.conf in /etc/abrt
- applet: run Autoreporting event in NONINTERACTIVE mode
- ureport: add user to CC List of Bugzilla bug
- python: build python api for py3
- koops: never search for MCE strings in dmesg
- spec: remove stray space from %description
- spec: add missing requires for python api
- spec: add dependency on abrt-python
* Mon Feb 10 2014 Jakub Filak <jfilak at redhat.com> - 2.1.12-2
- python: install modules to sitearch directory
- upload-watch: remove busy-wait for SIGUSR1
* Thu Jan 30 2014 Jakub Filak <jfilak at redhat.com> 2.1.12-1
- don't break the event run by failures of abrt-action-notify
- harvest-vmcore: properly handle inaccessible dir error
- spec: abrt-cli requires a pkg providing workflows
- applet: do not say the report is anonymous when ureport auth is enabled
- abrtd.service: Don't order after syslog.target
- vmcore: properly configure Augeas
- applet: don't notify missing ignored_problems file
- fix a double free error in abrt-applet
- configui: show 'Close' button in the dialog
- configure: remove all -Werror from O0CFLAGS
- fix handling of Machine Check Exceptions.
- Resolves: #1055502
* Wed Jan  8 2014 Jakub Filak <jfilak at redhat.com> 2.1.11-1
- Update translations
- harvest_vmcore: replace regexp config parsing with augeas
- introduce D-Bus Configuration Service
- mark koopses with unsupporeted HW as not-reportable
- bodhi: use the right exit codes
- abrt-handle-event: don't use already freed memory
- introduce abrt-auto-reporting utility
- abrt-action-notify: fix couple of flaws
- Use satyr to compute koops duphash
- koops: tweak koops parser for s390 Call Traces
- configui: do not use deprecated gtk3 API
* Wed Dec 11 2013 Jakub Filak <jfilak at redhat.com> 2.1.10-1
- abrt-cli: display URL to reports in the details
- abrt-cli list: list all problems by default
- Do not copy Makefiles to documentation.
- harvest_vmcore: Fix absolute path handling
- Speed up journalctl --system support detection
- spec: add abrt's augeas module
- add augeas module for abrt configuration files
- spec: rename CCpp.conf
- rename CCpp.conf man to abrt-CCpp.conf
- spec: move vmcore addon's configuration to a new dir
- vmcore: reorganize configuration
- make: install abrt-harvest-vmcore into share conf.d
- spec: install abrt-harvest-vmcore.conf to share conf.d
- switch to libreport workflows in all report-cli events
- abrtd: use warning level for "Recreating deleted ..." message
- abrt-python: add missing arguments to Crash handler
- spec: adapt recent changes related to abrt-action-notify
- move the notify event from dbus_event.conf to abrt_event.conf
- run the autoreporting event from abrt-action-notify
- spec: install conf to /usr/share/abrt/conf.d
- Load conf from /usr/share/abrt/conf.d and /etc/abrt
- abrt-action-install-debuginfo: fix --exact handling. Fixes rhbz1027786
- Use bugzilla_formatdup.conf for detected duplicates in python too. Fixes rhbz#875312.
- applet: properly handle incomplete problems
- DBus Problems API: update documentation
- spec: add abrt-action-notify
- factor out the D-Bus notifications into a python script
- adapt post_create event to the recent changes in reporter-ureport
- spec: add Requires: systemd-python for python addon
- shorten CCpp reason message
- abrt-dump-oops: if backtrace is not seen, file an one-line oops. Fixes rhbz#812537
- Update translations
- Add several manpages
- Resolves: #998066
* Sat Oct 26 2013 Jakub Filak <jfilak at redhat.com> 2.1.9-1
- pyhook: add logging workaround for rhbz#1023041
- spec: add systemd-python to BuildRequires
- start abrt-handle-event in non-interactive mode
- Log to journal instead of syslog
- Create manpage for xorg.conf
- Configuration UI: instantly apply changes
- applet: reload user configuration before accessing its values
- switch logging from syslog to systemd in f20 - rhbz#1010648
- make notification messages more clear
- Use log_ family instead of VERBn log calls
- spec: unversioned doc directories in newer fedoras
- don't consider crashes posted to ABRT server as reported
- check return values of fcntl() and setsid()
- remove a dead code uncovered by coverity
- spec: fix file access rights for type and core_bactrace
- spec: move examples to abrt-python-doc package
- install problem examples to python dir
- spec: added the versioned abrt-libs requires to silence rpmdiff
- a-dump-oops: Add new WARNING pattern
- a-a-save-kernel-data: support more kernel flavours
- a-h-event: always compare results of realpath()
- Resolves: #1001139
* Fri Oct  4 2013 Jakub Filak <jfilak at redhat.com> 2.1.8-1
- Disassemble only instruction rage memory if backtrace is too big
- Include floating-point registers in the backtrace
- spec: make addon-ccpp dependent on libreport-python
- polkit: replace deprecated functions with their subtitues
- retrace-client: query CCpp exploitable information from Retrace server; closes #703
- GUI config: add support for Private ticket option
- a-a-ureport: handle os errors gracefully rhbz#998428 rhbz#998197
- add prefix from configure to the path of debuginfo installer - closes #701
- spec: added deps on abrt-python - closes rhbz#1008182
- spec: remove abrt-dedup-client; closes #702
- remove abrt-dedup-client; related to #702
- abrt-*-client: simplify formatting of locale-related headers
- Resolves: #998197, #1008125
* Wed Sep 11 2013 Jakub Filak <jfilak at redhat.com> 2.1.7-1
- fix debuginfo installer expecting user input from a pipe - closes #696
- add environment variable whitelist to debuginfo install wrapper - closes #692
- add repo_pattern argument as a custom repository filter - closes #688
- abrt-cli list: replace "@" prefix by "id " prefix
- fix a crash in 'abrt-cli info' when short id isn't found
- Use common string-to-sha1_hash functions. #694
- doc: update OpenGPGCheck in a-a-save-package-data rhbz#997922
- abrt-cli report: accept sha1 hashes of directory names. #693
- abrt-dump-oops: emit a message if throttling for a significant period of time
- abrt-gdb-exploitable: print current instruction
- spec: posttrans scriptlet regenerating core_backtraces
- abrt-handle-event: add check for missing crash thread
- provide tmpfiles.d configuration
- abrt-cli list: use sha1 hash as short ids instead of @N thing. rhbz#906733
- vmcore: fail gracefully if dump_dir is not accessible
- spec: vmcore: require kexec-tools
- vmcore: use re.MULTILINE instead of numerical value
- vmcore: don't fail if /etc/kdump.conf is not readable
- abrt-cli info: add "-s SIZE" option. closes #689
- fix noninteractive mode in debuginfo installer - rhbz#737066
- fixed the gpg keys loading - closes #686
- Fix type of OPT_BOOL's referenced flag variable - it must be int, not bool!
- adds a kdump.conf parser to get the correct dump dir location, closes #640
- xorg_event.conf: use abrt-action-list-dsos to create dso_list
- abrt-action-list-dsos: extend it to be able to parse Xorg backtrace.
- don't require debuginfo for vmcore analysis rhbz#768389
- specfile: make addon-pstoreoops obsolete addon-uefioops
- abrt-dump-oops: add -t option which slows down problem creation. rhbz#902398.
- rename uefioops to pstoreoops rhbz#949721
- spec: create type element for problem dirs where it doesn't exist - rhbz#958968
- introduce abrt-upload-watch
- fix ccpp hook to create the type element - closes #682
- specfile: use systemd-rpm macros. rhbz#850019
- abrt-harvest-vmcore: notify new path - #657
- abrt-dump-oops: remove redundant g_list_length() call, make messages clearer
- updated translation - rhbz#860555
- updated transifex url
- GUI config: add Close/Defaults button
- GUI config: hide option descriptions in tool tips
- GUI config: add Silent shortened reporting support
- applet: silent shortened reporting
- applet: less misleading label for Ignore button
- abrt-handle-upload: switch from shell to python; send socket notification. #657
- spec: add build requires for XSMP depencies
- applet: update seen list when X Session dies
- improved the error messages in abrt-server - closes #679
- fix typo in abrt-config-widget.ui
- spec: add new packages abrt-gui-libs and abrt-gui-devel
- delete desktop file for system-config-abrt
- expose abrt configuration GUI in public API
- rewrite abrt-harvest-uefioops to python - closes #678
- spec: abrt-python is no longer noarch - related #677
- created python binding for notify_new_path - closes #677
- spec: install applet's desktop file to system dir
- applet: configure notification source
- rewrite shell script for moving vmcores into python closes #676
- abrtd: ensure that the dump location directory exists
- a-a-ureport: generate core_backtrace only for CCpp problems
- do not store potentially big data in /tmp
- abrt-dbus: send new problem notify signal to socket
- abrtd: remove "post-create" machinery. Related to #657
- Avoid leaving stale rpmdb locks behind (rhbz#918184)
- abrtd: improve parsing of pidfile in create_pidfile()
- abrt-dump-{oops,xorg}: send new problem notify signal to socket
- abrtd: disable inotify watch on DUMP_LOC
- abrt-hook-ccpp: send "POST /creation_notification" after creating problem dir
- Stop dying in check_free_space(); rename it to low_free_space()
- abrt-server: make create_problem_dir() run "post-create"
- abrt-handle-event: create DUMP_LOC/post-create.lock when running "post-create"
- abrt-server: add support for "POST /creation_notification"
- abrt-handle-event: free more of allocated data
- Resolves: #880694, #895745, #906733, #949721, #953927, #960549, #961520, #967644, #990208, #993591, #993592
* Tue Aug  6 2013 Jakub Filak <jfilak at redhat.com> 2.1.6-3
- try to generate core_backtrace only for CCpp problems
- Resolves: #993630
* Mon Jul 29 2013 Jakub Filak <jfilak at redhat.com> 2.1.6-2
- disable gcc unused-typedef warning for GLib
- use right dependencies for RHEL
* Fri Jul 26 2013 Jakub Filak <jfilak at redhat.com> 2.1.6-1
- replace functions deprecated in Gtk-3.10 with their substitutes
- integrate with satyr, drop btparser
- use absolute path in python shebang rhzb#987010
- abrt-action-save-package-data: properly close rpm database. Closes #674.
- abrt-action-save-package-data: fix handling of ProcessUnpackaged on scripts
- abrt-action-save-package-data manpage: typo fix
- change /var/spool/abrt/ to /var/tmp/abrt in doc rhbz#912750
- Fix RPMdiff warnings about abrtd and abrt-action-install-debuginfo-to-abrt-cache
- specfile: add dependency on abrt-libs to abrt-addon-uefioops
- stop using the hardcoded event list, use workflows instead rhbz#866027
- retrace-client: build correct release for Fedora Rawhide
- spec: drop unnecessary Obsoletes and Provides
- correct FSF address in python exception hook
- add missing manual pages for binaries and scripts
- fix rpmlint issues in the spec file
- move event option XML files to /usr/share/libreport/
- abrt-hook-ccpp: always fall back to creating user core.
- dbus: add GetForeignProblems method
- the system tray icon opens recently detected problem
- add gdb python plugin which analyzes coredump for vulnerability
- applet: stop saving configuration at exit
- introduce system-config-abrt
- abrt-cli status: make the output more natural
- Fix wrong path in shell include
- abrt-dump-xorg: save "type=xorg" along with "analyzer=xorg"
- Update python hook to use fixed socket interface
- abrt-server: updates/fixes for future rasdaemon needs
- Resolves: #988165

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